Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital and The Silence of the Ratings...

Brandon, Lisa and Ronnie on San Diego Cruise for Leukemia Saturday

GHers are some of the biggest hearts out there! These three had a cruise for Leukemia research that was held in San Diego. Lisa LoCicero tweeted she's the 'luckiest woman in San Diego'!!

In prep for doing this week's Sunday Surgery I looked around my vast array of GH info and found... things really really lacking. LOL. Not a lot to be had folks. I did talk to one actor who shall remain unnamed that said when the ratings news 'hits the fan' they don't want to be anywhere near the set.  Of course, the brass already knows. There were big hopes pinned on this comeback and the numbers just weren't there ESPECIALLY when it was so hyped and had an unheard of 'nostaligia' day was planned just for it. I've seen some fans say now they are waiting  until Sonny and Brenda finally meet to watch, and others that just don't care. Of course, there are also a large group of fans that never did live through the S&B years. J&Bers are upset because there's NO mention of Jax at all in this little Roma scenerio.

For's bittersweet. I am so invested in this show it's maddening. LOL. The site, the fans, the events, the actors. If this can't shake viewers out of the shadows, what can?  I really was hoping the writing would be there. Instead, it's almost like everyone took a vacation and penned the laziest thing they could think of. Production budget for the block shoot of Vanny, Adrienne and Brad Rowe was probably in the neighborhood of $44.50. Fresh flowers and champagne not counted. It will be exactly 18 working days between BB's comeback and her seeing anyone from Port Charles. You know how I feel about this. You've read it every day. You're probably sick of it!! LOL. Sorry. It just floors me that this opportunity was wasted.

SO, what's coming up in spoilers? Lisa will destroy a stuffed animal of Emma's-- she'll also make sure people know Robin's out to get her. Of course the big reveal that Patrick slept with her is coming too.  Sonny tries to convince Dante he shot Johnny because he had to. Claire's got a nice tape with Sonny saying he wants to kill Johnny on it.  Brooke Lyn's going to get in more trouble and end up with Nikolas --who needs an escort to some event. :eyeroll: Her days are numbered people. Sonny will eventually run to Rome where he'll run into, The Face of Fashion. I think some nice Olivia/Johnny scenes are coming when she's by his bedside at the hospital. Oh, a dime for every bedside gunshot-wound "monologue"!! JaSam is all in the woods, in a cabin, fleeing a fire. Catch all the spoilers on the WUBS NET. SCROLL down. I put the scoops up as I get them. Some of the ones down 'below' came awhile ago and are starting to happen now.

I am LOVING all your blog comments. Thank you for taking the time to post. I also like to see the banter and posts to each other. :) Makes me all warm  inside. We fans need to do SOMETHING  to stay with this show!! Even arguing about our fave couples/characters is a start. Right?!

HA! Carolyn Hennesy was talking about Lady Gaga and our opinions on her having the Vanity Fair cover and most followers on  Twitter.  She retweeted my take: "Rule the Dancefloor, Rule the World"... I  think I'll copyrite that!!
Kathy Griffin tweeted "Congrats to me"! Creative Arts Emmys were last night. Betty White won one...Ryan Seacrest as well.  Primetime Emmys are August 29th


  1. I am so not a kathy griffin fan. just the sight of her makes me cringe. To each their own though.

    This was interesting on the other post yesterday:

    "Did you check out Sam's footwear for her little Lopez warehouse recon? Stiletto boots! Okay, so they were black to go with the rest of her outfit"

    Seriously this is why we don't like Sam in these types of scenes. Someone 5 foot tall cannot kick ass the way Anna Devane used to. So far fetched and stupid. Please put her back with her sisters in a storyline.

    Ad for Brenda I don't think i understand what all the fret is about. I mean really ladies! All soaps do this on a return from a much anticipated character. They may have 1 core character with them for the first few weeks but it is still WEEKS before they see who we want them to see and intereact with. At least we have the great Adrienne to watch in the mean time. Wish she was brenda's mom or aunt or something so she could stay on and have ties. And I have to agree with what karen said about Jax & Brender. These two were so true love for me versus Sonny & Brenda. Yes Sonny & brenda sizzled and looked fab together. But it waas lusty for me. J&B were love. JMO but when they showed those old scenes and her realizing she loved him I just melted. That was our old Jax. Fun, sexy, and fiercly moral. Loved him! Although I did become a Carjax fan I simply can't root for them any more. Carly is just too out there. And anyone else think this is the longest adoption process EVER for Jax & Morgan? My husband adopted my child and it took a short amount of time even without her biological fathers consent. Hell Sonny already signed over his rights to Morgan so what's the hold up? This should have taken 10 days tops.

    I liked the scene where Spin sat in Sonny's desk. kinda the first time I chuckled in a while since Spin is so dull lately. They haven't even shown any scenes where either spin or maxie has any mourning for their relationship so there's another slip up.

  2. I really hope you're right about Brook's days being numbered. I don't think I've ever despised a character more than I do her. Guza has totally ruined her character by trying to make her the next Claudia. I hated Claudia but I usually got where she was coming from when she would do these crazy awful things but with Brook I fail to see the motivation. As far as I can tell Dante and Lulu have done nothing to her that deserves her drugging and almost raping a guy who doesn't want her. She's a quartermaine for crying out loud! All she has to do is ask the Quartermaines for money with some conditions but instead she would rather be pimped out. I hope Nikolas doesn't know about all of her schemes because if he takes her in knowing all she's done than he's betraying his sister. Not that Lulu has been the greatest sister to Nikolas (and I say this as a die hard Lulu fan) but still.

  3. I so agree that Brenda and Jax were love and Sonny and Brenda lust. Jax even though not as nice a guy as he once was still deserves better than Carly. Everybody but Sonny deserves better than Carly. Brenda sure deserves better than Sonny.
    Certainly hope Brooke will be leaving soon. The last thing this show needs is another skank especially one played by someone who's a lousy actress.

  4. I completely agree with the others that Brenda and Jax were love and that Sonny and Brenda were lust. That is the best way to describe them. J&B had fun together and Jax made Brenda smile. To me, Sonny continually lied to Brenda, made her insecure and wrong, and she was mostly sad and conflicted with him. I know there are many Sonny and Brenda fans out there. If they can say how much they want an S&B reunion, I want to be able to say that I really want a J&B reunion.

    I agree with Anon #1. I hope we see Maxie and Spinelli to mourn their relationship ... and miss each other. That's another fun couple that should be together. I hope Guza heals their relationship and does it naturally and properly.

    GH needs fun couples on the show. I disagree with him that happy couples are boring. Couples can be happy, fun and have angst too. It's possible. Look at Rober & Holly, Frisco & Felicia, Ned & Lois and Jax & Brenda. We just need couples to be written for as couples. on another soap box.

    What it comes right down to is that if the writing is good - good SOAP writing that is - then the fans will come back. TPTB seem to have lost the faith of the fans. They've certainly lost mine. I don't trust them anymore - I don't want a favorite to come back, only to be ruined and have my wonderful memories tainted. That isn't fun to watch, and TV should be fun.

  5. Brender and Jax were boring, Sonny and Brenda lit up the screen like no other couple I've seen before. They belong together, they have true love, which rarely is easy, but always is exciting.

  6. I am thrilled with Brenda being back and I too must confess that this sudden "love" theme is bothersome because the last time we saw Brenda she was over Sonny. For me Brenda and Jax are love

  7. I love Kathy Griffin as much as I do Guza.NOT Poor Sam as long as Guza has it she will never be nothing but a cootchie mama.And Jason will never do anything but Blink.I wonder if he blinks all during sex?

  8. I agree with Dawn & Anon 1. Jax and Brenda were more Love. Sonny & B were lusty and he couldn't give her everything she needed. Jax was so sweet with her.. but I do see the spark with S&B, that can't be denied.

    I don't really think Brooke is that bad of an actress. Maya is the one that can't act no matter who she happens to be in a scene with. The story isn't anything great however (with brooke). Same thing with Claire. I thought she did great at the trial and now she's dull.

    You would think tracy would like SOMEONE in her family. Now even Brooke is being hated by her. Oh well, anything to see fabulous jane.

  9. The only thing that will help this show is a new head writer!!

  10. The only thing that will help this show is a new head writer!!

  11. Bob guza will never get fired or leave. Same as his lovers sonny and jason, will never get locked up and throw away the key.

  12. It seems like we all want the same thing and that is better writing for our soaps. I know GH needs it (and AMC). Do TPTB even realize that the fans number 1 complaint is the writing?

    In addition, I don't understand the rewriting of S&B's history. I know that there were a lot of J&B fans. No wonder we have so many fan couple wars. The writers write for one couple to the detriment of another. Take JaSam for instance. Guza writes for them but Liason fan's just get scraps it seems. They really need to write for both sides of a triangle.

    Personally I love Carly. I root for her but I know that not everybody does. To each their own. I know that Lulu and Sam have a lot of fans. I am not one of them. Right now it seems as if their characters are being written as just about their man. It's like they don't really have an identity separate from their boyfriends.

    Finally, we want FAMILY interaction. That is why people like the Davis girls because they interact with one another. You don't have to like all of the characters to enjoy their scenes. We want to see the Spencer's, the Quartermaines' and the Scorpio's interact. I think people would have liked Maya a bit more if we would see her interacting with Edward and Monica more.

    Well I will get off of my soapbox now.