Friday, November 2, 2012

Will Maurice Benard Re-sign with General Hospital?

This is your offer? 
Negotiations  for another popular character seem to be coming down to the wire...which is where Steve Burton was months ago. A year ago I would have said no way is MB NOT signing. Now? I'm not so sure. 
Can GH survive without Sonny?
You know it can-- a soap is a soap is a soap.

Odds are at 60-40 for a re-sign. 

Do you want to see another Sonny filled GH run or are you done? 


AntJoan said...

I LOVE SONNY, he has kept me watching the show when it was at its worst. He should never leave!! Oddly, I dreamt about him last night. Not unusual for me :-), but this was a really strange dream. I dreamt that he was gay (not the character, but the actor). It was a really long dream, involving his "partner," his coming out, his explanation of Paula being a "beard," etc. Very strange!!

Andrea said...

I would love for Sonny to go. Let Jason come back and take him away.

The question is Will MB take the pay cut the he has to take to stay on GH? SBu was not.

GH will be just fine without him.

Cosmoetica said...

Please go, Sonny!

I've often thought that the character of Sonny was gay, which would explain his constant need to seduce women to reaffirm his ;masculinity. B4 he goes, though, I'd love for this SL to play out: Marcus Taggart returns as a Fed ad has proof that Deke did not beat Sonny, and that he actually saved Adela from the twisted Electra love Sonny had for his mother, and this is why Sonny kiled him, then went into the porno biz as a male dancer, until his gay lifestyle was disovered by Joe Scully, Sr., who blackmailed Sonny into the Mob, and Sonny has been hiding his 'real' self all these years.

Taggart exposes it, and Sonny's offstage gay life is revealed, and he has to leave PC and the Mob or be killed by other Mobsters for violating the anti-gay edict of the Mob.

Sonny goes insane, goes all White Heat and slaughters dozens in a rampage that ends with his dying in a fiery inferno.

It just has to end this way for the show's most evil and sexually twisted character.

Stephanie said...

I feel like without Jason, Sonny has no identity. He has relied on Jason too long, I don't know how he will survive without him, literally.

SOAPsDISH Author In Obscurity said...

well without Jason Sonny is an easy target sooooo if MB doesn't resign, all his enemies can line up and Sonny can go out in a blaze of glory.

But..I think MB is in it for the long haul. I don't think he'll abandon ship. I think he'll ride it out until GH is cancelled.

I think the show would do great without him personally. He was written into a corner, moreso than Jason to me, and redeeming him at this point is puke worthy, whereas with Jason the writers could have just done a magic trick with his damaged brain and turned him in a completely different direction. Sonny, not so much. His significance has waned. But I seriously don't wish unemployment on anybody!

SOAPsDISH Author In Obscurity said...

oops...I meant DOES Resign..not doesn't..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone's a bit homophobic...

AntJoan said...

Yes, but not me, I just had the dream. Cosmo, whoa, a little over the top, no?

soaplover said...

Oddly, though I have hated the fact the show was The Sonny Show for all those years, while I ranted about the way it tore up my soap, destroying and dismissing favorite characters of mine and while I wanted nothing more than to get rid of the character for literally 10 years....

I haven't minded Sonny nearly so much with RC, as now Sonny is just another character in a town which needs all kinds. I still don't believe a mob boss would be welcome at every event all over town or be socially acceptable anywhere, but the Sonny Maurice is playing now is less mobster than just another inhabitant of PC, and it seems to be working for me.

I'm not invested in him at all, but I'm wondering if I could be (a little) with the way he is written now. I've learned to like Carly a little these days. She seems pretty human now, compared to the nasty-minded bitch she has long been. ( Laura Wright has helped with my new Carly liking.) Where once I had dreams of how Sonny could meet his well-deserved demise, my dreams now are centered back on how Luke can find love.

kerinah said...

Sonny can stay yes but i just want him away from tis ConKate mess once and for all. No offense to MB but it's not working.
Sonny should be moved into the Carly/Michael/AJ stuff with Todd too to make him more interesting. Of course it can'r be a GH character's s/l without a liver so yeah they inserted Todd because he's a schemer plus this AJ is not working for me so i'd like to see RH keep him on his toes.
SK's AJ needs some spank in him. he's droopy and sad looking and too um one facial expression, too stiff.

Still failed to see the chem btn LW and SK i think the problem is him. he needs to loosen up more.
CD needs to stop dragging his feet, bouncing and leaving his mouth open all the time.

Same freaking dialogue about ConKate WTF?
He now sounds like Sam was when she was mopping around about Jason.
Johnny needs to reign it in and say buh bye too. BB has been wasted on the show.

Kate should just GO AWAY along with Connie for good. Big waste of GH space yet we can have Bobbie.
The D.I.D s/l alone is a joke and not a serious topic anymore.

kerinah said...

If Sonny is to leave let him just die. Even MB is all for that.

Cosmoetica said...

gmjl said...

Sounds like someone's a bit homophobic...
November 2, 2012 1:25 PM


Only for those without a dictionary.

The fact is that Sonny's got all the classic signs of a closeted homosexual (the need to constantly prove himself to any woman, the love of guns, the need to inseminate any woman he's near, his Electra complex), plus he's clearly psychopathic. Add in his twisted obsession with his mother and he makes Caligula look sane- and that has nothing to do with homosexuality, but it would be a great direction for the writers to take to exit Sonny from the show, esp. if they return Taggart to the scene.

And, let's face it, if they could do a whole movie with Jimmy Cagney- one of Hollywood's greatest actors of all time, playing a character almost identical to MB's character, then they can go that way with a merely good soap actor.

Plus, it's tiribng to see minorities of all sorts in merely good guy roles and supporting roles: whatever happened to Lucas Jones? Why is the only black person on GH a fat black woman with a 'tude?

AMC had Angie Hubbard's father as a villain 25years ago, and OLTL has had black villains. Why not make the show's most loathesome character gay (since it's hardly a stretch, as written), rather than have some token PC gays around on a show celebrating National AIDS AWARENESS Day?