Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GH: Robin gets all Scorpio on Lisa!!

I really was hoping for some good GH news--you know, new writer-- new Quartermaine resurgence for my big day. Oh well,  a girl can dream, can't she!!?

Perez Hilton is saying there's OSCAR Buzz for James Franco and 127 hours. If he gets a nom, he'd better bring a FRONKEY with him in homage to his GH days!!! He did say his GH script memorization helped him get the part because he could basically do the entire scene in one take!

Berta, celebrating for me!!

Today's GH:  If you happened to see OLTL, it totally looks like David's in Helena's dungeon! LOL. Who has David in prison?? I hear it's a stunner (if you are spoiler free, it did shock me!). Notice Dorian/Vicky??? Still around..still getting great stories (instead  of standing around). Makes me sick when I think of GH. They could have Monica/Leslie/Bobbie...we got nothin'.   Ok, Tracy but only part of the time.

Those coffee cups were so empty that Lulu was carrying, they were jiggling all over! LOL Stupid Brooke Lyn comes up and says she's just as much a victim as Dante is! What an idiot. Lante says the same sheeze over and over and over again. The writers are really REALLY messing it up putting them on every damn second.

Poor Robin. I am glad Maxie came over...she needs someone there. Liked their little talk.   Maxie's dress is gorge. I don't even remember Patrick and Lisa's night of "passion". That's how chopped up this show is. They haven't exactly had a flow of this story. Hard to care. All the actors involved are doing a bang up job though...they always do!

Wyndemere...all those boys! It's hilarious. Fencing as well. Nice, give them all swords!

Lucky and Ethan's talk. I guess it was all about Lucky's desire to be big/bad/Spencer. Then, Ethan goes to talk to Kristina who's waiting outside Johnny's room. awww.

JaSam:Found a nice little cabin. Usually in the summer, they are being used, but maybe it's a hunting cabin.

BEST PART OF THE SHOW? Robin telling Lisa she'll  kill her if she goes near Emma again. She got all Devane/Scorpio on her! woot!! Now, why doesn't Robin tell her UNCLE MAC about all this?! Is he still in the hospital recouping from the gunshots from Keifer's Dad?

FULL MOON tonight! I shall bless the charms on the deck in full light. That way I will have a happy year. Or..well, it can't hurt!

Thanks for all the bday wishes!! Love ya all! I made a new Alberta Wubs collage for the WubsNet, check  it out!!


  1. I still haven't given up hope for a new writer! Somebody at ABC has to have a brain!!

  2. Yesterday's show was pretty good, I don't know where Kim & Jason reached for those tears but they brought it. Then today blah blah blah with all of the storylines. And where is Olivia?

    Can we please see another room in Windermere? As if any young mom would let their kids eat anything in their living room let alone one like that.

    I am so sick of Lante. This couple brought so much hope in the beginning. They should have had them apart with some angst for a few weeks rather than immediately make up. Guza does the opposite of what other soaps do. They make us miss the couple for what we fell for them in the first place.

    Can we have a new storyline for Jasam (Jaslut) please? Jason has never been known to cook so give me a flipping break. As darling as Kemo is it isn't any more believable that she puts on her spike heals and works on carborators.

    So Brenda throwing out the date of Sept 21st must mean that's when Sonny sees her. Damn, that is weeks away still.Throw us a bone and have robin go see her for comfort versus dead Stone, will ya?

    I do love that Claire duped Sonny.
    Good for her! Now please leave.


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN. Hope you had a good one.

  4. Not Claire leave. Sonny please leave.

  5. Happy Birthday, Karen!

    Really all I'm watching for now is the Robin/Patrick/Lisa story. The rest is the same damn thing over and over again. Vanessa's return is such a let down.

    Karen you make a good point, where is Mac? Was that whole story line just a venue for a Matt/Maxie hook up?

    So fed up with this show. Having all of the Brenda hoopla backfired. Watching the episodes on ABC and then on SoapNet just made me miss the old GH even more.

  6. Happy Birthday Karen I watched Robin today and she and Patrick did really good.Our soap GH has been going down hill when it got rid of Alan and Georgie and made the dang mob the big tadoo I can't even stand Maurice anymore.Or Jason that cabin looked just like the place they vacationed at in Mexico well the outside did or was that the cabin from Hawaii they too are boring....David leaving Dorian at the alter shocked me too.I watched the 40th tape and I miss those actors they could act well they had better writers...

  7. @Anonymous while i would be really happy if Sonny was convicted and sent to prison, what Claire did was completely illegal. I assume that she did not have a warrant to record him, and yes, he did invite her, that did not give her the right to record him. Guza obviously does not know Constitutional law, but he should consult with someone who does. this is what i hate about this show.

  8. I don't who has what on who, but all the actors always go on about how great Bob is, what a pal, so smart....
    always excited about the great stories he is coming up with for them...seesh!

    Of course, if they were to bad mouth him they might never get any story....

    I'm very afraid we are stuck with Guza til the day he finally kills this show.

  9. Wouldn't taping someone while invited in be like them overhearing what he said in a public place? Couldn't that be used as evidence? I guess I don't know the legal system either...

  10. JaSam is dissolved into BORING, BORING, BORING. There is no connection, no conflict, no relationship besides sex for these two. Jason is self-sufficient and Sam is a doormat.

    The rest of the show on 8//25 was a snoozefest. The Lisa/Robin/Patrick conflict is either going to come to a head far too soon to make room for Brenda and Sonny's reunion, or it is going to be drug out so long no one will care any more. Typical GH. It's all about Corinthos et al.

    I get to the place where I hate this show.

  11. @Andrea, I think the difference between taping somebody and overhearing them is that you don't need permission to overhear isn't something that you can stop from happening; it just happens. With recording someone, you have a choice to do it or not. I think the biggest problem is that she was in his home. You should be able to expect some level of privacy in your own home no matter who you are, so unless she had a legitimate warrant, she has no case. However, I don't think either are admissible in court. Something you overheard could be considered hearsay. It would present two problems that could hurt the case. First, the person didn't say it directly to you. Second, you might not hear the entire conversation, so what you did hear might not be in context--what sounds incriminating may actually be totally innocent.

  12. Thanks NYANGEL22!! You would think Diane would at least know that, since she is the kickass attorney...The writers suck again!