Friday, November 16, 2012

My Barista and GH

True conversation this morning at my Starbucks:

Louie: Hey, sweetie!
Me: Hi!  I'll have my usual 
Louie: So, how's GH?
Me: Good, Robert Scorpio is back
Louie: What! shut up. As a vision?
Me: NO, he's really back
Louie: So...not a ghost? 
Me: No! He's alive..
Louie: Since when?
Me: Where you been?

Louie: Ok, so...Robin's dead right?
Me: Presumed Dead, but no, she's alive
Louie: Oh come on..hey, is Jason really dead?
Me: I think so..until Steve Burton wants back in
Louie: Good Lord..
Me: Remember Faison?
Louie: Is he the bald bad guy?
Me: No..long hair...weird accent...

Louie: did he like Felicia?
Me: yah..
Louie: Oh he's back?

Then...behind me...a lady goes:

Yeah but he has on a different face that he took off ... 

Louie: NO shit...

Snicker..OMG I can't imagine what the other people are thinking.