Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday: Sonny Can't Use Google??

Look who People picked to be on their "dream cast" DWTS!!
LOL..although he'd probably do it for ART!!

The Nurses' Station has a HILARIOUS blog up mocking the whole Ethan/Maya "dance" yesterday. Don't read while drinking. LOL

I had NO clue that was VMG walking in first scene!! I thought it was Kristina in glasses!! She's tiny! wow... LOL. geesh. I'm telling you..watching she and "Suzanne" in the same room day after day is just...just...zzzzzzz.

Yeah for Sonny and Robin. Just wish we could have seen Anna. Far as I know Finola isn't doing anything right now!! A day or two on GH would have been nice.
Sonny wants a media search on Brenda WHAT..he never uses the computer? GOOGLE?? Spinelli made him a slide show of Brenda--how fun. Spin thinks she looks like a heroine on his video game!!

Maxies hair is just too white for me. Her dish with Brooke Lyn was pretty fun.  Loved Maxie being all loyal to Lulu.

OMG, Ronnie and Jason...back and forth between PCPD ---it's SO STUPID!! SO BORING!! Diane has the same damn lines every time she's on!!

Dante brings Lulu red velvet cupcakes. Two days in a row there are cupcakes on the show. hmmm.

Laura Wright is having lunch with Lisa LoCicero today, then getting highlights. Just thought you'd like to know the skivvy. LOL Twitter's great.


  1. I thought Brenda was Chrissy too! Holy cow Brenda has lost more weight. I'm seeing a slight difference in her face too...wondering if it is botox in the upper lip and maybe something in the cheekbones? I'll be looking for laugh lines for sure, and bet I don't find any, hahahaha...

    Today we got a reappearance of the famous EMPTY COFFEE CUP! Couldn't they fill them with water at least? rediculous.

    I'm thinking casting needs to rethink things a bit...we now have 7, count 'em, 7 women on this show who are all around 5 ft tall and weigh about 100 lbs and have long long dark hair. Brenda, Robin, Sam, Chrissy, Brooke Lynn, and Olivia and Liz have just started putting a reddish rinse on their dark locks to stand apart a bit. All the variety in the world, and this cookie cutter casting is the best they could do?

    My last thought was how odd it was that Sonny and Brenda have the identical note paper with each other's name and phone number on it. After 7 years? not a wrinkle or smudge or crease line? and Identical paper? sheeeesh!

  2. I think I saw anna on Make it or Break it as a ballet instructor. I doubt it is a long term gig. She should be on gh!

  3. That was pretty funny that they had the exact same piece of paper...
    LOVED Maxie giving it to Brooke Lynn. I would love for Maxie and Carly to go after each other. Maybe Maxie will lay into Carly when she finds out what Carly is up to. I hope to see a lot more Lulu/Maxie. Johnny was hilarious when he walked into the convo between Brooke and Maxie too.
    Jason/Sam/Ronnie/Diana BORING. Like to see Spinelli interacting with Sonny, but I am still not enjoying his character much anymore.
    Thought it was funny that Johnny had to go tattle to Ethan because Mike won't serve him...

  4. Karen, I also noticed the cupcakes today after you spoke about the giant green and orange ones yesterday. I couldn't wait to see if you'd comment on them today. What's up with that?? Cupcakes and boobs, most notably Adrienne B's, I wondered if they'd show those famous boobs. Brender also had a little cleavage going on. And, hey, the famous empty coffee cup . . . What does it say when the above-mentioned items are the big standouts in today's show?? (To be fair, I'm THRILLED about the S & B reconnect . . .)

  5. I forgot to mention that I was checking Sonny's area code for accuracy, and was pleased to see the "716," my old area code from Buffalo, NY.

    I didn't notice that the 2 sheets of papers were identical. I think that the one that Sonny had was given to him by Robin. I don't know where Brenda got hers.

  6. The coffee cup shall be addressed, maybe today. It is stupid. I love when they carry trays of them like they weigh nothing.
    AND they must have gotten a deal on the cupcakes!LOL
    the paper was from Robin..I didn't notice Brenders.

  7. I am SOOOOOO disappointed it isn't Kemo leaving. Dammit.

    It's a shame that they can even make Diane redundant.

    Love, love my maxie. And I agree I hope she gives it to Carly, too.

    Brenda has always had those fab cheek bones. But she is strikingly skinny. Just don't get it. We need more woman like Laura Wright and the actress portraying Lisa. Curves and height never hurt anyone. Most of the women look like girls instead of women. It's silly. Sam looked ridiculous in that sex outfit the other day. I literally lol. What a shame for such a pretty woman to be such a joke once again. Maybe Steve Burton should just take a hike. That would make Spin & Sam actually interesting again.


  8. regarding the diva leaving GH, another website is saying kate will be gone the beginning of october. she has been backburned so long I forgot she was on the show. now if she could take olivia and sam with her that would be great.

  9. OOOOO Steve Burton take a hike? Could our "uber diva" be male? We know he's wanted to leave before and go into business ... He can't be thrilled with his storyline as it is now...Now I'm wondering if that would make him a diva or a divo...hahahaha...

  10. I keep staring at Vanessa's face trying to figure out what she did to it. she is like bobbie and monica. I think they would look better aging gracfully instead of botox and surgery.

  11. Still have to wonder how Scott Reeves feels about the lack of storyline he has been given. All the tiny women we just mentioned would look great with him. I say Robin should rebound with Stephen.

    I would be fine with Steve burton leaving or at least taking a long vacation. He used to be the heart of GH but not so much anymore, IMO.

  12. I am getting tired of the crap Carly is pulling, I had almost gotten to a point of not watching it anymore...and now the stuff with Ronnie arresting Jason once a week. I am sorry to say, but after watching this show for the past 15 years I am done with it. Unless they get someone that can actually write something new instead of the same garbage every week, I will no longer watch.

  13. Okay, here's my question...Ronnie and Dante were both members of the NYPD. Olivia constantly made mention of Ronnie's wife and kids back in "the neighborhood". We know when and how Dante became a member of the PCPD, but how did Ronnie wind up there? Shouldn't he be back in NY? Don't his wife and kids miss him (not that I would...)? And who is the DA in Port Charles, because all we see is Claire and the writers seem to have forgotten that federal prosecutors do not try state cases and while they sometimes use local law enforcement, it is for small details- they have their own police force. It is called the FBI...

  14. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Sonny and Jason off our screens for a while. But that's just wishful thinking, now that Brenda's back. Unfortunately, we'll once again be subjected to a mob-centric story explaining her sudden return.

    I too believe that Steve Burton was the heart and soul of this show, and it was noticeable when he left and came back between 2000 and 2002. Those days have come and gone. Like others, it's time for a vacation. Otherwise viewers will remain on their vacations. There is no balance anymore.

    I really rue the day David Chase started us down the Sopranos odyssey. After that, like many have said, this show has become nothing more than a cheap knock off, thanks to Guza. You can't show half the stuff on daytime television. So what's the point? That's what made Sopranos so good, because of the balance between the nature of violence and the struggle the main character had with living in violence. If you can't show the gruesome aspect, still can make the difficulties of living with violence more vibrant. Instead of the big stunts, explosions, gun fights, focus on the aftermath. Give detail. Focus on the characters, all characters. More importantly, there was a balance in each story for everyone. Characters were properly developed. GH, not so much.

    I suggested yesterday, that Agent Raynor come down and give Sonny and Jason a deal that sends them to prison for some time to prevent Michael getting a life sentence. This could lead into a new direction for the show. Allow, another character take the lead role, that's away from the mob. Though it would be nice to see them in the prison setting now and again. I'm just fearful that it will be a rip off of another great show Oz.

    I don't know if anyone else noticed the lame attempted at doing the Grey's finale for this season, with Warren Bauer as the shooter. No, back story. Just gun fire. That Grey's episode was really well done. GH, laughable at best!

    If you are going to use an idea from a network show or whatever, put the time into it, otherwise there is no point. Haven't you gotten that after a decade of failing?