Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Surgery: The Lazarus Phenomenon

Lazarus phenomenon refers to an event in which a person spontaneously returns to life (the heart starts beating again) after resuscitation has been given up. There are also numerous literary uses of the term.
For all you gamers out there!
Oh, Children of the Wub... are you ready to scrub? With all the Sandy devastation, Sunday Surgery seems wrong but perhaps for some, it will help to know GH went on it's merry way. 
In the spirit of the Haunted Star Halloween party, get your mask on and join me!

AJ. Well...he's alive, well and apparently the result of Monica's "miracle" whispered in his ear. BTW, he's been re-cooping somewhere, doing physical therapy, getting taller, changing his muscles and his face. BUT!! That's besides the point--the POINT IS: AJ is still a "loser" bent on "claiming Michael" yada yada. Thank God GUZA is gone so we don't get more meathook adventures!! Can't wait for Sonny to see how HUGE AJ got! LOL  (I still think they cast Billy Warlock, in part, because of his smaller statue compared with SBu and especially MB).

I'm so glad Monica told Alice. She needed a friend. This also brings us to the "Crane Tolliver" name AJ used on his passport.  He was Lila's first hubby and he eventually murdered Susan Moore,  Jason's real Mama. And, oh..yeah, the person Heather is pretending to be. Ergo, I can so see AJ murdering "Heather/Susan" in some ironic twist. This history is hard to explain to people that weren't watching back then (and it was "BACK THEN")...especially the twisty turning of AJ/Jason births. Monica and Alan were less than faithful to each other (and that's being mild). 

AJ's "coming out" to Michael was interesting. Chad played it well...and I got the emotion behind it all. Just didn't quite deliver the bang I wanted. Neither did Carly seeing AJ. She sure didn't look that shocked to me. I would have been screaming bloody murder. (or thought Heather gave me some of that LSD)

Kudos to little Emma...who's a GEM in each of her scenes. Please let her grow up on screen like Lucky,  Robin and Starr did! 

Edward's funeral will bring back Ned..another person that wasn't fond of AJ. He and NLG BETTER HAVE a ton of scenes together! "Gatekeepers"!! Skye is coming.  I'm hoping for Dillon as well-- and if Scott Clifton can't make it, a fun recast? Lynn Herring is on board for the Nurses' Ball-- and Robert's coming back as well. Soon GH will be a bloated mess of bliss!!!
Now, get Bobbie here.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Alice gets the truth...Alice/Monica hug. Loved it. 


BEST COSTUME: Josslyn as Corn. Play on "Children of the Corn" reference we gave her on Twitter. ahahhaa.

MOST COMFORTABLE IN LIPSTICK: Luke, without a doubt. 

HAD THE MOST FUN: JMB seem to JUST LOVE being a wild kitty cat!! MEOW

NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Ok, this week was so fine, I couldn't find a really "bad" scene so I'm going with the DIALOG that Trey gave Starr about having Triple X large condoms. Her face says it all ewwwwww. 

Um, I'll just leave you with this lol 


Anonymous said...

Speaking of bringing Bobbie back for Edward's funeral WHAT IF Bobbie were on scene now?

Perhaps Monica could be confiding in Bobbie as opposed to / in addition to the housekeeper?


Perhaps Bobbie has known about AJ all along? Perhaps Monica confided in Bobbie way back when and Bobbie was helping nurse AJ back to health? It would explain Bobbie being "away" all the time. Oh, and think of Carly's reaction when she learned her mother helped nurse AJ back from the dead!

Cosmoetica said...

This just in: next summer Emma goes on the run from Faison. Along the way she hooks up with Cam Webber. Both are randy teens who 'lose it' to each other.

Ah, the joys of rapid aging.

Deb K said...

If TPTB wanted Bobbie back, she would be back by now.
They obviously despite wanting to please us, aren't bringing her home.

dar said...

Is there some reason why Jackie Zeman is not welcome? I don't remember some big exit blowup like Tyler

kdmask said...

Not sure about JZ...
and I TOTALLY HAVE CAM hooking up with both Emma and Josslyn LOL you know he will!!

Frisco, yes, Bobbie would have been awesome to be the one Mon confided in!

Deb K said...

Only 'rumors' about Bobbie not being able to show her face with the lighting on gh. I find that hard to believe, but that is all I know. I can't figure out why she isn't back. She has had interviews stating she is ready.
Either way, bring closure to the character I say!!!

PM61 said...

I don't know what video game that illustration is from, but I immediately thought it was Doctor David Hayward -- who brought back people to life on AMC. What if he's done it with citizen's from PC?? Boy, I'd love to see me some Vincent Irizarry on my TV again.

Cosmoetica said...

Emma and Joss: this gen's Bobbie and Laura!

Andrea said...

Here is an interview with Jackie Zeman from August. Interesting

kdmask said...

The graphic is from a video game Lazarus--

I saw that interview with JZ as well

Love4dogs said...

I thought that looked like David Hayward, too.

Although I miss Bobbie and I love Jackie, she does now sort of resemble Madam, as in Waylon and Madam. Perhaps she had some really bad something like Priscilla Presley did...bad injections at a private home 'botox' party.

Anon said...

God Bless Jackie Z, but her time on GH has come to a close, I think. Her plastic surgery is a total mess and would just distract from whatever scene she is in. I will always remember the Bobbie character fondly though - she was quite the hellcat back in the day and then fought her way through tough times to find a measure of grace and goodness.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps AJ revealing himself to Michael was lacking because Michael was dressed as a freakin' vampire at the time. That was ridorkulous.