Thursday, August 19, 2010

Read it and WEEP: Vanessa's Return? Ratings go DOWN...

The Magic is Past?

Wowza and a SNAP!! Repeats of Brenda's love life, and Brenda back herself did zip for the ratings. In fact, they went down some.  OUCH. Not even a bump. I totally thought there would be a big bump for that week.

Ratings for the week August 9-13, 2010 FROM Soap Opera Network
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,035,000 (+167,000/+151,000)
2. B&B 3,304,000 (+130,000/-140,000)
3. GH 2,548,000 (-13,000/+24,000)
4. DAYS 2,494,000 (+85,000/-75,000)
5. AMC 2,458,000 (+81,000/+139,000)
6. ATWT 2,452,000 (+148,000/+153,000)
7. OLTL 2,247,000 (-118,000/-132,000

1. Y&R 3.5/11 (same/same)
2. B&B 2.3/7 (+.1/-.2)
3. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/-.1) <- ties low rating (6th straight week)
3. AMC 1.8/6 (same/same)
3. GH 1.8/5 (-.1/-.1)
6. OLTL 1.7/5 (same/-.1)
6. ATWT 1.7/5 (+.1/same)

Guess some viewers are gone for good, eh?? It's the writing people.  All the guest stars, all the hugeness and the 'comebacks' mean  nothing if people left and feel like their show is done.  It is a bit scary this news. After all, I run a site based on GH--- and these numbers are killer.
Read my blog on Sunday about The Comeback. They so messed this up.


  1. I have quit watching GH because of its awfulness. I now watch Y & R which isn't a ton better right at the moment.

    I will probably tune in when Brenda actually has screen time with people I actually care about but dang, this show is sucking right now.

  2. she's not even seeing SONNY until Sept. 6th...and isn't even in port chuck until a week after!

  3. How come OLTL has dropped? The Eli story has me hanging on each turn, and Tea's illness has odd touches that keep me wondering. Viki needs a newspaper storyline--a story that won't jeopardize her marriage or children, but is about her and some business intrigues. AND what else OLTL needs right now is Thorston Kaye to return as Patrick, to reunite with Marty who has no story at the moment. Loved them in the past. I guess TIIC still hope to lure Thorston back to AMC, but from what I gather, the stories were frustrating there.

    GH needed to bring back Laura, have her start up Deception again, team with Crimson and Kate, do the fashion thing, and pull away from the constant mob crap. A little mob goes a long way--too far.
    Weary of the constant repetition of Sonny and his murderous ways and constant women. Enough!
    It is past time to give us something new that is comparable to the best of the past....
    One reason I am not at all excited about Brenda's return is that it is obvious she will have to take up with boring Sonny. She is so sad right now, so subdued. Brenda is best as that giggly, impulsive and bright gal who fascinated Jax--they were so good together and it was a happy romance. Made you smile. With brooding, humorless, tired old Sonny, it will all be downhill. Sad, depressing, tears. And that's one of the main things wrong with GH happiness, nohow, nowhere.

  4. One of the reasons that the ratings went down is that ABC went way overboard. Well at least in my opinion. All the commercials toting VMG's return actually made me not want to watch. Oh and I like the character of Brenda. Two is that the length of her stay at GH. I mean why get invested in a character if the actress is going to be leaving in a year or two. Third is the writing. GH is not balanced. I like the mob (well Jason and Carly) and I think that it is on too much. Fourth is that they are trying to recapture Brenda's magic with Sonny. I don't like the character of Sonny anymore so why would I want to watch her character be paired with him. I think that General Hospital should have sent Sonny to jail for a bit (3 months at least) then bring him back and try to repair the character. By the way, why would anyone want to watch Brenda with a bunch of characters we don't know or care about. They should have had Brenda interacting with Laura since they are both in Europe. Oh and Lucy Coe! Now that I think people would have watched.

  5. If the Adrienne B character had been LUCY!! WOW..great idea!!

  6. I have to be honest, I like the slow pace of Brenda's return. Let's be honest this is a show, which runs on a budget. Plus they write storylines up to about 1 and a half years in advance. My point being, Vanessa's decision to return doesn't mean all life can stop with the other character's. Why would Sonny/Brenda suddenly run to each after all these years...they're strangers to a degree. Plus there is Jax to consider and her relationship with him.

    But I do think having her be some world famous supermodel is stupid. I know she was a model on GH back in the day, but supermodels are usually 6ft tall and not in their 40's. It would make more sense to have her just be working with that organization and doing some small time modeling on the side for $$. Also the movie star angle is silly too, not very realistic. We'll see how it plays out.

    I also though Sonny needing Spinelli to google for him was silly, but the slide show was cute.

  7. I haven't brought myself to watch since Brenda came back. Truth be told, I'm just afraid of the meal they've made of it.

    Karen, you are absolutely right. It's not the big returns, or the names that come back, but the writing! Until they figure that out, it doesn't matter what you do, nothing will change.

    I had a feeling it would fall flat. It's just sad really, for a daytime show to arguably have the best cast, and not the stories to go with them. Waste of talent.

    Think it's time I change my moniker from "watchintele" to "notwatchin"...what do you think?

  8. I'm glad that their rating did not go up! they need new write and then I will watch again! They thought having brenda back would save the show. maybe if the write is good to that will help! I'm sick of seeing someone get shot!

  9. I was always a huge fan of Brenda, but I haven't watched her return this time and don't plan to. Until the show is run according to what would make for good stories instead of being run on agendas as it is now, the show won't get better.

  10. Goodness, there's so much useful data here!