Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Have you had sex with Jake Yet"?

Valerie is on MY LAST NERVE.....GO HOME. Or Lulu just stab her. Make her go live with Aunt Bobbie. Maybe she can take care of Josslyn. We never see Joss, ergo--we'd never see HER. Dante asked her to stay a little longer. Great. @@
Lulu says no! Go to my 1/2 brother's at Wyndemere-- Dante says no, go to Carly's.. Lulu says that Brad moved in there with Lucas? He did? When? Hey, Brainiacs, both Carly and Olivia own the Metro. Everyone else lives there soo?? 

Spin and Maxie.....dull.  Spin wants Maxie to be on stage with him. 

Lucy is sad Ellie and Spin broke up. Then she thinks that Ellie and Nate should get together. Well, as friends. Then Nate and Ellie figure "HEY! We could make Spin and Maxie JELLY"!! 

I counted 21 characters on GH that could live in the Brownstone. 


Can I keep going? Those people either live somewhere weird, no where or the Metro. I threw Bobbie in there to run the place

Nikolas gives a tale to Sam about the ring. Helena gave it to him, he was going to give it to her but forgot about it when the fire happened. Sam buys it. But she's sad to see the ring.

Why did Liz and Ric go to the Metro? They both hate Carly??

HAYDEN and NIK are having sex on the rug at Wyndemere. A LOT of sex.


ishouldreadmore said...

Today's show was mind numbingly boring.
Karen, your idea about Rosie is so much better than what is playing on the screen right now. Sigh. And it makes a lot more sense.
Wow, I love that you got a little list of folks who could live in the Brownstone. Sigh. That will never happen, either. But thanks for the thought.

Loren said...

This is what happens when there are 100 characters on one show, there is no time for their stories, no money to build sets for their homes. So frustrating!! Thanks for the great blogging Karen!! Always appreciated!!

Loren said...

This is what happens when there are 100 characters on one show, there is no time for their stories, no money to build sets for their homes. So frustrating!! Thanks for the great blogging Karen!! Always appreciated!!

AntJoan said...

Can SOMEONE please tell me WHY Nik can't tell anyone that Jake is Jason? I know there was some reason to do with Helena, but now that she is so-called imprisoned on the island I can't come up with a reason that makes sense. Does someone here know the answer?

Di said...

AntJoan, I think it has to do with the voting shares of ELQ. As a grandson of Edward Jason would have had 11.5 % ( I think). If he turns up alive again that will change things big time for Nicholas who now has a big percentage with those shares he's acquired.

AntJoan said...

Oh, Di, thanks that does make sense. However, it makes me sad, as that really is taking Nik to the dark side. Sam is his COUSIN, HOW could he do this to her?

delcodave said...

Hi all.

Watching an old episode of Two and a Half Men and Susan Sullivan (Falcon Crest) is guest starring. I know there was talk or innuendo that Leslie might be sick and might not be able to continue as Monica. (I did read that, didnt I?)

Here is a question for you all:

If Monica ever had to be recast, what do you think about Susan Sullivan as a candidate? That is, of course, if she got more screen time than once a year.

ps. this I'm not a robot thing is getting annoying.

pss. can someone post a list of all the elq shares and who they all belong to now and how it is all divided up?

CareyN said...

Yes, Hells and Nik are attempting an ELQ takeover...Nik's lame explanation to Helena for agreeing to work with her was that he has never been the same since Emily died and there's always been this cold-hearted part of him, and it's easier for him to give into that than try and be nice when that's not how his heart feels. Which I think is totally lame because he's ALWAYS telling Spencer to behave and be honest. He did however say that Helena was EVIL, whereas he was only mean/selfish, and that's why he banished her. However, I like that Nik (and TC) is getting some good story line so I'll put up with it knowing he'll eventually turn around and be a good(ish) guy again.

CareyN said...

oh and Valerie needs to GO AWAY! I'm usually totally open minded to new characters, but do NOT mess with my LANTE! I was just saying on this board last month that Lulu is the only person Dante's had a relationship with since he's been on the show, and I love him for that. He is a good guy. I don't believe for a minute that he'd fall for Valerie just over her grief and their shared love of their mothers. I could see it being a Fatal Attraction thing, where Val falls for him and he's nice (but nothing romantic) in return. Then she gets all batshit crazy and starts gaslighting Lulu or messing with them as a couple...but I do not and will not buy that Dante ever has feelings for her. GO AWAY VALERIE!!!

sonya said...

Maxie and Spinny's home: Maxie wins the line of the day!

Maxie: So your theory is the headless guy is paying Haden to fake being Jake's wife?

ROFL! Uh I gotta say Spinny, that picture is pathetic! You can do a hell of a lot better than that! Oh you are asking Sam's help now!! Awww REAL wife is going to find out FAKE wife is really fake! :)

SamTrick's home: Still mooning over the ring! And it's taking forever for poor Jake to go home! Even when Nik shows up! Oh thank you Patrick for taking Jake home! Geez!

Lante home: Lulu sees Dante and Val hugging! HA! :) Wait Lulu wants Val to live at Wyndemere with Nik!?!?! Why can't she stay at the Brownstone?!!?!?!! COME ON!!!! Why the hell is the Brownstone even around!?!?!?!! UGH!

Kelly's: Lucy!!!! :) Love Lucy, Ellie, and Nathan scene!!! :) Oh yes Lucy friendship!!! :)


It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blend ship
When other friendships have been forgot
Ours will still be hot

And if you're ever down a well, ring my bell
And if you're ever up a tree just phone to me
If you ever loose your teeth and you're out to dine, borrow mine

Oh no! The scene took a turn, and now Nathan wants to make Maxie and Spinny jealous!? UGH!

Wyndemere: WOW!!!! GreenHayden is a horny little bugger!!!! :) This time they had sex over and over and over!!! HOT DAMN! :) What is going to happen when Nik is asleep one night and she is horny? Will she break into Wyndemere and go into his bed? :)

GreenHayden: Oh Prince. Wake up! I'm bored. Butter my muffin. I'm horny!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I don't mind Valerie, but there's no room at the inn (loft) for her, Dante, Lulu & Rocco. Surely Carly can comp a room for her new-found cuz at the metro court if Olivia can put up Nina & Franco.

dar said...

Susan Sullivan is a regular on Castle. I don't think she would give that up especially since GH is so awful now. I really like her but she is unavailable.

LSV422 said...

I liked the Ellie, Nathan & Lucy scenes. Ellie is a breath of fresh air. I don't see any potential chemistry between Valerie & Dante.

Panda said...

Sonya, now I hear Lucy & Ethel singing "Friendship" in my head from that I Love Lucy episode ;-) !

It seems obvious to me that GH is going to put Nathan back w/Maxie and Spinelli back w/Ellie, so this nonsense is wasting time.

Shame on Nikolas to hide behind his son's injuries in a fire so he doesn't have to confess the real reason he has Jason's ring.

I always liked Ellie so I'm glad to see her back and would rather she and Spinelli stick around as a couple, and they can get rid of Valerie. She has an apartment...why would she want to crash on a stranger's couch, cousin or not. I know it's just a device to bring this new character to GH and get between Lante, but the motivation is a little lame.

sonya said...

"Panda said...Sonya, now I hear Lucy & Ethel singing "Friendship" in my head from that I Love Lucy episode ;-) !"

You're welcome! ROFL! :)

"It seems obvious to me that GH is going to put Nathan back w/Maxie and Spinelli back w/Ellie, so this nonsense is wasting time."

Yes! Very obvious! The obviousness is hitting us over the head!

AntJoan said...

I also greatly enjoyed the Lucy/Ellie/Nathan scenes. Lucy is such a sparkling actress that she brings out the best in everyone else. Even Nathan's expressions were priceless!

I hope that Leslie is not ill, and, if she is, get better soon and bring back Monica!!

Elizabeth Gunther said...

I love your Brownstone list. I have no idea who Hayden is as I've seen 2 episodes this year. If she was in them, I must have blacked her out. Anyway, I would love Epiphany bossing everyone around, cause you know that would happen.