Monday, November 19, 2012

BEEP BEEP! must be your HEARING AID!! ahahhaa. I am so happy to have LC back on canvas. What was GUZA THINKING??! Great stuff.

So I didn't see the show in real-time today so I got to FF thru the commercials. 

Maxie and Spinelli are the downers  now. I had to listen to Sam and Jason be the downers for how long? OY VEY. Kirsten Storms was awesome. LOVED her blazer too.

Robert gave you some NANNY History! "Faison turns up with Lavery's face" AHAHAAA... so GOOD! Just like the olden days.

"You and I are like Frodo and Samwise..except I'm a girl, and in shape and not hairy" - Maxie


  1. MaxEllie's home: What a sad scene. :( Maxie begging Spinny to choose her! It reminds me of the episode on Gray's anatomy when Meredith begged Derick (Mcdreamy) to pick me, choose me, love me! :(

    The hospital: Robert wants to call Anna to tell her that Duke is REALLY Faison! But Olivia and Liz got him to change his mind. Robert says he needs proof!!! No Robert! Tell Anna!

    "Duke"'s home: Anna and "Duke" were going to make love, but she stopped it! She feels that something is different with him! YES ANNA! GO WITH YOUR INSTINCT!!! :) "Duke" really wants Anna badly! ROFL!

    Q home: Monica wants to know where AJ is! Tracy acts dumb and then Monica hears a noise. Tracy says she doesn't hear anything and that Monica should get her hearing aide ROFL! Monica says she doesn't have one! Tracy says she should get one ROFL! Monica found the ankle bracelet! Later Tracy tells Monica that she will buy the house and will kick Monica out! ROFL! Damn I love Tracy!!! :) naughty bad Tracy where have you been?! :)

    Jasam home: Sam is so rude to AJ! Cut that out! Sam then softens to him. :) Sam brings up baby Cheeto, so AJ says can I see my nephew? Sam goes to get him!!! Baby cheeto and AJ meet YAY! Then Dante comes in and ruins the whole thing. :(

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  3. Guza has not been the head writer of GH since last year.Ron Carlivati has been since Early 2012

  4. Wolf was after Guza. And-- Guza destroyed the history/characters on the show so we have hardly any left.

  5. Elizabeth I must say that I love your picture. That is a very beautiful horse. If it is yours you are a very lucky lady.

  6. Re: the Maxie and Spinelli scenes, I still miss Jen as Maxie. Her Maxie just seemed warmer and more likable, even when she was being self-centered and bitchy.

  7. I agree with a Red Sox Fan? Yes I do. The Maxi scenes were a perfect illustration why Jen Lilley was FAR better than KS.

    Spinelli would have to be a fool to choose Maxi over Ellie, because KS reeked selfishness and disdain for anything not about her. She also reeked a disdain for Spinelli and his happiness. Jen Lilley could convey warmth with selfishness. With her there, Spinelli's decision would have seemed harder. With KS, the whole scene seemed pointless, as Ellie is FAR better for Spin than KS Maxi.

    This scene, in fact, showed why Lilley was FAR better in the role. KS was one dimensional, which is all she can be. Lilley could convey emotion with her eyes, KS was a dead piece of glass, eyeswise.

  8. I do have to say it was hard to have much sympathy for Maxie, even after she went out the door and sobbed.
    She treated Spin like a servant half the time and as entertainment the other half. I suspect it is Ellie's presence that has caused her to decide she has to have Spin back. She didn't want him when she thought he was available, now she does when she thinks someone else wants him.

    I've never been a fan of grown-up Maxie (well I started to like her a bit with Jen Lilly) so I guess I'm no judge here. But she is getting a little of what she deserves.

  9. Soaplover: they destroyed Maxi when KS took over from Robyn Richards. While RR was no great actress, she conveyed compassion and vulnerability. KS simply lacks these components.

    Other than the Billy Warlock AJ, the KS Maxi is the WORST destruction of a formerly good character by Guza and co.

    Jen Lilley gave the character hope. Now it's gone.

  10. I LOVE KS as Maxie, although, of course, I remember the wonderful Robyn Richards. KS has BECOME Maxie, and, yes, she is selfish, but she is a unique character, and wonderful as she is. She has shown character growth, having been much more mean and selfish when she was younger. She and Lulu--former enemies, now have one of the best female friendships on GH (or maybe the only one? . . .).

    The scenes w/Anna and Duke are so ridiculous now--Oh, his mask eyes are crying? And, if they go to bed, gee, she won't notice the mask, or the fact that he has a totally different body?

    This soooo reminds me of something my college boyfriend (who is Jewish, like me), told me about his childhood. He and his sister used to smash each others' faces into a book about WWII on the page featuring Adolf Hitler, and taunt, "You're kissing Hitler!" C'mon, Anna, you're kissing the devil, can't you tell?

  11. Cosmo, as a psychotherapist, I am qualified to say that Tammy's hatred of NuKrissy is NOT psychotic.

  12. Ant: so you were not a Lilley fan?

    In the scene w Spin, there was such utter disdain that she felt for Spin, daring to call his feelings for Ellie a mere substitute for her, whereas he has ALWAYS been a mere sub for Matt or Logan or Franco or Johnny or the two other BFs that died. Yes, a part of this is the writing of the character, but there was ZERO warmth or respect for Spinelli. This was the KS maxi in her prime. I saw ZERO growth, as a character, and nothing but her own selfishness. Yes, the palship with JMB is a carryover from real life, but even Lulu sees that Maxi is just lonely and manipulating Spin.

    Spin said what happens a year from now when someon edarker comes along, or sexier, or more manly, and he's 100% right. Maxi is incapable of real love, and has been ever since RR left the role (excl. Lilley). She may be Maxi, but, like the Billy Warlock AJ, that's NOT a good thing. The Sean Kanan AJ is such a HUGE improvement. He has empathy and maturity.

    The Anna stuff is silly. But at least she now knows he's 'off.' Of course, Robert knows why, but we'll suffer days of his inability to simply state the truth. And what does any of this have to do with Sonny and 'killing' Jason?

  13. Blogger AntJoan said...

    Cosmo, as a psychotherapist, I am qualified to say that Tammy's hatred of NuKrissy is NOT psychotic.


    I think you posted this on the wrong thread. Nonetheless, I am not talking clinical psychosis, but definitional, to break from reality.

    If you and I are talking about a great Italian dinner we shared, and a man barges into our convo and screams, 'BUT I HATE THE ILLUMINATI!' well, it's perfectly alright to say, that's psychotic behavior.

    On at least half a dozen or more threads, most I've not replied to, I let it slide. It was just plain rude of her/him to try and hijack a discussion on Faison and Anna w her bizarre fetish against someone not under discussion.

    This is, also, what the definition of a troll (Internet version) is.

  14. I so agree about the Jen Lilley portrayal of Maxie. There was much more layering to the character. With Kirsten's portayal it is immature and all ME ME ME. Jen's conveyed the me me me, but more subtly and seemed to have reasons behind it.

    One of the best scenes of Jen's was when Papa Z told Maxie that he had had Briggs killed to cover up for Matt (even though at that time Maxie was the only one that thought Matt might have killed Lisa). The expression on her face and her reaction was great. I just can't imagine KS as Maxie doing anything than shrugging her shoulders and saying "Oh, well".

    Let me say that I have nothing personally against KS, I wish her no ill will and I'm very glad she's all better. But, when she took over from RR, there was a sweetness and caring about the character that left when they took her in a new direction.

  15. LOve4:

    Ia gree. And, no, I am not hating on KS the ay some do on other actors. I can accept her Maxi. I just think it's a vastly inferior Maxi.

    I recently Googled some SK AJ scenes from the 90s, and he was a better actor than I recalled. He was the most human of the 3 adult AJs: Gerald Hopkins was a snide rich boy (although good at it), SK was a flawed lug, and BW's AJ became almost as bad as Sonny in retaliation.

    In that same vein, I really wish they never created Jason Morgan. Jason Q was really a good character just underused.

    And thanks, Love4, for actually being to intelligently discuss your reasons and not just say 'JL ROCKS, KS SUCKS' which really says nothing except that you have social problems.

  16. I totally disagree about KS being the inferior Maxie. Jen L. was one dimensional in my opinion and her voice was so shrill and grating that I could barely watch her. Aside from this, she was always made up hideously. KS may be portraying a character who is not entirely sympathetic, but she shows vulnerability and heart and always has, even when Maxie doesn't. She will always be the true Maxie to me. Just like Sean K. will always be the true AJ. He has truly energized the character and the Qs.

  17. I am so happy to have the Q's back on the screen. I agree with Karen Guza just destroyed the history of GH. The reason that the new writers have to go back to the 80's to bring back characters, is that Guza and Co, killed off everybody.
    Alan, Georgie, AJ, Jake, Alcazar, Emily none of their deaths were in well written storylines. I understand that actors want to leave, but not everyone who leaves the show has to die.

    Alcazar wanted to leave because his character was just demonized so much because he had to be worse than Sonny the head of the mob.

    AJ was just crucified left and right. And it is a shame he was not around for Michael getting shot.

    Alan there is no reason for him not to be around, Jason didn't even get to talk to him before he died. Badly done all around.

    Killing Jake was so bad it is beyond words. And doing it so badly in a repeat storyline that couldn't hold a candle to the BJ/Maxie story, was tragic.

    Georgie should have been sent off to school abroad. There was no reason to kill her especially in the worst seriel killer storyline of all time.

    Same with Emily (text message killer) And it also proves the point that when NL wanted to come back they made her a "look a like" but couldn't pull off any sort or story for it. If they didn't kill her off they could have just brought her back as Emily.

    I liked the story when Jason lost his memories, and him working for Sonny was inspired. BUT I bet the writers who conceived that story never meant for Jason to stay with Sonny forever. The story of him realizing that being a Mob enforcer was not a good thing and reevaluating his life SHOULD have been told.

  18. Andrea: Yes, Guza was bad, but realize it all started with Jill Farren Phelps. Guza may have been the executioner, but Phelps was the High Judge.

  19. And the worst thing Phelps did was fire Anna Lee (Lila) right before she died. Talk about unnecessary cruelty.

  20. Phelps and Guza were awful. Wolf pretty bad too.
    Monty and Lebine were the best. Riche was somewhere between the two extremes.

  21. Cosmo, I liked JL just fine, she did a great job, one of the greatest fill-ins ever, but I just see KS as Maxie.

  22. I for one am very glad that Maxie is K S again. I have watched GH since Luke and Laura hey day. I enjoyed all of Maxie's life. I remember being sad when RR was recast...But, very quickly I grew to love KS and then preferred the new vision. RR was just a little too sweet and that would equate to boring...We already had sweet..We had Robin..
    I missed KS while she was gone. I liked JL and her take on Maxie.. But, when I watched I never "saw" Maxie I saw JL filling in.. Maxie and how she reacted to things just did not jive with me... I kept hoping that KS would come back and when she did expected that Ron V would create a tri angle

    So he has. I think that someday MAxie and Spin will get married. I think that Spin will have an change of heart at the worst possible junction with Ellie and that Ellie will be hurt terribly. My guess is that 1 year from now at Christmas Spin and Maxie will be together..

    I do want to say that I love JL and if they could bring her back as another character that would be great. BUt I hope for her that she gets lots of movies that fulfill her instead.

  23. It would have been good if JL had been cast as Ellie. It would be like the scenes where SB's Claudia interacted with LW's Carly; very Twilight Zoneish.

  24. KS was a great Belle Black! I have nothing against her, just grew to like the direction JL took Maxie. Everyone can agree or disagree on any part of the story line and portrayals. It's just nicer when it's a civil conversation.

    As far as Phelps goes, I fear for Y and R. Ugh!!

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  26. Love4: my wife has mentioned that KS played a Belle on another show, b4, and mentioned how she didn't like her then, and that Maxi is basically the same character. My wife hates KS as an actress. Which soap was that: DOOL?

  27. It was Days, but I defer to your wife. I only saw it very sporadically. Maybe that is the only type she can do.