Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alert: Brenda is STILL in her hotel room. *sigh*

I love how OLTL puts "Tahiti" in caption when it's trying to show us where the fake place is...unlike GH who just puts stuff around evoking "Roma".  Gelato Cart!! Who saw those Ford Boyz all shirtless in the steam bath? WOOT! GH, we could use some of that!! Really like Clint becoming a Palmer-Asa-Adam-Edward corporate meanie. :)

Mac you tell Robin about not notifying him! Geesh. If she would have they'd have proof she is trying to get her!! Dr. Matt was on today..talking to someone other than Maxie! Lisa was giving him such a snow job. heh

Adrienne Leon was good during the Lulu/Carly scenes.  Liked her tone and her edge of being mad/almost crying.

Watching Claire in the courtroom gave me all sorts of rancid deja vu. Why the hell would Dante be allowed to testify if he's HIS OWN SON?! WTF.

The cabin shooting was SO STUPID. No one even coughed with all that smoke!! LOL.. whatever. Is that whole stupid seg supposed to be exciting? Shootouts and stuff are usually only exciting when you see them ALL IN ONE CONTINUOUS SCENE. It's been like 3 days and chopped up. Jason jumping through the wood, dodging bullets was just ...just...ahahahahhaaa!! I so wanted Zombies to walk out of those trees just to chomp on some flesh, give us a surprise. LOL

Brenda is in the hotel room day 345. Notice that she was questioned there, instead of say, going somewhere else. Saving a ton of money on this whole "comeback" aren't they?? And 'THE BALKIN"!! uh...okay. He has no face..he has no place...he's mysterious. You can tell because they are playing spookay music when that detective mentions him. Well, at least Sonny's on a plane and S&Bers got to see a flashback of wall sex.

Who watched RHoNJ last night? GOOD LORD!! It took Teresa about 10min to get on Danielle's case. Which, of course, I LOVED. Why? Don't know...probably because I come from WASP "cold shoulder" land, which RARELY involves yelling of ANY kind. We just don't talk to each other for years. LOL. When I would visit my girlfriend on Long Island I'd just sit in awe watching all their fights. Of course, I was in MORE awe they could be hugging 3 minutes later!!
Bravo Andy got served.  I'm sure he saw giant dollar signs in his head when he got shoved back on the chair. He tweeted that Danielle's dress didn't come in, so that's why she had on that rather casual get up. (in case you were wondering). Does anyone else feel like  Jackie sits with her neck really extended?? Bugged me. Caroline looked fab for losing some pounds. Can't wait until next week and Kim G comes on!! Everyone was defending and throwing everything last night. I also think Perez is right on calling Danielle "Jafar" She does look just like him!
BTW, here's the dish on Teresa's "nephew" it's fun as hell if true:
According to reports, the nephew danielle was referring to during the reunion show is teresa giudice's husband love child that why she flew into a angry rage. Danielle was being snarky. The baby boy is said to be 6 months and danielle knows the baby mother well.

WOWZA!! @@ Now, in all fairness, Teresa explains her story on her BRAVO Blog. Not as juicy as Danielle's take!


  1. Why s everyone hating on Vanessa's face? It's not like she looks like a guppie fish like another un named (seldom) GH actress. The girl aged. Let's all take out photos of us from 15 years ago and see how we look in comparison to now. DUH. And let's not kid ourselves, if we had money the way the stars do, we would try a little botox too


  3. You love how OLTL puts "Tahiti" in caption when it's trying to show us where the fake place is? What fake place? I thought the reason why soaps show the places where they are at, is because they are really there. I'm confused. And Sonny and Brenda did not have wall sex in the flashback. They were just making out! :)

  4. Sonya, you could ALSO tell Blair and Eli were in Tahiti by the WHITE CLOTHES...his was a cabana shirt! LMAO

    I wasn't hating on Vanessa's face!! I didn't say anything. I think she's gorge. I didn't notice anything when she first came on.

  5. OLTL also put "St Kitts" up on the screen for the whole Todd/Dani stuff too... which is nice because I figured they were in Tahiti

    I actually liked that Bernie disobeyed Sonny and told the pilot to go to South America. I also liked getting to see more of the vintage Brenda/Sonny footage, far more interesting than the current Brenda storyline.

    How many days has this gun battle been going on between Jason and the prop guys? Shouldn't someone be out of ammo by now? I'd send Jason more ammo if he promises to aim at Guza!

    Anyone else catch the new Sonny/Brenda promo? They see each other and then he pulls out his gun... classic (rolling eyes) I am sure she will feel right at home again

  6. lori, that promo is so stupid. LOL
    it looks so boring. That's why they don't meet until Friday or so, because the plane is deflected. LMAO

  7. I don't think people were saying YOU were hating on Vanessa's face Karen. But many others were. I agree for the most part with Anon 1

  8. Re: Sonny/Brenda promo. 3 seconds into their meeting, out comes the gun! Ok, so some thug was holding Brenda and had a gun of his own, but sheesh, Guza, we couldn't ease into this??? Besides, Sonny is such a slow draw, he'd been shot dead by any self respecting thug before he could get a shot off. Where is a John Wayne when you need him? lol! If taken in the right frame of mind, this could be good for some laughs. I second the motion for more ammo for Jason, lol...anybody counting shots? Prop man is surely dead by now, lol.

  9. Did snyone notice yesterday that Vanessas face was not in the open credits? What's up with that she leaving already.

  10. kdmask said...

    Sonya, you could ALSO tell Blair and Eli were in Tahiti by the WHITE CLOTHES...his was a cabana shirt! LMAO
    Hahahaha yeah the white clothes and his cabana shirt! :) Yup you can tell they were in Tahiti! :)

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