Monday, November 26, 2012

New Scoops for GH

OH Yes, new scoops: Will Alexis and Shawn 
Blair and Skye compare notes
Edward's will is comin'! 

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  1. Faison and Helena- last time she blew up his boat.

    Karen: meant to ask you, where do you get your rumors and spoilers? I first heard of the Tomas = Alcazar rumor on IMDB from one of a few people who claim to have insiders as friends. Do you also have an insider?

  2. Speaking of rumors, on Soapzone News & Gossip, they mentioned that Robert is doing all of the investigative work on Duke because TG wasn't available, and the stuff had been written for Luke. I was wondering why he just disappeared. As much as I love TG and Luke, it is time for him to retire. He is gone much more than he is there and really isn't able to contribute much anymore.

  3. If Ted King is coming back I'm beyond excited. I want Tomas to have been undercover as Lorenzo and when he was extracted (aka faked murdered) he was brainwashed so he didn't remember Skye/Lila. I'd take SkyLo over Tea and my Todd reunion as much as I love TSJ.

  4. Check out this interview with Tris and Fin. Listen to the audio as the transcript has some errors in it:

    LSV422 (nice Alien reference, BTW!) - you are correct. They changed up the script for what was originally written for Geary. I love it and it is dang good to see Tristan Rogers back on the screen and Scorpio more like his old self.