Monday, August 16, 2010

Stone Cates Is Back and Lisa LoCicero's New Official Site!


Stone Cates may have died from complications of AIDS back in 1995, but his portrayer, Michael Sutton, is returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL starting on Sept. 28 for a two-episode guest stint. Stone will appear to a delirious Robin (Kimberly McCullough) in a moment of peril and offer her the strength to live, according to a report at

I'm just hoping to hell it's more airtime than Lindze Letherman got when "Georgie" came back to Maxie in the hospital. Boy, am I jaded or what!? LOL...

On another note, Lisa  LoCicero's Official Site has changed hands and can now be found at the URL (Lisa LoCicero Online)
Find all your pics, clips, event info and interviews all in one place.

Sorry I didn't watch GH today-- I was in the car on the way home from a glamorous daytime gig in  PA. Hhahahahaa. What happened??!


Leesy said...

I was looking forward to Stone's return, until I found out he was to be a figment of Robin's delusional imagination. I was so hoping they'd bring the actor back as a Stone "look alike" who would pull Robin's loyalties away from Patrick. Robin and Stone had wonderful chemistry and it would be great to see that magic again.

Dierna said...


A Stone Look-a-like? What he'll be in a couple eps then he'll go off to Washington state to be with the Emily look-a-like and the Xander look-a-like?? *lol*

jen said...

Karen -- did you know Stone was coming back when you posting that MB clip that has Stone at the end? If not...what lovely timing! :)

Leesy said...

Lol, Dierna! Always hoping, hon...he wouldn't "be" Stone, he'd just resemble him and that would get Robin to thinking maybe her unfaithful husband isn't worth the effort. I am more than tired of Patrick. Anyone like Robin and Steve? hmmmmm?

Andrea said...

Mondays episode:
1. Why is Michael allowed to go to Jason's penthouse. I thought he was supposed to stay away from everything mob?
2. Why are they going to have a coming home party for Jason. Wasn't he home two days ago?
3. The cops are covering up for Michael...again! I am beginning to like Ronnie because he is at least following the law.
4. Spinelli isn't funny anymore. He is way past annoying.
5. Claire makes me sick. Carly makes me sick. GH is making me sick.

How is it the only think I am liking right now is crazy Lisa?

Anonymous said...

Andrea,i was wondering the same thing when he went to visit Jason in prison because i know someone who has been in prison and i can tell you that parolee's are NOT allowed to be around other people who have been convicted of a crime and they are DEFINITELY not allowed to go visit anyone in prison.Legally Micheal should not be allowed around Jason at all

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