Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time Shift

Ok, got in late: 2:39 so I saw Emma pretend to answer her phone ...and DUKE talking like Faison or a robot to Anna.
SO, Anna says it's the day after the Halloween party--and also has a Just Voted Sticker on. I like the idea but..er. 

Saw Robin-- not feelin' this at all  yet.  No DRAMA for me. Just falling flat. I Love Robin but it would have been better if she wasn't in a Swiss mental hospital, imo. 
Flashback of Robin at Nurses' Ball. 
ROBIN knocked her out with a chair, she's such a Scorpio.  She calls home and Paddy is interrupted by NURSE BETTY. ugh..but she talks to Emma Awww.

Lante going over their family history LMAO. heh... Just harvest your eggs, Lulu...there are enough Uteri in Port Chuck to take over!! 

I want a charm
I voted at 6:40 am today! So did my hubby and Jack came home from RIT to vote, I was shocked he got here at 7am! He was so excited. Has wanted to vote for President since he was like 7. LOL Our stickers are so plain.. I love Georgia: PEACH! We just have a flag.  

ALERT: just found out Sabrina said her cousin is JUAN?? hmmmmmmm, interesting. That's Becky's hubby IRL. 


sonya said...

The hospital: SpinEllie talking. Ellie needs Spinny's help to find her a new apartment to live in. Spinny needs to find a place to live too. I'm thinking BOBBIE'S BROWNSTONE!!! :) Ellie says to him maybe a converted brownstone. :) NO! BOBBIE'S BROWNSTONE!! I want Bobbie and her brownstone back!!!! Is Ellie bringing up a brownstone, is that a forshadowing? :) Meanwhile Sabrina brings up the nurses ball to Liz. Sabrina asks her why they don't do the nurses ball anymore. Liz said it got too expensive. :( Liz brought up Lucy Coe!!! :) Liz talked about Juan Santiago. Sabrina and Juan are cousins!!!!! Awesome! :) Maxie shows up with flyers to find a roommate. Ellie grabs it right away! DAMN IT! I want the brownstone!

Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr's home: Well Maxie is back and she wants to live there. So one of them has to leave. They both decide to leave because they won't get along with Maxie ROFL! Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr, should LIVE AT BOBBIE'S BROWNSTONE!!!!

Switzerland: Robin escaped!!! She hits the doctor lady on the head with a chair, and calls her daughter!!!! :)

Patrick's home: Emma's birthday today!!! Anna gives Emma a phone. For awhile I was wondering if that was a toy phone. Patrick confirms it to Sabrina. Emma, Anna, and Patrick watch the cd of her mother wishing Emma a happy birthday from last year awww! Emma talks to her mother on the toy phone awww!! The house phone rings, and Emma answers it. IT'S ROBIN!!!

Haunted Star: Dante and Lulu are online filling out the adoption form! :) But oh oh they have to write down both of their parents history. Dante has to leave, and Lulu redos the form!! Meanwhile Duke calls Anna and wants her to come over. Anna does, and Duke says he has to go out of town for a few days. Anna says she will miss him. Duke says he will miss her.

Pier: Sam and McBain talk. She thinks Jerry Jax has Jason! Hey it's November. Why isn't baby Cheeto in a coat and a hat?!!?!

Oh and there was a flashback of little Robin and Duke! :)

Stephanie said...

What is the Juan history? Is he connected to Robin?

screamingeagle said...

Are the laws different in NY?? I think if you sub-let an apartment you have to give at least 2 weeks notice to evict.

dar said...

They never pay any attention to NY laws. They even pretend NY has a death penalty so pretty much anything goes

Watchintele said...
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Watchintele said...

Stephanie to answer your question.

No, Juan is Lily's son with Miguel (Ricky Martin).

He came to town thinking that Sonny was his father since Lily was Sonny's first wife that died.
Remember Clink - Boom?

So happy about the returning vets.
But like many, kinda over all these characters "dying" and miraculously returning.
I wish Jason and AJ could have had a scene together.
If they keep bringing back people, please bring back Alan.

Just wondering, what issue is swaying your vote this election?
As a Canadian, I really hope President Obama is re-elected

Deb K said...

Juan was Lily's son? What name was Lizzie husband?

Watchintele said...

Juan was played by Michael Saucedo

Di said...

I'm wondering if they are saying that Sabrina is related to Juan just to give her a reason to be a great singer. Maybe she'll be singing t the Nurse's Ball. It also ties her to the show and its past characters.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Loved it when Robin knocked out psycho Swiss doctor lady and went to call Emma. Too bad Patrick's gonna think Emma made it up, since she was "pretend talking" to her mommy on her toy phone. That little girl is so precious! She's so much like young Kim McCullough in the old YouTube clips I've seen of Robin as a kid.

kdmask said...

thanks for the JUAN history!

Anonymous said...

Robin and Duke flashback was so sweet.

dar said...

Only my opinion, but the Republicans are a bunch of misogynistic extremists who are wrong on just about every issue. Their biggest concern is enabling the super rich to pay as little taxes as possible.

The vp candidate has sponsored legislation to give fertilized eggs more rights than women (his personhood bill).

I despise them. They really do hate the poor. Romney's 47% speech was no gaffe. He and his ilk care nothing about anyone but themselves.

Anon said...

Sadly, the Dems and Repubs are flip sides of the same coin who have suckered America into polarization over a half a dozen issues that really don't amount to much.

In short, it doesn't matter who wins because the American public will lose either way.

screamingeagle said...

can't get away from it. I love reading about GH-I get enough politics on other sites. Can't we please keep this about GH???? I don't disrespect your opinions Dar but there must be a better place to state them then on a blog about a soap opera.

Andrea said...

I think that TPTB are trying to gather as much talent as possible to perform for the nurses ball.

Juan is an easy get, being that he is married to Becky.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean Sabrina is Lily's niece? Wasn't Lily's family involved in the mob? Might Sabrina, then, be involved in the mob?

Love4dogs said...

The timing of Halloween/just voted is lame. They could have made it a few days later.

Also, Lulu said her mom was in a coma for a decade. I literally, just watched (from summer recording) a marathon of GH when Laura first "woke up" and Luke told her she'd been there 4 years. SOARing Lulu, yes, a decade, but in year to year counting, it was 4.

I also, very respectfully ask, that we keep this discussion to GH and no politics.

Cosmoetica said...

Last couple of days have been great shows. Hopefully the Robin tale is ready to crest, but I think Kim Mc shot those escape scenes a few mos. ago, so it's likely to drag on.

LSV422 said...

Loved the Robin/Duke flashbacks - this is what you get when vets return. Emma was just precious and as usual Anna & Patrick were outstanding. I was happy to see Robin. Maxie looked great yesterday. Lante have been just adorable, as well as that adorable baby who seems to feel comfortable with everyone.More Lucy Coe mention, too. And they certainly cna use flashbacks when she returns.

Happy said...

RE: the day after the Halloween party--and also has a Just Voted Sticker on.

Maybe she went to a a Halloween party in the NJ Pine Barrens since we all know it is less than 10 minutes away from Port Charles. By executive order, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie moved Halloween to Monday, Nov. 5.

Love4dogs said...

Just yesterday I was thinking how we hadn't seen Rebeka Montoya on for quite awhile and then I saw her in a commercial for United Healh Care. Today she is in a print ad in my newspaper for the same.