Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vanny's on the View Tomorrow! GH today--

Vanessa's on The View tomorrow. Here's hoping Joy doesn't grill the sheeze out of her. Joy thinks she's all "real news" now that she's on CNN..whatever.

This was her last photo for the opening...
She's been on for 9 years. Can you imagine going through clutter for nine years? LOL.

In the OMG department:  Niecy Nash tweeted that she's taping her LAST CLEAN HOUSE today!! Sniff. I love her on that mayhem show! It just won't be the same without her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I'm telling you what... if GH could just get it's continuity people and editing people on the stick, the show would improve by about 500%. Sure, the "event" editing is good, but I'm still reeling about the shoddy way the Franco/Hospital Shooting mess was handled. Especially the Lulu thing. Tell me again why she was at MOCA? Tell me again why she didn't know Ethan was shot? Lucky didn't see to know either. Ahhhhhhh, aggravation.

Didn't Connie look spectacular today!!?? wow... and she said..harlot. A word not used nearly enough anymore!!

Maya is the world's WORST intern or what? Good lord. Can't stand blood, can't do charts right. LOL.  Do you guys like she and Ethan? I'm not getting a good connection yet. DANG! Epiphany almost shaved Ethan-- I really wanted to see that. LOL.

Carly is on my last nerve with the whole Dante thing. I'm just sick of it. And I hate that she and Olivia are on the outs now-- Carly can never have a friend!! Olivia asks him if he's going to stud out to Alexis and Connie (Kate) next.  LOL.

Lulu's dress/PJ's... looks like a Victoria's Secret Bag.
Soooooo, Mac Daddy decides he likes Spinelli with Maxie better than Dr. Matt. Didn't see that coming.

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP!! Can you even believe that Brender won't be around Port Charles until the end of August, if not the beginning of Sept-ish??!! WTH! FAKE ROME?? Gelato carts..and many an organ-grinder with a monkey!!?? Didn't do that with Chloe??


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Brenda will be in Rome for the whole month of August. Never been a S&B anything to prolong the "reunion." Ugh..huge Vanessa/Brenda fan!!

AntJoan said...

Karen, in re Maya, wasn't her little sister supposed to come onto the show?

You seem to have followed up my comments yesterday about Carly's lack of female friends. I think that one thing (among many) wrong with Guza the Luza is that he's a man. He DOES NOT GET that women love to watch female friendship, he thinks we want to see cat fights, which is WHAT MEN WANT TO SEE, not women.

Look at Sex in the City--women LOVE the show, the movie, the actresses, because that show is about women loving women as true friends. We didn't watch the show for the sex, or for the city (OK maybe for the fashions), but to see these 4 women love each other through all the ups and downs of their lives. They seemed to have no parents, siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins, which was beyond odd, but they were all that to each other, and more.

HELLO GUZA, THAT IS WHAT WOMEN WANT, female friendships, not cat fighting and rivalry. Any woman would know that. And, as females make up most of the soap audience, he should start to learn what women really want.

LindaV said...

I'm still not getting Maya and Ethan, but Nik and Liz are really growing on me. I love the way he looks at her. I really liked the Carly/Olivia friendship, but Carly doesn't have a warm, forgiving heart. I remember when she was pregant for the first time and there was a baby shower without one friend there, if I recall correctly.

Andrea said...

I agree AntJoan. I like female friendships. A few enemies is fine. But with Carly, not ONE single female friend. And it can't be just indifference. It is hate or nothing. The problem with Carly is that she is too territorial with her men and it doesn't help that all three of her men are big players that have been with a lot of women.
I think the writers are, too much, trying to put guys and girls together on the show just to see if they have chemistry instead of worrying about friends.
I think the friendships of Robin/Elizabeth and Lulu/Maxie are fantastic and I wish they would show that more. And I can't wait to see Robin and Brenda together again!
Even Kristina, who is a teenager, NEVER has any girlfriends around her house. That isn't like any teenage girl I know!

Anonymous said...

I'm not feeling anything with or between Maya and Ethan, either. Nothing from the start. No chem whatsoever. I don't get why they're still going to go there. Why can they not find someone for this guy, at least in the short term? I'm pretty sure Kristina is for him later after she grows up some (or I sense that, anyway, what with all the major sparkage between them and hints we're getting in their scenes), but if Aussie Boy needs a dynamic woman of some kind in the meantime until he falls, Maya ain't it by any means.

Trixie said...

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Carly is one of those characters (if written true to the character) is incapable of having a real female friend. The core and essance of Carly is revenge and jealousy, especially against women. Sure, Carly could have a friend for a few weeks, or even a few months, but she will always sabotage any lasting friendship with another woman. That's part of her psyche as a character.

Alexis and Diane, however, should continue to be explored!

Anonymous said...

Everyone must have had great vacations this year. Johnny and Olivia looked really tan. Nicolas too. Maybe they got some new foundation in the make up dept.

Shirleedee said...

I don't know anything about acting, but Maya doesn't seem to talk to the actor/person she's addressing. She does the lines, but what she's saying doesn't seem to connect to the character she's talking to. NP talks to her as Ethan, then she says Maya's lines, but Ethan isn't there. He's coming on very strong, if jokingly - "I need someone to put me to bed", and her face shows NOTHING! Let's have some lust/passion if these two are to be a couple. It is so difficult to watch this 'one way street'.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Niecy too!

Did you notice the editing error on OLTL's Wednesday show. Eli was at Blair's house taking her luggage up to her room when Kelly took Blair into the living room. Then Eli is at Ford's apartment threatening him and then back down from taking the luggage upstairs and into the living room with Kelly and Blair????

Mrs. Goose

Stampin'GHmom said...

Lulu irritated the pee out of me yesterday acting all supportive of Nikolas and Liz. She's so damned 2 faced sometimes it's not even funny!

Anyhow, I'm glad you liked my tweet last night about Sharon Osbourne and Ol Hels. I was watching AGT last night and that thought just sprung into my head. I thought about how funny should would be on there and then I wondered what she could do. I just happened to be reading a tweet about Helena just slurking around the hospital and that's when it came to me!

I would die! and then I'd come back to just to rewind THAT scene again....and again!

Anonymous said...

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