Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gus' doggie tshirt made out of gauze!!

 Hey..Gus is doing well...he was up all frisky all NIGHT thank you, but now is sleeping. (Firgures)!! Thanks for the wishes. It  will take 10 days to get the results.

Molly is cutting school because of her novel. LOL..oh MOLLLLY. You'll never get into Vasser now! TJ and Molly...zzzzzzzzzzz

Lante toast Maxie to be the surrogate. I still say she's  not going to be able to do it. 

Tea and Blair. Awwww, Tea gives Blair a nice keepsake box from her family heirlooms. I am trying to figure out the Tomas/Alkazar face. Maybe Tomas pretended to be Alkazar. Any way, Tea will be surprised!  Todd looked glowing when he realized that  Lorenzo could be Tomas. Skye and Carly are just dumb struck by it all.
They are flying to Llanview! Poor Blair ...poor Tea.

OMG OH MY GOD Listen to Ellie today. That girl NEEDS BREATHING THERAPY and Voice Therapy and Good Gravy. :/ Screeeeeeeeeeetch. Nice scenes with her and Spin though "I feel like me, you make me happy Ellie"...then they had sex.

Connie is going to read Molly's book LOL

"Tomas could be Lorenzo...or Lorenzo could be Tomas"... hee hee "Who cares he's a big fat liar pants' says Todd!!


sonya said...

Haunted Star: So Maxie agrees to be the surrogate for Lante! Lulu and Maxie hug, but when Dante gets closer to hug, Maxie pushes him away ROFL! Maxie!!! ROFL! Lulu reads all about what a surrogate has to do, and Maxie drinks alcohol fast! ROFL! She looks afraid, but she denies it and wants to help! :)Maxie is so funny. :)

Maxie and Ellie's home: Great scene! Altho I'm worried that Ellie is going to get hurt in the end, because Spinny will realize he still loves Maxie! :( Ellie wants to move in with Spinny in his office! ROFL! What?!! :)

Sonny's warehouse: Sonny was so close getting Kate back, when Michael shows up! Well that is what Sonny said! So it's all Michael's fault eh Sonny? Michael realized it and got a back bone! :)

Todd's office: Boy Todd is still soooooooooo in love with Blair!! He was so ecstatic about Tomas being Lorenzo!!! ROFL! He practically said hip hip hooray! Hahaha!

Tea and Blair: Blair is still soooooo much in love with Todd!!! :)
The previews for tomorrow is good!! Especially when Maxie tells Anna and Mac she is going to have a baby! The look on Mac's face! ROFL!

So Karen, Gus is your doggie?!!? I hope he is okay. :(

JPink said...

I thought for sure Gus was your husband! I'm glad he's feeling better!

Love4dogs said...

Karen, you can use a regular old t shirt for that if the gauze wears out. Just put his front legs thru and gather a bunch in the middle of his back with a hair tie or elastic.

Hope it's benign!

Everyday Jane said...

Does the girl who plays Ellie remind anyone else of Lindsay Lohan, before she got nutty? Maybe it is just me.

AntJoan said...

How could Tomas be Alcazar? He's Tea's brother, right, wouldn't she know who he is? (OK, I didn't watch that show, maybe it makes sense, but not to me.)

Karen, I think that Ellie's voice is fine, but I guess that, as a speech therapist, you are sensitive to those things.

Carrie Ann said...

Dear Wubbers,

Do you want Tomas to be Alcazar? I cannot decide. ALcazar was sort of written into a corner. It might be good to have the extra layers of Tomas. It might be nice to have Tomas/Alcazar show up on our tv again. Alcazar ended up being a bit of a Bastard to Skye. So, I do not know what I want to have happen.
If he is Alcazar, then Blair will probably say good bye. I like her with Todd, but I really like Todd and Carly together. Also, I think that Kassie does not want to move to California..So how could they make the storyline work with Todd and Blair.
General Hospital has always been my # 1 soap. But, I like having the extra players from OLTL. Plus if it brings OLTL fans to GH and that helps Gh stay on the air then the end justofies the means.
I kind of wish that Skye would have conversations with Stuart or Adam or that they would visit her in Port CHarles. I want to find out what happened and who JR shot..Maybe JR missed everyone...Before you all start screaming "No NO..No more characters from other shows.." I would be happy just to have a short telephone call where I would get my answers...
So I want to Amazon . com and Molly's book is going to be for sale next year but under Connie's name...So I guess we know what is happening with that storyline..Love Molly..But this story is a bit flat... I yawned during it..But will be a good GH viewer and will probably buy it when it comes out..In fact I put it in my Cart already..
If GH wants to print Molly's book, I wish that they would consider putting out a series of paperback books with the classic GH stories in them.. I think that people would buy them and how hard would it be to write them..In the days of the E reader they could even just sell them on line and make money for GH that way..Maybe there would be issues in paying royalties to the prior writers and producers..But, I would buy them all. The show has been on 40 years..That is a lot of stories to revisit..
Well, off to bed I go..

AntJoan said...

Carrie Ann, I think the show has been on for 50 years!! As for Molly, she should have had her novel copyrighted before schlepping it around where everyone can see it. Of course, if she had told her Mother the lawyer that she was writing a novel, Alexis would have told her this!

Cosmoetica said...

Oh, he's a pooch. Good luck. Last month we had to put down a 14 year old cat off ours with a stomach tumor. He shrunk from 14-4 lbs. In a bit, another of our cats goes in to get a 2nd mast cell tumor removed.

Nice to know there are animal lovers here.

Cosmoetica said...

Carrie Ann said...

Dear Wubbers,

Do you want Tomas to be Alcazar?


Yes. The way Ted King was treated the last year on GH was not right, and I'd love to see it come out that Jason screwed up a hit or that he let Alcazar go cuz he was a Fed. It could be a way to have Sonny's world fall apart.

kdmask said...

every day JANE!! YES!! totally Lindsay LOHAN!! I thought that too...

My hubby is David! :) Son is Jack
Thought I talked enough about them, you'd know! LOL

LSV422 said...

Gus is adorable - hope he is well! Our 12 yr. old Lab looked like he was done for earlier this year and had surgery to remove a huge fatty tumor around his neeck and is like new again! I'm excited by the Tomas is Lorenzo possibility. These writers are doing a great job although Carly and Skye did get to Tea's house in five minutes.

AntJoan said...

Karen, I didn't know that Gus was your dog, and didn't want to ask who he was. Hope he's feeling better. We have a wonderful cat, Chairman Meow.

sonya said...

Carrie Ann said...Dear Wubbers,Do you want Tomas to be Alcazar?
No I want Tomas to be a triplet! :)

AntJoan said...We have a wonderful cat, Chairman Meow.
You named your cat chairman meow? ROFL! Adorable! :)

AntJoan said...

Thanks, Sonya, I always knew that if I ever got a cat I would name it that, when my husband rescued the Chairman from a tree and then adopted her, we didn't know she was a girl.

soaplover said...

Concerning you idea of books of the best stoylines:

Long ago, like the late 80s, when soaps were super hot, a company had decided to publish a series of paperback books based on the most popular soap stories. The editor putting the series together called me and asked me to do the Holly/Robert book; at the time they were super popular. (I'd done the Luke and Laura story for a magazine). I quickly wrote an outline, three chapters and even painted the cover (I'm an artist first, then writer). She wanted me to do cover sketches for all the shows, which I did. Lots of work. Then she called to ask me to come to NY so we could discuss the project. I took a chance and at my own expense, I went. And by the time of the morning appointment, the publishing company had fired the editor, the new, young, non-soap oriented editor didn't know who I was or why and she had changed the whole idea from books about the most popular stories to trying to do each soap in a series from day one. I think they actually did four or five books before it crashed. (I did no work for them.)

These things happen now and then, but it was one more reason I had to quit writing about soaps for magazines. Everything I wrote was run but too often I didn't get paid or the magazine went belly-up with litagation out for years. Wasn't worth it. But I did have lots of fun out of it all, met some great stars and learned a great deal!

The Alcazar story woulf be a good one!

Love4dogs said...

I read on (I think it was) GH Happenings when Emily Wilson was cast, that she IS a Lindsay Lohan impersonator.