Monday, November 26, 2012

The Reading of the Will

So happy Alice was in a nice dress today!! She looked awesome...poor Tracy. wah,  and how much does she and Diane look alike with their respective hair do's?!!
Grandchildren: and AJ isn't in there. LOL--  12% of ELQ, which is 60% of the company..and  Tracy is left with 40%.  No, wait..NOW it's 10% LMAO whoops. She's getting less and less. Monica gets 5% then ALICE gets the last 5%!! Tracy gets ZIPPO. 

Oh no....he left all his money and goods to HABITAT for Humanity and PBS!! ahhaa. 
Tracy gets a jar of Picalila!! Oh wow..perfect touch. Nice.

ONE Mistake today: no way would Edward be eulogized in the Catholic Church. He was Episcopalian. Called Catholicism "voo doo" once. 

Molly is writing a novel..wait Starr can SET IT TO MUSIC and. Oh. Wait. That was Langston.
Trey and Xtina. BYE BYE... Xtina can go back to college now. 

How adorable is Danny??!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Ellie gave me a worse headache than I already had today. She just  drove me nuts. Her voice is horrible too-- a notch worse than Maxie's.

Maxie offered her uterus btw-- I think she won't be able to because of her heart though.  

I got in at 2:25 so Sorry I missed the first half of the show..anything good happen?? 


  1. ok Karen, what does the jar of pickle-lila mean? I do remember the storyline with Lila going into business for herself. Is there still a company producing pickle-lila and does tracy now own it? or was this just a memory of her mother and the final bottle produced? did tracy every have a hand in the company? I wish I remembered the details of the storyline from back then, but only remember bits and pieces.

    What are your thoughts to the symbolism?

  2. It was a very successful business that put the Quartermaine's back in the black after Monica and Sean bankrupted the company. It could still be viable. Maybe he's suggesting that she start over on her own. Or else he's just calling her an old sour puss! lol

  3. Di!! Lol! Love your comment and agree completely!

    Good show today but very slow in the beginning.

    Great catch about the catholic church with Edward, Karen. I believe I have a faint memory of him saying that as well....or perhaps it was me. Lol!

    Hey, Sam had no viable eggs before so there's no way a piddly heart transplant should stop Maxie from being a surrogate. Lol!! Gotta love soaps! Although, I am surprised they're not bringing Liz in on this as she actually was a surrogate.

  4. Q home: Oh! Edward's will!!! Everyone gets something including Alice, but Tracy gets NOTHING! ROFL! Oh no wait. She does get something. Pickle Lila relish!!! Nice touch writers!!! :) Few days ago, Heather chanted, I know something the Quartermaines don't know!! I wonder what she ment by that.

    Church: They had Edward's funeral and we missed it?!! :( Oh look Joe Jr Jr Jr is living at a basement at the church! And works there! Kristina busts him. :) Spinny and Sam talking about Ellie and Maxie. Ellie shows up and feels bad she was late for the funeral. Don't feel bad Ellie! We ALL were late for the funeral. :(

    Kelly's: Oh look. Starr is borrowing Lulu's hair extensions! Molly is writing a novel!!! Called Love in Maine. Starr reads it and LOVES it!!! I want to read it!!!! :) Krissy shows up and almost busted Molly! Molly doesn't want anybody to know about her novel. Awww Molly!!! Come on let's take a look! :)

    Haunted Star: Maxie is whining about Spinny to Lulu again. And then the next thing you know, Maxie offered to be Lulu's surrogate! Awwwwwwwwww! YAY! :)

  5. I see a great merchandising opportunity coming up. I wonder if ABC will be selling copies of 'Molly's novel' next year? lol

  6. Di said...I see a great merchandising opportunity coming up. I wonder if ABC will be selling copies of 'Molly's novel' next year? lol
    Oh I thought you were going to say, Lila's pikalila! :) But yes they could sell "Molly's novel" you never know. :)

  7. Well I haven't seen Gh since OLTL characters came over.Is it worth watching again?

  8. Yes, it is worth watching again.

    When Heather was chanting, "I know something you don't know," I assumed she had changed the will when she snuck into the Quartermaines'. However, as Diane claimed she drew up the will, she knew what was in it and didn't seem surprised. I thought it was very cruel that Tracy was excluded, I thought she and her Father loved each other very much.

  9. Ant: likeliest scenario is that the Q's scheme over ELQ and Heather than announces she was never legally divorced. Of course, this would have come up mos. ago when Edward served her with a court order to not go near, but it's soaps.

  10. I agree AntJoan. Edward would not snub Tracy like that at all.

    I did not like the PBS "joke" I think they should keep politics snubbing out of the soap, unless they do something that goes both ways. It's over. I'm glad I don't have to hear about it anymore. The best man won. Let it be...

  11. Brender, I too was surprised about the PBS comment. All politics aside, I was really anticipating that Edward would leave money to the hospital for research, and therefore it would fund the Nurses' Ball.

  12. I missed yesterday and forgot to record, so thanks for the summary (It's a shame Soap Opera Digest no longer puts one up online). I certainly remember the fit the Qs raised when Michael was baptized in a Catholic Church (Emily had been raised Catholic before she was adopted so she could stand as godmother). But most of the church things were at an Episcopalian church (weren't most of the people in Llanview also Episcopalian? Seems like a popular soap religion).