Saturday, November 3, 2012

How You Can Help: Staten Island

I know of a soaper out on Staten Island who's in a neighborhood that's been just devastated. She's also a teacher in that area as well. I've sent a care package to the Forest Ave area aleady. This link takes you right to a CHIPIN site that you can donate money to. I realize many of you go through Red Cross, and that's great. I just happen to have this for a direct contribution to people in our soap "family". 

I am hoping to get more addresses from Wubbers that are in Hoboken and parts of LI. If YOU KNOW of anyone down there that can receive MAIL... and want to get the word out, please leave the address in the comments. (and needs/sizes etc).

Thank you so much!! 


Deb K said...
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Gary Johnson said...

I donated through work. They are matching each dollar donated through them to the Red Cross. My heart goes out to NJ and NY.

kdmask said...

thanks Gary. I thought if people wanted a direct person/shelter this was a good way to go.

dar said...

Thanks Karen. I was looking for some way to do a direct donation. I sent what I could.