Thursday, August 12, 2010

General Hospital: Brenda Day Two

Adrienne Babboooooooo! I loves her. I so wish this was all taking place in Port Charles. This charity thing is going to go on forever and ever... She's the FACE OF CARTOLLO or however you spell it. LOL. This whole thing so begs for an Erica-crossover.

Michael talking to Jason about "that which won't be named".  Then,  Carly goes to visit Jason. @@ THEN SAM GOES!! AHAHAAHA.

Carly and Mike talking in the diner and she finally changed her napkin shirt. Lisa sits down and Carly sees Patrick lurking.  heh.

Ethan and Johnny going on and on about TOMAS and SANTOS. zzzzz. I don't care-o's! Eat some Fritos instead!!

Olivia interrupts Dante and Lulu. At least she didn't just walk in. She wants to talk "Marriage" to Dante --as in Dante marrying Lulu? Okay
LOVE Crazy Lisa!!

Matt and Maxie--what do you think??? I don't know, they aren't giving them much to do storywise. LOVED when Maya mocked Ethan's accent!!
Anna mention! Robin's visiting her in NYC...and took Emma. I would have loved to have seen that.

Oh, and one more pet peeve. Those ball-sack things that are popping up on the bottom of trucks and motorcycles? Are you serious?? What are guys...11 years old?? They are beyond stupid, imo. I want to get under there and fill them up with lighter fluid. Then light a match.


Andrea said...

Wasn't Tomas the name of the boyfriend of the girl that plays Claire...when she was on Another World?

kdmask said...

I didn't see Another World but that would be cool.

Trixie said...

I love Adrienne Barbeau! I haven't watched the episode yet, but I am more excited to see her than Vanessa!

Anonymous said...

I am watching the episode today -- singularly unimpressive. All talk, talk, talk, and nothing getting accomplished.

Dante and Lulu were much more fun to watch before they had sex.

Carly is such a self-righteous bit*h she can't see her own sin. Michael was right to stop Claudia who WAS going to take Josslyn. If she had had the opportunity she would have talked her way around him and gotten away with the baby. Carly, Sonny, and Jason are the culprits in the whole Poor Michael story. None of them seem to be able to see how much to blame they are. Dumb, dumber and dumbest.

Jason and Sam -- another snoozefest. Jason is much more interesting fighting with Brenda than with the clone. Sam has become totally redundant on the show. She is NOT needed.

Rita Pita said...

I have lost my interest in Dante & Lulu. As she did with Johnny, this actress manages to suck the life out of great new actors. Kind of like Kemo with Jason. Love her with evryone else, but when she's with him he is her focus 24/7. Like anon said, a snoozefest. Now that Johnny is away from Lulu he is intesting and sexy again. Somehow GH has made us start to dislike Dante. Even Diane has jumped on the bandwagon that its Dante's fault Michael went to prison. geesh. Just stupid.

Anonymous said...

As much as I ADORE krsten Storms, she looked like an 11 yr old (body wise) in yesterdays show. bare backed is not for her, she's beyond skinny or petite. Her hair however, looked so much better!

i am kinda digging Patirck & Carly bonding.

Anonymous said...

As excited as I am about Brenda's return, I have no interest in watching until she shows up in Port Charles. What is the point of having her spend a month in another country with characters we don't know? They couldn't come up with a plausible reason for her to come back to Port Chuck? I don't understand. Guess I will wait a while longer before putting GH back on my DVR. :(

DLM829 said...

Karen, I died at your ball sack rant. A few years back in Florida (I want to say two maybe) One of our legislators found them so offensive they wanted to ban them. I wanted them to find a more worthy crusade but you should have seen the headlines regarding this piece of legislature.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually still loving Dante and Lulu. I know there are a lot of people out there who feel like Lulu becomes "relationship Lulu" and is all about whatever guy she's with at the time and nothing else enters her orbit except him, but we've seen how she's starting to realize that she's got to find a balance between being with Dante and still being herself and not getting lost in their relationship. Who doesn't struggle with that?! Who knows if the writers will flesh that out more with everything else on the canvas (both for Lante and all the other storylines). For me personally, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the Lante love story progress through the various stages. I realize many find it nauseating for various reasons, but I love DZ and JMB and love them even more together.

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