Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Scrubbin' In...

What was the best part of GH last week? Guns, bullets...comebacks?? Nah...just an old fashioned soapy script with two fine actors playing the heck out of it. Of course, I'm talking about Jason Thompson and Kim McCollough doing their "break up" scenes. I hardly cared about the rest of the show--Sam and Jason trapped under fire (again)... Brenda talking to the newbies--- Dante and Lulu angst #3,400. Nope, didn't matter. All that really touched me were two people, in a room with raw, honest emotions tumbling from their mouths and tears from their eyes. BRAVO. Lisa hurling herself infront of Robin's car isn't too shabby either. Kudos to Brianna Brown. She makes an awesome crazy-lady!!

By the way, there are rumors out there that Kim or Jason or both will be leaving by November. The only thing I can say about that is I did hear Kim was talking about taking time off to concentrate on her behind the scenes career. Not leaving for good, but taking a break. Not sure if this is what everyone is buzzing about or not. I haven't heard a thing about JT. You know what happened to me LAST time KM came back...and I scooped it. Not getting into THAT MESS again. We shall see. I do know that for November sweeps we are supposed to have major Lisa-Dramas coming to a head.   If she starts turning a lamp on and off, you know where it's headed!!

On the Brenda front, she tells Sonny to go back to Port Charles to turn himself in, and Jason comes out to protect her from the big-bad thugs. I'm wondering when the hell she'll EVER get back to town.  If Jax takes over Crimson, that could open up a whole other avenue for our Face of Fashion.
Ratings for last week were up--after a disaster of a downturn for VMG's giant "comeback". People must have been waiting to see what the hooplah was all about.  Given the boring week we had in that area, I have to see ratings for the past week to make a judgement. Of cousre, I'm not one to hang on the ratings--I know when it's good TV. It's the head brass that need to see the numbers.

Another little piece of info? I hear Brooke Lyn will be going on "tour" with her singing career. Will Nikolas fund it? We'll get to see she and TC and NLG try to get her Diction  correct..something like Eliza Doolittle. @@

Did you see I'm going to be in Toronto Sept 11th for the Brunch N' Ball with DZ, LLC and Ronnie M? Should be a fun time. It's for chartiy and held during the Toronto Film Fest. What more could you want? Alberta's coming back from California this next week and she'll  be spiffed up for the affair.
I snagged this from  Twitter, posted by Melissa Archer-- she and Kris were at the Circus in NYC. Isn't it cute!! Talk about rumors last week. With a big meeting  Thursday, many thought OLTL would be canned. It's still  hanging in there--!! Rumors that Roger Howarth may be back  to either reprise his TODD character a guy pretending to be TODD with TODD's old face. LOL!! Either way, if they keep Trevor St. John, I'll be happy.

EMMY NIGHT!! You watching?? You know I will...just for the dresses. I'm hoping Mad Men cleans up. I'll be rooting for Modern Family as well. I think that Jimmy Fallon will be a good host and  they are using Tweets for jokes (??) hmmmm. I also wish Kathy Griffin's category was on tonight instead of the creative arts night. Her speech is always a riot.

Thanks again for being such great Wub Fans... I love your comments (I know some of you have thanks for sticking with the blog), emails, tweets and of course, the visting my sponsors on the Wubs Net.  Gedstern works hard finding the hidden scoops, I'm on the phone and stalking people to get info--it's not easy!! LOL. Especially now, with the Brenda Lock-down. It's easy to do because she's filming in basic isolation. Not that anything is really happening with her character if you ask me.  
Have a good week. I should be live tweeting/blogging during the shows.


  1. I agree 100% about Jason & Kimberly.. these 2 have some major chemistry and as I stated previously I felt every word they spoke. KM could always do that, sicne she ws a kid, but I have to take my hat off to Jason (patrick)also. Waiting for the fallout with Carly too. Other than that, bored to tears. Any other show would either have Brenda back TODAY to comfort Robin, or show scenes with Mac, or better yet bring Anna in for 1 lousy eppy. Throw us a bone here. Even the scene with Maxie wasn't long enough.

    I could care less about Jasam in a cabin. Guza needs to make us care about this couple, and thus far I see nothing to make me do that. I'm a bit interested in the Brook/Nik/Alexis story since I adore NLG.

  2. I would be disappointed if Kim left the show because i did like her friendship with Brenda and i want to see them interact ALOT when Brenda gets back to town. I never really cared for Scrubs but i have to admit they are FINALLY interesting. I LOVE Dante & Lulu no matter what they do.
    I think D.Z & J.M.B are the 2 best actors on the show.I just wish they had better writing like Scrubs is getting.

  3. A few things. I cant log in, so its anonymous. But this is delcodave for those who might remember my crazy postings here and there.

    I actually watched a little this week.

    Patrick was talking about marriage vows. hmmmm... isnt there a marriage vow that states "foresaking all others"? I realize that has been omitted a lot recently in famous marriages (john edwards, rudy guiliani, tiger woods, etc...) but dont you think that should have been mentioned? Robin could have made that a good rebuttal.

    is this show so hurting for money that they can only afford flashbacks and not any new scenes?

    I adore Brad Rowe. And Vanessa. But... if I was the director, I would give them a credit card and tell them to go to dinner and maybe a show and the beach, etc and get to know one another. Its called chemistry and if ever 2 people did not have it, it is them. Which sucks, cause I really like them both. I wish they would just got somewhere together for a day (even with their significant others) and just get to learn the others reactions, their laughs, smirks, etc. Shouldnt shows do this with every pair of actors who need to work together like this?

    For a minute there, I thought Guza was no longer writing the show. Patrick and Lisa in a scene where she is a lunatic and Patrick didnt hit her? Cmon. Guza... we have come to expect violence from you. Especially violence against women. Why didnt patrick slug her? Sigh... was kinda wondering where my beloved Guza went and then BANG! Lisa hit on the hood of the car. There's the Guza we have all come to expect. It wouldnt be a complete week without at least one woman getting hit or blown up. Bravo.

    PS. I will miss Leslie something terrible. Why cant someone start a new 1/2 hour soap and hire all the discarded vets? Stuart and Leslie and Jackie, plus a lot of others from other shows that have been discarded? Karen, can you get right on this? :)

  4. i am watching the emmys tonight. I hope Glee wins for best comedy. truly the funniest show on television. I laugh so hard every time I watch it. funny funny funny. i am surprised it doesnt have a laugh track. I cant wait to see what funny and zany things they do this season.

  5. I LOVED the Scrubs stuff this week. Jason & Kimberly rocked those scenes. Brianna knocked the crazy out of the park as well. Kudos! Kudos! Kudos! Very much looking forward to the rest of this storyline playing out.

    I adore Dominic Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman- they are phenomenal actors and I think they have great chemistry together. I've loved watching their story develop and unfold, but I've hated this Brook storyline. I wish the writers would give them something with more substance to go with if they're going to be on-screen everyday. The actors themselves deserve that.

    Jason and Sam....yawn. Brenda...yawn. Ready for her swoop back into PC already!

    I have to say that one of my favorite parts of this past week was seeing Diane talk to Sonny like he's a moron. :)

  6. Days vets won't need to be on that 1/2 hour show. That is a show that knows how to use their vets!!

  7. Y&R knows how to use actors over the age of 30 as well. It helps to round out the cast and storylines rather than 24 hours of teens and 20-somethings whining.

  8. Days Of Our Lives does not know how to use there vets,they got rid of Marlena didn't they.

  9. One Life To Live killing off another man, they hate men,that's why they got rid of Kyle and Fish.

  10. Daily on Days I see Caroline, Victor, Stefano, Kate, Vivian, and Maggie. All over the age of 50. That is using their vets. They got rid of Marlena because at the time, they were thisclose to being canceled and needed to cut the budget...

  11. Little doubt, the dude is completely just.