Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Dissecting a Comeback

Well, it happened. After all these years, all the speculation--she's "back". BUT, they tricked us, didn't they? Brenda's not REALLY back.  Not yet. Not back  where it matters. NO, she's stuck in some other country, interacting with some newbie characters--longing for a lost love. In the meantime, Sonny's in America thinking about her. Wow, how fun is that to watch?? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. To top it all off, they certainly didn't go anywhere over budget to make Brenda's European adventure anything but the back of a stage and a hotel room. We did get to hear about a glitzy party..but didn't see it. Later in the week, Brenda and Sonny will actually try to call each other but can't "connect" because they call each other at the same time!!! (texting?) I guess neither one has a Facebook page.

I still don't understand the reasoning behind the ever-lasting "reveals"on soaps. Every single one of them does it. Back in the day of little spoilers, it made more sense. You weren't quite sure when the person would stumble out of the shadows.  Now, with all the PR and tweets and sites screaming "Brenda's Back" waiting weeks for her to come face to face with the residents of PC seems stupid. Waste of our time. If they haven't noticed, this is the age of instant gratification. We expect things to move faster. Just get her in there-- storming in with all her glory following behind. Like I said before, Perfect opportunity for Crimson usage.

And so we wait... will Brenda say yes to Monty's proposal? Does it matter? Will her face get slashed? Whatever. Guess what matters to us?? HER ACTUALLY interacting with the people IN PORT CHARLES. D'uh.

The other story that is moving along nicely is Crazy-Lisa-- Scrubs angst and some good old-fashioned soapy drama. Of course, Johnny gets shot (can't not have bullets flying around, right?) by Sonny. The cops will be the dirty guys yet again as Ronnie tosses away evidence that Sonny was indeed, protecting himself from Johnny. *sigh*  I can't even talk about the Claire story because it is just too idiotic to try to sort out. There were Maya and Ethan and Tracy and Q scenes cut this month--I guess to make room for more of Claire's "I want your sperm"chit chat. @@

When Becky takes maternity leave, her character, Liz will go visit her sister Sarah.  Nikolas will be involved with Brooke Lyn who's got no where else to go.  Is that crickets chirping  I hear?? .   I shall save judgement on that idea until I actually see it in action.  Lord knows when Tony Geary will saunter back into town. I guess he'll be involved with trying to get Tracy back. Here's hoping he ends up living with Lucky and Ethan together. Although I have a feeling we'll see the empty Haunted Star set again.

I am trying hard to be positive, and it was fun to live tweet during "Brenda Bonanza" with everyone. The S&B fanbase is understanably giddy--but I have to wonder how long they are going to last if this drags out much longer. I'm also wondering how the rest of the canvas is going to evolve during the transition of Ms. Barrett coming back to town for good. I guess we'll see. Let's keep each other awake while we wait, ok?


Anonymous said...

I am back because of Brenda and frankly I hope they speed it up because I don't know how long I can stand it.

the characters did not mature one iota in the 2 years I left, Carly reverted to her stupid plans that never work, Sam is still dumb and irrelevant and now I watch people I just don't know who they are but I don't care enough to find out!

I hope to god that Guza doe snot screw it up, but frankly I don't have much hope!

Anonymous said...

anon...that's one of my big frustrations with the show. No one seems to mature and grow. I would love to see some character development. Seeing the same plot over and over again, especially with the same character is boring.

I LOVED the slow re-emergence of former characters back in the "non-spoiler" day (like Frisco's return). But, you're right Karen. With spoilers going on for months we want to see her interact with the characters we want her to interact with. I wish Ned was still on the scene. I loved Ned and Brenda's friendship. Her meeting with him would have been that I would have wanted to have seen the most.

mosbp2003 said...

I keep remembering when Brenda came back and the Luis Alcazar character was introduced. It took a long time before Brenda interacted with any characters in PC, but it was well done and kept the viewers interested. This is just crap day in and day out. But I'll keep watching, hoping it will get better and waiting for Jasam to implode...

nyangel22 said...

Nikolas and Brook Lynn?! Am I the only one a little disgusted by this. She is wayyy too young for him. Tyler Christopher is 37 (almost 38) and Adrianna Leon is 23. That's just too big of an age difference for me. Even if his character is supposed to be a couple years younger and she is supposed to be a couple of years older that is till a big gap.

Anonymous said...

Watching the Brenda history shows.. really bummed me out. The writing was so much better back then. I was sad when the 7 episodes were finished (4 from soap net and 3 from abc). I wanted to watch more. I just do not expect the writers to do justice to Brenda Sonny and Jax. The storyline that I am waiting for is really the one between Brenda and Robin. Robin's life will be falling down around her and Brenda can come cheer up her little sis and cuddle with baby Emma. Carrie

Anonymous said...

I am relatively new to GH. There has never been a Brenda while I've been watching. Don't know who she is; don't care who she is. Guess it's time to stop watching.

Anonymous said...

NY Angel:

Really? Do you realize this is the year 2010. Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones ring a bell? It's practically our culture to have the younegr girl older man. If we can sit through Sonny/Emily, Jolivia, Ben & Vicki on OLTL (whom I adored), than Brooklyn and Nik work just fine. Anything to get Liz back where she belongs to Lucky! I hate however that they are going to have liz move the kids to the island of windermere. Why upheeve those children? And will they stay with Lucky while Liz goes to see Sarah? Hopefully they won't stay with Nik, that makes no sense and is in no way fair to Lucky.

Italyanboy said... is reporting that Michael Sutton(Stone Cates)will be back on GH next month.

DJ Rogue said...

I read about Stone too, Italyanboy. Gotta say...Guza (like most of Hollywood) is trying to surf a wave of nostalgia - not realizing that it's not just the characters and the actors that entranced us viewers, but also a GOOD STORY.

I'll say that takes a GOOD STORY.

I didn't post my comments after the Brendafest last week, but there's one thing I couldn't help but notice (besides the fact the sets were better and there were TONS more characters on "the canvas") was that there was MUCH MORE ROMANCE - and this is coming from a heterosexual male. You could see it on the screen the way Jax and Brenda were talking to each other. Nowadays it's "bitch"-this and "bitch"-that (to be fair, there was ONE "bitch" uttered, but I think it was during the third ep).

And now they think that dragging Stone back into this crap will do...what exactly? Viewers who weren't watching the EXCELLENT storyline he was a part of won't know who he is and those that were (and can't put up with the mess it is now) will bail just as soon as he's gone again.

Andrea said...

Mondays episode:
1. Why is Michael allowed to go to Jason's penthouse. I thought he was supposed to stay away from everything mob?
2. Why are they going to have a coming home party for Jason. Wasn't he home two days ago?
3. The cops are covering up for Michael...again! I am beginning to like Ronnie because he is at least following the law.
4. Spinelli isn't funny anymore. He is way past annoying.
5. Claire makes me sick. Carly makes me sick. GH is making me sick.

How is it the only think I am liking right now is crazy Lisa?