Friday, November 16, 2012

Box Car Paints

Tracy to AJ: Ur not fit to run a bath, or even ELQ

Faison got his face on  in record time or what!!/?

Robert is asking Olivia about Faison's face.  She said he was smoking!! And nothing about his HAIR? Mention the hair please. 
Liz is going to draw him. LOL 

Monica says she put the HOUSE UP as collateral  to get AJ out of jail!! Oh lord. Tracy's gonna  JUMP ON THAT ONE! she can totally get it from her. She made AJ cut his monitor off!! Crafty Aunt Tracy!! 

Maxie.. geesh.. and POOR Spin..what's he's supposed to do now??! 


AJ  goes to Sam's!! 

Anna and Faison may do it!! (will he wear jammies?!)


  1. So Michael wasn't ALLLOWED to go to AJ's hearing?? The kid is 19. who can forbid him to do anything?

    Maxie, Maxie, Maxie you only want spin because someone else has him - Until the next cute guy comes along... Don't go for it Spin Ellie is better for you.

    The dubbing when Anna was at Faison's door was good. He isn't even acting like Duke anymore.

  2. Kissing FUKE ;) is one thing...."making sweet love" that's a whole other thing!!! What about Fukes man parts. Does he have a mask down there too? LOL!

  3. The hospital: Sabrina's lie about Steve being her crush ROFL! Well hey, I think that is the perfect lie. Steve IS hot. :) Olivia says Robert is a legend. HELL YEAH HE IS! :) Liz draws the picture of what Olivia saw! IT'S FAISON! ROBERT SAYS FAISON!!! HAHAHA! BEAUTIFUL! :) Perfect scene! :)

    MaxEllie's home: Maxie puts her heart on the table and is waiting for Spinny to share how he feels about her!!!!!! What are you going to tell her Spinny?

    "Duke"s home: "Duke" quickly puts on the creepy mask with the creepy eyes, and opens the door for Anna! They kiss and are going to make love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Robert going to walk in and stop it?!!?!

    Q home: Tracy doesn't think AJ will get out of jail but he does!!!! Tracy won't let AJ see Grandfather!! Tracy goes to see her father, then comes down to overhear Monica tell AJ that she put up bail for him by putting up the house! WHAT?!?!! Oh come on! Monica is/was a doctor and chief of staff! So she has money! Tracy has a plan! AJ has a ankle monitor and he can't leave the house, or Monica will lose the house! Monica goes to see Edward, and Tracy pretends there was an accident with Michael! AJ broke his ankle monitor and runs out!!! ROFL! Oh Tracy!!! You haven't been this naughty in a long time! Welcome back Tracy! :) Monica asks if she knows where AJ is. Tracy hides the ankle monitor and says she has no idea where he is ROFL! I love you Tracy! :)

    Jasam home: Sam and her ta ta's are talking to Michael. They talk about papa AJ. Oh she brings down baby Cheeto!!! :) He is about to leave, when AJ shows up!!! He realizes that Tracy lied. :)

  4. Wont Anna see Duke's mask when and if they make love? Isn't that why he always wears a button-up shirt and tie?

  5. Liz used to be an artist and had her own studio (where she used to hide Jason when he needed it). But they haven't mentioned her talents in a long long time. It is quite a stretch to be both a nurse and an artist--left brain vs right brain thing.

    I still say Duke's face would not feel flesh-like. It would be rubbery or clammy or something. Uuugh. Nasty. And the hair is fake, too and that would feel different.

  6. I do a lot of work with hair and believe it would not take a lot of work to make the hair on a mask seem real - it's most likely human hair, not plastic. (Well, the prop itself may not be human hair but in fictional reality I am positive it is. Faison is neither foolish nor stingy.)

    As for her kissing the mask... I've got nothing there! Also, Avalonn, THANK YOU. I could not find a tactful way to word my thoughts on that whole thing. Forget about the mask to body transition! I hope we never have to witness them attempting to explain that one away.

    I loved today's show. I am so glad they are moving the reveal along at a reasonable pace. It was great to see Liz use her artistic talent again, though I was shocked that Olivia never mentioned the wild, unruly condition of Faison's hair and was quite surprised that she drew the Faison she knew rather than the one Olivia saw. (By which I mean a much younger Faison.) I did love that she was the first to understand just who Olivia saw.

    Tracy was great today as well! Though mentions of the possibily that seeing AJ could kill Edward were so very sad. =(

  7. As for the 'mask down there,' believe it or not, not only do they have condoms in flavors, scents, and 'ribbed for her pleasure,' but they also have- in specialty sex shops and behind counters, in select pharmacies, condoms that 'improve' a man's length and girth, so if the real Duke was massive and poor Faison wee, well, he could attempt to 'bulk up, and explain away the difference via decades of disuse in Turkey- assuming Duke was 'inactive' in the Middle East.

  8. Avalonn: FUKE: He,he,hee; Yes, I also was wondering about his "man parts" but couldn't think of a delicate way to say it. Oh, Cosmo, more on the "man parts"--hehehee!!!!

  9. Yes, why did Liz draw a younger Faison? And those ankle bracelets, one of my clients had one (remember, I actually do practice in Bensonhurst), and YOU CAN'T JUST SNIP THEM OFF!!

    Another thing about FUKE: Remember when Luke pulled out a hair to test DNA, and FUKE said "Ouch!"? Well, not only wouldn't it have hurt (obviously), but I don't think he would have felt it at all.

  10. AntJoan said...Another thing about FUKE: Remember when Luke pulled out a hair to test DNA, and FUKE said "Ouch!"? Well, not only wouldn't it have hurt (obviously), but I don't think he would have felt it at all.
    Well, he could have easily faked being hurt! ROFL!

  11. Even if Patrick was available, Sabrina is not much more than a teenager, so that would be a ridiculous match. And as far as her non-existent crush on Steven, he is cute but twice her age. And she is very childish and immature. She is getting a bit annoying. Fuke is getting creepier by the minute. And I have to say I love having Robert back!!

  12. Ant Joan, I have to go on record. I didn't invent that clever "Fuke" name it was in fact Enrique from Thursday's post.
    Cos, your knowledge is impressive ;)
    Linda, GH has an age difference trend, Sonny and Brenda, Johnny and Olivia, Johnny and Carly...why not Patrick and Sabrina? However, I must agree she is borderline annoying.