Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, I sure enjoyed myself. From the hilarious opening "Glee inspired" number (with Kate Gosslin making fun of herself no less!!) to George Clooney surprising the hey out of me in the Modern Family send up, I was just grinning. Jon Hamm in the opening was just priceless. I told my brother someone from "30 Rock" or "SNL" had to have a hand in writing this year. The show was cool..and as we know, awards shows are rarely cool.

Poor January Jones, she so needs a new stylist. I hate the hair more than the dress, actually!

Jimmy Fallon did such a great job with his musical mimicry. Backstreet Boys? Elton John? Loved it!! I had forgotten what a funny guy he was when being 'someone else'. Horray for Mad Men, I do love that show-- and yeah for Modern Family. There certainly was enough stuff from HBO and Showtime that I'm too cheap to watch. LOL...I was like, hmmmm, maybe we should get those channels. Time Warner gets enough moolah out of me as it is.

One of my best Dressed:

I loved this dress. I also liked the dress Jewel arrived in, which I couldn't find online. It was a pink Grace Kelly number. While the dresses were all beautiful, I do wish people would get a bit funkier.
Low points of the night? Al  Pacino.  Good lord, I hope he was just really tired and it wasn't age or booze.  The endless awards for stuff I didn't know about-- which I guess are a lot less than they could have been since they do "The Creative Arts Awards" at another time. Kyra Sedgwick went on and on, and her dress was as bad as her giant hair extentions, imo.

It was nice how they had the directors, producers and writers answer a question and do a short before their noms. What a great way to get to know behind the scenes peeps. I was happy the Daily Show won but really wanted Conan to get it just to thumb his nose at NBC. 

One thing I learned from tweeting with other Wubbers is that I need to start watching "The Good Wife".  People seem to really love it.

My Mad Men review should be up on PopConfidential later. I will blog GH today AND live tweet during the SCARY FUN "RHoNJ Reunion Show"!! eek!! that's some wacky stuff right there.  Join in!

PS. Thanks to Frank for alerting me to my "Daytime Emmy" mistake! Old habits!!


  1. I noticed you titled this post "Daytime Emmys". Force of habit?

    Fun show last night but even better was the live backstage stuff online. The entire "Backstage at the Emmys" video is online. You should watch it. It goes from the control room, producer's room, green room, make-up, thank-you Cam, Jimmy Cam, etc. It's all raw video with open mics so turn it up and listen closely to the chatter in each room. You pick up some interesting stuff.

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