Monday, August 30, 2010

General Hospital: There's A Lisa In the Road!!

Oh, she made that look GOOD!! Nice one Crazy-Lisa!! BTW, that stuffed doggie in the backseat of Robin's car is going to end up in a beaker in GH, boiling away.  Heh. Robin tries to tell the police Lisa jumped in front of her car...they are looking at her like she might be drunk. HURRY Call Uncle MAC!! He was at the hospital...I love my Uncle Mac.

Brooke Lyn and Carly...zzzzzzzz. I'm so tired of them.

Sonny should have told Bernie he wanted to visit George Clooney in Lake Como. heh...I am so over the Brender stuff.  So, so..soooooooooooo boring. We still have another week to go until Sonny lays eyeballs on her. Go to Wubs Net to see the supposed date she's back to Port Charles. Hopefully Guza will buy a clue and get her back sooner.  Loved how Brenda and Sterling went from one hotel room to another. wow...don't excite us too much.

Lucky finding JaSam in that cabin was hysterical. Oh, I was tracking Santos (although we JUST saw him at the PCPD) and found this cabin...and BY THE WAY....Sonny's in trouble. HAhahahhaa. VERY weird scene. I was waiting for Lucky to go all  James Cagney. "MA! I'm on TOP OF THE WORLD, MA"!!

Lulu and Brooke,  Brooke tells Lulu the truth! Lulu won't believe her-- I actually enjoyed this scene. 

Olivia, Dante and Sonny...Olivia says "How about not shooting ANYBODY"??!! Sonny talks to Dante about Brender...ugh, just get it over with already. Michael comes in to talk to Sonny...right in the PCPD! D'OH! Michael...people can SEE YOU THERE...just sayin'.


  1. I actually liked the Lucky scene. It made the Sam and Jason scene better!!! Without Lucky there, zzzzzzzzzzzz.. Great picture you put up hahahaha! Crazy ass Lisa is great! :) I loved how Mac was with Patrick. I really wanted Mac to hit him tho. I liked out Mac wanted Emma and Robin to live with him. :)

  2. When is this show going to pick up and get interesting again? Way too much blah, blah, blah. How many times do plot tidbits have to be repeated? 8? 10? a dozen times? Make something happen, please. And make it something interesting -- not Sonny and Brenda reminiscing in an attempt to shore up lagging interest -- not Sam and Jason in yet another inane shootout -- not Olivia delivering the same sermon about or to Sonny and Johnny.

    Come on GH. It's time to get off the pot.

  3. I actually want to know more about Murphy than see anymore of Sonny/Jason/Sam doing the same ole, same ole.