Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soap Opera Thursday: Interrupted GH

More great Scrubs Stills at Scrubs New

OLTL..the Clint reveal was AWESOME, especially if you are spoiler free!! WOWZA. I so hope Dorian finds out it was Clint in a timely fashion but with TW going back to DH for the season, it might be awhile. She'll tear Clint's EYEBALLS out. I also swore I heard Cole say "That sick F**K" when talking about Eli...LOL. I even rewound it. Did you hear that??! Other people said it was "freak"..I don't know, it sure sounded like the other. LOL
Evil Clint was great--heh. Kimmy and the Money!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Those ABC promos KILL me "For Jason and Sam, bullets are a turn-on"...brahahhaaah.

Michael is pretty much in the Jon McBain 'I know all' -- school of detectives.

WE have breaking news here...some hydrogen explosion at our county airport refueling station.  Which is bad--although 2 people were hurt but ok. The news guys just stand there saying "this WAS bad"...but it's ok now. I mean...really. ;/

FINALLY it's back on.  It's Olivia's bedside vigil scenes. JaSam shoot out scene (boring) . Diane's yelling at Sonny.
Nikolas' thing about Liz not being happy at Wyndemere comes out of nowhere. I guess they need to get Becky off for her maternity leave. Liz' sister Sarah calls her. I wonder how many people don't even KNOW  she has a sister! The excuse is... Sarah is lonely in her new digs in Northern CA. Well, okay then. Wasn't Franco in Washington State? IS this a good idea? hmmmm.
I liked Olivia mentioning that Johnny plays the piano.
Scrubs totally reminded me of Leslie and Rick back in the day. Leslie used to  lose it all the time in the hospital over he and Monica!! 
Lisa goes  to Lucky to tell him that Robin threatened her.
Another banner day at GH (NOT!!) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. The Franco mention reminded me...Did we even get to see Franco find out that Aidan was taken from his mom and given back to Liz and Nik?
    The promo turn on with Jason/Sam thing makes me roll my eyes a bunch. I'm just going to reference Sam as a fembot from now on...

  2. No! The Franco is now chasing Brenda's face! LOL

  3. I really dislike the Franco storyline...GUZA get a glue, and give him a better character or at least write better for him. Hey maybe James needs to take over Guza's job? Interesting thought....

  4. actually, I don't think we ever SEE Franco with Brenda... I think he's off the show.

  5. actually, I don't think we ever SEE Franco with Brenda... I think he's off the show.

  6. Regarding the tease about which actress is leaving:

    Look for turmoil and questionable dealings at Crimson this fall, which will end with Kate's exit at the beginning of October. (Will anyone be surprised when Jax asks Brenda to takeover?--she will definitely be very much involved in this story

    This makes me sad, I love Kate

  7. The Franco is busy stalking The WubQueen... delivery of Fronkeys will commence at any time

  8. Robin and Lucky scenes...Anyone else hoping for these? Given that their dads had one of the great friendships in tv drama, I would hope that they'd write some scenes in the current storylie with Lucky giving Robin some moral support and advice. Would it be too much for Guza to acknowledge some family history here?
    And hey, KM is only 4 years older than JJ - maybe if the chemistry is good they can have a rebound fling or something. LOL

  9. Robin's reaction to Patrick's one night stand with Psycho Doc Lisa is just too extreme for this character. She has a very forgiving nature, very understanding core. To pitch Patrick out because "once a cheater always a cheater" has overridden her true nature just doesn't ring true to the character as we know her.

    Dante-Lulu-Brooklynn is repetitious and boring. Dante and Lulu will survive. Brooklyn will find herself at Windemere and Carly will not have to face any payback for her treachery or feel any remorse.

    Somebody give Sonny a one-way ticket out of Port Charles. The world will go on without him. He can take Johnny and Olivia with him too.

    Let's forget all about Franco. He is a useless character and totally without logic.

  10. Kate hasn't been on in weeks, I can't count her as an "uber diva" (unless it's a backstage thing we've heard nothing about). She could leave while off screen, and we'd never miss her...

    As for Robin's reaction, I for one, loved it! I think it is a commentary on the unfaithful husbands who have been in the news of late. She said what we hoped Elin Woods and Sandra Bullock said behind closed doors. I think Robin and Patrick will get back together eventually down the road, and it could be a good plotline.They are excellent actors.

  11. No Anon! Don't even say it! I love Jolivia!!! Love Dante but dislike Lulu. Love Jason, hate Sam. Love Maxie, dislike Matt & Spin. Love Jax, dislike Carly. So Jolivia & scrubs are all I have.

  12. I would actually miss Kate. Scratch that. I do miss Kate. Great actress, perfect casting for the snobby role. Ties to many front characters too.

  13. Could someone tell me how long it's going to be before Franco kills this dude wasting Brenda's and MY time?

    Lord please replace Guza. Please.

  14. I don't think Robin's reaction is too extreme because it's not just the cheating. Patrick lied and covered up Lisa breaking into their house and stealing Robin's meds and tried to make Robin think she misplace them, and he didn't tell her the truth right away when they found out Lisa took Emma. Cheating is one thing, but he seemed more concerned with covering his ass than warning his wife that his psycho mistress was becoming dangerous. To me that's the unforgivable part.

    I have been loving Robin's reaction and Kimberly McCullough has been fabulous. I think this story has a lot of potential.

  15. I am very confused. I thought Franco jumped to his death when Jason was chasing him....

  16. Anon...Franco threw another body off that roof top...and the brilliant Pt Charles Keystone Cops didn't even turn the body over to see it wasn't Franco until it was too late. Then it took an autopsy to tell them what we already knew...and Franco had escaped