Monday, August 23, 2010

"I Shot The Johnny, But I Swear it was in Self-Defense"

I watched OLTL and realized I must have missed a bunch of stuff. LOL. Not sure what's going on. Dorian's wedding dress uck! I just hope David isn't killed off. :?!

Nathan Parsons (Jim Warren Photo)

Thought you might like to see Nathan Parsons in all his glory for the play "NeverWonderLand" -- which ended it's five week run this Sunday at the Boom Kat Theater.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY:  The whole Franco thing with Brenda is just ridiculous. I DON'T CARE!! Everyone's going to see her but anyone we care about.  Good  Lord.
Lisa taking Emma was a least fun. And her nanny lets her go out for ice cream AT NIGHT? I love how she just acted like it was ok when Patrick found her. "you know, incase anything happens to Robin"....
Jax/Claire. Snooze.
Johnny being taking in the hospital. Maya hops to it! Guess she's over all that squeemish stuff. Ethan looks a bit concerned I guess. That was kind awkward. He's talking to Lucky at the PCPD and his eyeliner is running, swear to god! LOL
Sonny says he had a "Peace Plan" in place. Did I miss that sheeze? Uh...ok. Dante tells him to turn  himself in when Ronnie knocks on the door.  There goes that opportunity.
Sam in the Lopez camp was hysterical. Jason got there in record time because of her GPS. Nice work, FourSquare! The whole shoot out with JaSam was just so...Dollar Store.  The pop-flashes of the guns crack me up. I don't know, I'm so over scenes like that.
Ronnie throws Sonny's gun into the water...because we have to have a crooked cop in Port Charles. He reminds me of Taggert, without the bite. I miss Taggert!!

Did you know Adrienne Barbeau is an author? Read about her newest novel, "Love Bites" on Suite 101.  Also, she says this about her character,  Suzanne: It was totally unexpected. I got a call from my agent on a Friday night, saying I had an offer to do a 4 or 5 week arc on GH. He described the character and I said yes. Then, once I got on the set, the producers said they'd like to keep me around for awhile. And I said yes! Ergo, the rumor about her "Suzanne" coming to Port Charles looks to be happening. (Lord only knows when that will be though!!)

My Mad Men take should be on Daytime Confidential and  Pop Confidential soon.  I LOVED it. The Betty/Sally parts were brilliant. I hope they show Sally's therapy sessions. Heh.
Big Brother: I read the feeds and I'm NOT happy at how the tide is turning in the house. BOO AND all the fish have died. Kathy should have been allowed to take them with her.
Real Housewives of NJ: It's Carolyn's bday today ..and the finale is airing? How fun is that! I am waiting to see the "reunion" show.
Jersey Shore: Why do I watch? Ah...why the heck not. Reminds me of my days going  out with college friends on Long Island.  Total escapism.
Animal Hoarders: eek, scary show (Animal Planet) sad and scary


  1. Mad Men was GREAT last night. I woke up in the middle of the night laughing at the line Sally said about what happens during sex. Classic.

  2. That was Johnny's gun that he threw in the water, so it looks like Johnny was unarmed...

  3. I'm happly waiting for Michael to blow his Mom out of the water for her lies with Lulu and Dante. :)

  4. they had more eyeliner on Ethan today than i wear in a week!

  5. I miss Taggert too. The show was really good then, and he was a great foil for Sonny and Jason.

    I would much rather see Leslie Charleson have a story than Adrienne Barbeau. The show ignores the vets and keeps casting new people.

    The show has made Jason ridiculous. He would be more exciting to me if he had an epiphany and realized he should make a go of it with Elizabeth.

  6. David doesn't die but he is kidnapped:)

    Mrs. Goose

  7. I think this episode was taped while Nathan Parsons (Ethan) was performing in Neverwonderland (the pic). I think they just didn't get his eye make-up removed very well from that. Eye make-up remvoer anyone? Personally I like it, but I was a teenager in the 80s. LOL

  8. I'm just catching up after a few days and I have to rage about this:

    Tell me Maxie and Matt did not have a whispered conversation about how Robin is responsible for Patrick cheating on her because she was gone so much, and then cap it off with "I thought she wanted the family and the white picket fence."

    What. The. &*$% That's ride all you ladies who must clearly watch soaps in your slippers eating bon-bons and minding your children. A woman who has a career and travels for work is neglecting her wifely and motherly duties and therefore asking to be cheated on and is a neglectful homemaker.

    Nothing I print beyond this will be fit for popular consumption.

  9. I swear this show is being written by a bunch of 12 year old boys on summer vacation.

  10. Jen, I heard the same thing you did and I wanted to smack both Maxie and Matt upside the head. I don't remember anyone making snide comments about Patrick being a bad dad when he was spending all his time either working or getting drunk with Lisa while Robin was gone.

    I swear, the misogyny of this show is ridiculous. If anyone tries to blame Robin for Patrick cheating because she dares to have a life outside of the home, I hope she gets to smack them upside the head.

  11. I thought that comment said "Jason would have been better if he'd gone with Epiphany"! LMAO!!

  12. Very boring Monday. Lucky or Jason will eventually find the gun and Sonny's self-defense plea will be proved right and he will walk. I really don't care, I just want it OVER! Enough of the little pissant.

    Johnny is still that Zachara heir driving too fast, flirting with death, rationalizing because his faulty memory has painted an unreal pictures of his skanky psychotic sister. Apparently Zachara's don't learn anything. I do wish it would come out that she knew Dante was Sonny's son and tried to seduce or coerce him into sex so she could get pregnant again.

    More Franco? Somebody shoot the SOB and put him out of our misery. What a disgusting character. He and Ronnie deserve each other.

    Lisa just bought herself a pot full of trouble. She is on her way out. Has to be. Her behavior and conversation is getting too erratic and neurotic to last much longer. Almost expect her to jump from the GH roof. Wonder what Trevor Lansing would have thought of her.

    Waiting for Carly's downfall.

  13. I wish they would drop this FRANCO #$&*. He is a great actor, but GUZA has written so poorly for him.
    But what's new GUZA just writes poorly or least he writes for teens.