Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday's Show

I came in when Anna ran into Mac in the hall....and saw CESAR FAISON's file!
I see Blair too... in her pink boobie sweater!

Robert and Non-Duke..!!! with a shaky cam!! And thank you for having MAC help him  out. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Maxie and Lulu-- oy. I bet boots someone else will end up doing this, not Maxie. 

I LOVE NED! Loved he and Tracy eating the Pickle-Lila. I think he gave the jar to her because Lila made  it when they were broke--and Tracy can make her own way!!

SKYE and Johnny --ahhh.... the bedpost tie up! 



JPink said...

Scorpio & Mac.... those silver foxes were looking good today!

david said...

when anna arrived in town, she had a fake, rubber latex scar on her forehead that she wore as penance. until grant putnum ripped it off her.

so, doesnt Anna know a thing or two about fake rubbery prostethics? wouldnt she catch this when kissing Duke?

this storyline is starting to get implausible, if you ask me.

AntJoan said...

DAVID, ITA, I remember when Anna came on, and the first time we saw her pull the "scar" off, at her dressing table. I didn't think it was on her forehead, I thought it was on her her cheek.

Di said...

I loved seeing Robert and Mac together today.

sonya said...

Skye-AJ/Tracy-Ned: Oh Q backstabbing!!!!!!!! LOVE IT! :) The camera keeps showing the pickleLila jar!!! I wonder why. Is there something about it that is important? Ned and Tracy ate hot dogs with pickleLila on it. :) Love it!

"Duke" and Johnny: Oh I was so excited that "Duke" was going to smoke!!! But he didn't! :( He just threw it on the ground and stepped on it. :(

Maxie and Lulu: Maxie wants to be a surrogate, but Lulu says no! Maxie insists, Lulu says no! Awww Lulu!!!!! Come on Maxie wants to help! :)

Robert and Mac: Oh! The Scorpio brothers in a scene!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!! :)

Mac and Anna: Oh nice quick thinking Mac!!!!!! :)

Mac and Robert: They met at the pier, and the camera was all moveable! ACK! I wish they would stop that. Well anyway, Mac gives Robert the Faison file, and then when Robert is alone, he finds "Duke"s cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Robert go! :)

Anna and Felicia: I love their scene!!!! They were eating and chatting! :) Love it! They talked about Duke! Anna says when she kisses him, it feels different! ROFL! Later when "Duke" shows up, Felicia leaves, and as they were going to kiss, Anna asks did you smoke? ROFL!

Skye and Johnny: They have got to have sex!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

sonya said...

Oops! Forgot about Starr and Blair scene. They talked the whole hour! ROFL!

kdmask said...

yes...David but for some REASON I am NOT CARING about plausibility because it's clearly not even close to being believable lol.

Carrie Ann said...

I love GH so much today..I was almost having to pinch myself today..MC Felicia..Robert Anna Duke Ned Tracey AJ Diane..Wow it is Back to the 80s and 90s so fabulous...Happy tears..

Anon said...

The showrunners are really hitting their stride now...Love the integration of the old and new characters; the over-the-top soapy stuff is great (even the cheesy stuff like the Duke mask is enjoyable - you KNOW it is!); the actors are firing on all cylinders...This is the best GH has been in at least 10 years...
Love how they are trying some different looks too...while I would not want the whole show to be shaky cam, the stuff on the docks today well. They have also be utilizing some creative cutting back and forth between scenes lately that is just simply creative gold.

Tristan as Robert today almost made me weep with joy. THAT was the badass hammer of investigative justice that I remember from the 80's and early 90's...I am so glad that I have gotten to see him play the role as the character was deconstructed and put through the dramatic wringer on Night Shift 2, but seeing him back full on the trail of the bad guy today was an absolute gift.


Carrie Ann said...


I watch with tears of joy in my eyes at some point each day..I am just so happy to have my show basically back from the dead...GH was so awful for the prior year that sometimes weeks would go by where I would not watch my dvr..Now I am watching it LIve..I watch the commercials..I have not watched commercials since 1985 when I got my first vcr..
I used to watch you tube old shows just to see my Robert Anna and Felicia again..Now I get to watch them in 2012..live..ANd I love it..

I am looking forward to the upcoming story arcs..

The Nurses Ball..How I loved the first couple years..I think that Frank and Ron will do a great job..They loved doing musical #s on OLTL..And Lucy will be back..Hurrah and "Quack Quack"

THe Alcazar/Tomas reveal should be intersting..Carly..Skye ..Blair and Tea...4 strong women together ...Wow!!

Dante, LuLu, Maxie ..story..

Robin..back from "dead" Robert Anna Faison Duke ..Patrick and Emma

Wow!! what a lot of great things to look forward to..

Avalonn said...

I think you are right about the scar Ant Joan. I remember it being on her cheek.

soaplover said...

I kept waiting today for Lulu to say to Maxie: 'But you have a transplanted heart! The doctors would never allow you to go thru a pregnancy. Way too dangerous!'

Oh the show is just so full of lovely things and each show begs to be watched twice.

The will reading was absolutely perfect....

('Daddy gave my 5% to Big Bird!?') I burst out laughing.

FriscoDances said...

Today's episode was just like putting on an old favorite sweatshirt. It felt so darn good to see scenes with Robert and Mac, Felicia and Anna, and Ned and Tracy. And they all didn't skip a beat from 20 years ago. Frank and Ron rewinding the GH clock is such a dream come true.

Dare I dream that Robert was talking to Frisco on the phone??

dar said...

So sad. I saw Ted King today doing a commercial for some tool kit!

Cosmoetica said...

Anna's scar was on her right cheek, but I don't recall Grant Putnam pulling it off. It was discovered to be fake when Holly found out, by going to Anna's apt. and seeing it gone.

It may even be on Youtube.

Ah yes: type Anna scar and Holly in Google and you get this:


Adam Easter said...

I think we all know who will carry Lulu's kid. The gal who gets knocked up by every dang man in PC....Liz the walking baby maker.

Mrs. Goose said...

I think Maxie caring Lulu's baby is like Lucy caring Dominique's. With Lucy coming back...

LSV422 said...

I have to gush along with everyone else! Ahhh Anna and Felicia, Robert and Mac, Skye and AJ, Ned and Tracey - such great stuff. I feel like I'm dreaming! Maxie and Lulu were so cute - love their friendship. So nice to see less Sonny & Carly.

campus disco said...

Karen I can't find the amazon link on the spoiler page, am I looking right at it but not seeing it? I always go through your page when ordering!