Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's GH brought to you by Warm Milk and Turkey Legs....

Carly and Sonny are on my LAST NERVE. Then Brooke Lyn goes to Sonny for pity? Uh, ok. I guess there's no point showing the Q's. Right?!!

Those smacks JMB and AL gave each other sounded REALzzz!! LOL I love JMB's acting, I really do. Someone on twitter said they read that Adrienne got hurt when Lulu threw her off Dante!! Nicole wrote: yea JMB threw a shoe at her and it landed on her foot and tore something on the top of her foot, ouchh!
Carly was at least giddy about the whole thing. Pays off Brooke-- Lulu says "I was drugged once, he'll be ok"... GEESSSzh

Maya calling up Johnny because she's all concerned about Ethan. GOD, GUZA! Get a new line for the women on this show!! She sounded like LULU. @@ Their slow dance was really weird. LOL. Slo-mo.

Wyndemere...all those boys and those GIANT CUPCAKES!! and green piled high frosting. Four boys under one roof should be fun, if they actually show them. Supposedly, Becky (Liz') last day is around August 30th btw.  ALFRED MENTION today!

Michael to Jason "Seems like I'm always interrupting people wanting sex".... I guess Michael is going to keep dishing about 'that which will not be named' until when?? zzzzzz

Lisa needs to go REALLY crazy and shave her head into a pink mohawk and wear a nose ring. Show up at the hospital all decked out in Dock Martins!!

Lisa LoCicero tweeted she was having lunch with Carolyn Hennesy and Dahila Salem! I'd love to be a fly at that table. Good GH dish I bet.

GH cast member will be leaving in the fall. UBER DIVA has run her course!!
You heard it here first!!!

Wubber Help!! if anyone has been to any of the Port Chuck concerts or is planning to go in the fall,  please leave me a message in the comments...or tweet @kindafunny on twitter. They need help with a cool project !!


  1. who is the uber diva? Can you give a hint??

  2. who is the uber diva? Can you give a hint??

  3. Aw come on Karen. Give us more than that!

  4. I have feeling it might be Robin who is leaving. She has a ho hum story right now...and Kimberly, has a lot of irons in the fire with directing and producing and other things. All she needs is that last straw from Patrick, and she could easily leave...My second choice would be wonderful Jane Elliot. Talk about wasted talent!Perhaps when Luke comes home again, she'll decide enough is enough and leave herself. Shame, I do love Tracey so.

  5. Now, I can't give a hint. But when someone leaves in the fall--or it's announced I'll say: SNAP!!

  6. is sonny the diva?

  7. No, Sonny is not the diva.LOL.

  8. I'm going to guess Kate, because when she came on the show her character was an uber diva. However, she hasn't been on the show in forever, so it isn't really going to be much of a difference if her character is the one to leave. Although, it would be awesome if she went out in grand style.

  9. Watched Dexter last night (season 4 eppy 1) and Adrienne & Morgan (#1) were both on!

    Praying it's Kemo leaving. PLEASE.

  10. I think it is Olivia..
    LCC has no place since Brenda is back.. and Brook is for Johnny....

  11. Kelly Monaco PLEASE!

  12. If Laura Wright were to leave they would just recast again. We're stuck with Carly forever.

  13. It would be a real shame to lose either Kimberly McCullough and/or Jane Elliot. They're both such great talents. I could understand why Jane Elliot would want to leave because of the constant lack of story for her Tracy. However, with the return of Vanessa, I can't see Guza and Co. allowing Kimberly to leave so soon after, since there is enormous story potential with Brenda and Robin. There is such character history with these two. Also, with that which will not be mentioned about Michael, will touch on the HIV-perspective and have Robin and Michael share that experience? Great way to reconnect Robin and Michael. Could lead into Robin and Jason bonding over Michael again, repair old wounds that resulted when Michael was a baby, and helping him deal with the possibility of HIV? Robin and Sonny and their experience with Stone extended to Michael? Maybe Robin and Carly can mend fences with what's going on with Michael and actually make Carly tolerable? Possibilities...

    I find it intriguing, Karen, that you used the phrase Uber Diva? This is getting my hopes up that the departure of Kelly Monaco is coming?!? YES?!?! She seems to be the only person that comes to mind as the uber diva, due to Frons', lets say "fondness", for her. Maybe I'm allowing my desire for Sam to be gone, to cloud my judgement? Just, I really don't see a need for her character anymore, though I never thought there was any to begin with, other than a ploy to replace the original "it girl", cough cough Brenda wink wink. To be frank, I've always believed it was a poor man's choice for not having the real deal. That is replacing Brenda with Sam (not Vanessa with Kelly). Had to be sure, so there isn't a misunderstanding.

    Now, I don't have anything against Kelly Monaco, but I've never been able to get behind Sam in the 7yrs that we've had to endure such a terribly written character. Enough is enough, stop trying to beat a dead horse. Even if you try to latch it onto another jockey (Jason), the horse is still not going to be anything but dead!! Tell you the truth, I kind of find it appauling actually, that they would subject Jason to carry dead weight for so long. His character was well-written, well-developed, prior to the disaster of Sonny and Carly. Now, not so much. He's regressed as a character, right along with Sam. Sam is so wishy-washy, and now, so is Jason. He's going against everything that defines him. Maybe that's the intrigue of that pairing or the only way to keep them together for the Jasam fans? I don't see anything healthy or worthwhile in watching them. It's like watch, rinse, repeat with them. Kind of see it as a disservice to the fanbase. That's just me, to each their own, or whatever, I guess.

    Wanted to ask this because I don't know if anyone else sees this trend with new characters? If a character is annoying or doesn't seem to be catching on with the audience, and they really want them too, it's like, lets stick them with Jason and hopefully this character will develop a fanbase? Example, Courtney, Sam, Lulu for a while, Spinelli, Claudia, etc... Does anyone else see that also?

    Put us out of our collective miseries, and spill, if you can? Thank you.

  14. My guess is Brook Lynn, which would be a shame. She's beautiful. Can't say I like what her character is doing, but she brings the pretty to my screen.

  15. I'm sure it is someone that hasn't been given very much screen time because of the Sonny show. My guess is going to be Kate, which she is gone all the time anyway. Brook Lynn hasn't been on long enough for me to care if she leaves. As much as I dislike Sam, I will be happy if she leaves. So much potential for this character when they got her away from Jason and now all she does is hang out in the penthouse pining for his return.
    I honestly wouldn't blame anyone for leaving the show at this point.

  16. I wonder if the 'diva' comment was supposed to be a hint as to which character or which actress.

    This might come out of left field but i think it's going to be Maxie/Kristen if it's anyone. I mean Kristen had that pilot last year and it didn't get picked up so it shows that she might have a desire to leave. There really isn't anything to do with her since she's not with Spinelli now, they barely show her with Matt so that doesn't count. She never spends time with Mac, she's only on screen with Robin or Patrick when she's needed to move the plot along. And Maxie does have a lot of diva-ish ways.

    I really don't want it to be Sam or Brook Lynn, I love them (and to be honest if they're not on then there's nobody worth looking at and then I'd have to watch GH for the nonexistant plot plot.

    It would be too easy for it to be Kate since she's never on.

    There's a whole slew of characters around that aren't needed. Lulu is a poor man's Georgie, without ANY of the charm or Lindze's acting chops.

    Carly, (from what I've seen) Brenda, Sam, Kate, Olivia, and to a lesser extent Claire and (the now re-departed) Skye are all essentially varied degrees of the same character. (I kind of seeing Brook becoming Carly 2.0, especially if they use this as a way to eventually have Carly mature)

    I would love it if Liz goes but I don't see that happening. And Lisa would be an easy out given this character is a walking who-dunnit murder mystery waiting to happen.

  17. please let the diva be kelly monaco. never liked this character from day one.

  18. I wish it was Adreanna Leon (Brook) because she is a bad actress but sadly i think it is Lisa Licerio (Olivia).

  19. No way will it be Kimberly McCullough. She is far from being anything remotely close to an "uber diva."

  20. looks like Brenda brought some viewers back:

    Losers: AMC/Y&R/DAYS take major hits!
    Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Courtesy of Soap Opera Network

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,868,000 (-102,000/+165,000)
    2. B&B 3,174,000 (+8,000/-193,000)
    3. GH 2,561,000 (-59,000/+119,000)
    4. DAYS 2,409,000 (-155,000/-122,000)
    5. AMC 2,377,000 (-175,000/-33,000)
    6. OLTL 2,365,000 (+34,000/-111,000)
    7. ATWT 2,304,000 (+16,000/+78,000)

    1. Y&R 3.5/11 (+.1/+.1)
    2. B&B 2.2/7 (-.1/-.2)
    3. GH 1.9/6 (-.1/same)
    4. AMC 1.8/6 (-.1/-.1)
    4. *DAYS 1.8/6 (same/same)
    6. OLTL 1.7/6 (-.1/-.2)
    7. **ATWT 1.6/5 (same/same)

    * ties low rating (5th straight week)
    ** ties low rating (4th straight week)

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. Y&R 1,113,000 (-17,000/+24,000)
    2. GH 810,000 (-16,000/+43,000)
    3. B&B 692,000 (-21,000/-57,000)
    4. OLTL 688,000 (+60,000/-65,000)
    5. DAYS 673,000 (-62,000/+24,000)
    6. AMC 615,000 (-4,000/-120,000)
    7. ATWT 535,000 (-16,000/+3,000)

    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. Y&R 1.7/11 (same/+.1)
    2. GH 1.2/8 (same/same)
    3. DAYS 1.0/7 (-.1/same)
    3. B&B 1.0/7 (-.1/-.1)
    3. OLTL 1.0/7 (same/-.1)
    6. AMC 0.9/6 (same/-.2)
    7. ATWT 0.8/5 (same/same)

  21. I'm PRAYING to is Kelly Monaco. Then again it could be a guy... Or Karen is just jerking our chain to get our panties in a wad ; )

    I would be devestated to lose Diane or Alexis. laura Wright leaving would be a shock, but then again like another poster said they would recast.

  22. why tease us if your not going to tell us who is leaving.

  23. AL only signed on for a short stint, so we know she will be leaving- I can't see Karen teasing that. We also all know that things are going to end badly for crazy Lisa, so I can't see Karen teasing that either. I'm voting for Sam...might be wishful thinking, but God knows she is high maintenance enough and could be considered a "diva". But, is it the character or the actress that is the uber diva?

  24. Andrea, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Pairing Sam with Jason again, only put a complete stop to the potential that character had outside of the big 3.
    This is why I wouldn't shed a tear if Sam was the one to depart. There was an inkling of hope for this lack of character outside of all the whining, stalking, cleavage display, sex, crying, and did I mention WHINING!! She finally started to find some sort of direction with making a "career". But, again, the writers failed miserably in not going forward with that.

    Nevertheless, it once again comes back to Frons stroking his own "ego" as he salivates and objectifies Sam, as nothing more than a sexpot who is incapable of standing on her own two feet.

    It just struck me out of the blue, the reason why Jason has been able to forgive Sam and allow her to attach herself to his hip again, is because she didn't betray or hurt Sonny or Carly and Michael, Morgan, Kristina, and Josslyn by extention. She just hurt the mother of his child and HIS child.

    If you look back over the years at who Jason has found it difficult to forgive are people that have hurt his "family". For instance, Robin with Michael's paternity (well only took 11 years to forgive her), Brenda and the wire (hurt Sonny), Courtney betraying Sonny, Ric for hurting Carly (I know, being Sonny's biological brother too), to name a few. Yet he has been able to forgive Sonny and Carly over and over again starting with the whole hate sex. And, why should we be surprised when the show is all about the exploits of Sonny and Carly? So, it should not be a shock to me, who has overlooked this trend, as I'm sure others have also. But in the end, it is!

    All this segways back to the fact that this show is not writen for an ensemble cast as it was meant to be and as it once was. So, someone leaving doesn't come as a kick in the pants. The mob story has come and gone, it's overkill!! Here's an idea, have Agent Raynor come back and offer a deal to both Sonny and Jason. If you don't get out of the mob, Michael will go back to prison, and not for 2 years, but for life. And, to make it more realistic, they both have to serve some time in prison. Some real time!! Now, wouldn't that be interesting?...

  25. I wonder why no one has guessed Brianna Brown, she is going psycho and she tweeted a little while back that she working on stunts, sounds like she'll be saying goodbye to Port Charles, good riddance ;-)

  26. either Claire, Diane, or Brooklyn

  27. Thanks for saying that it isn't Kelly Monaco. That was my biggest fear. I can think of a few others who I would be sad to lose but Kelly would hurt the most.

  28. Okay, honestly, who dresses Kelly MOnaco? What grown adult dresses like that? Is it supposed to be attractive? She just looks like a slob (a slutty slob, but a slob none the less).

    Karen, you could have let us all live on our clouds of hope for a little while before you burst our bubbles by saying it's not KM leaving...LOL!

  29. Please how much longer will KeMo want to stick around when the Queen herself is back..I mean I can't see Brender and her being friends because B always brought crap on Jason and I can't see Sam being ok with that.

    With the limited time Kemo has gotten lately and the tons of times its promised that she gets a story but she doesn't. The best thing about JaSam is that my Lizzie has a story and Kemo is an appendage

  30. I'm sooo glad its not Kelly Monaco leaving! why dont people just get off her already! She's an awesome person and actress!

  31. The comment is definitely referring to a character, not an actress. It is Kate. We have to make room for Brenda. Kate will go down in flames, probably in a big scandal and Brenda will take over and run the magazine. It is ALL ABOUT BRENDA now. It gives her a place in Port Chuck, not just pining after Sonny, it will piss off Carly because Jax will get her the job. It makes sense