Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Just A Sprain

It was a mobular week, it 'twas! Not that anyone actually DID anything, but we all spent a hell of a lot of time waiting.
Waiting. It seems that all I do with this show. Thank goodness Morgan got caught on Friday or the entire week would have been blown.

20150421 0959(3)
For the Love of.....

Let's have some of Duke's tea he sat and drank for about 10 hours and some bacon. If you're vegan, grab the fruit!

20150421 0645(38)

She cooks, she cleans... she cries into Dante's understanding arms! Oh the HUMANITY!! Now they are going to have to run into each other coming out of the shower and then share some secret. *sigh* This chick is moving into Wyndemere where I'm hoping she either gets lost in the tunnels or Helena stabs her with a giant ice pick. 

20150421 0952(36)

Weren't you the guy that hacked the entire east coast camera and PCPD mainframe? Why can't you just get IN YOUR CAR and drive to Beecher's Corners? Or you know, instead of finding that Fake Jake's class photo from his ring-- find if there was a "real" Jake enrolled like anywhere??? 

20150422 0447(38)

So, have you two met?
You Sure?
You have sex with Jake?
He says nope. 

20150422 0655(16)

I know nothing....

20150422 0702(24)

The entire "RING THING" boiled down to:  finding it,  Nikolas telling Sam it came from Helena and.....that was that. Welp. Ok then! 

20150422 0721(13)

Lucy decided Ellie and Nate should be friends. They are walking the NB red carpet. Meaning, they'll run into Maxie and Spin and they'll be all jelly yada yada. 

20150424 0725(16)

SO, that drug test thing?

It's taking an age...but I think I can speed it up.
Winking at Brad. 

Sweet! Do it!

And then....10 minutes later....we find out Michael's allergy meds were were switched out with...generic: Xanax.  Which, we all know makes no sense. And yes, shut it--I know it's a damn soap. But it's 2015. We've seen CSI, SVU...50 years of soaps and we get...this? If you're going to do a story, please, please...for our sake do some research.  Of course the best part was coming later when... Morgan and Kiki walked through that elevator. 

Uh, hey. How you doin'?? Just standing here...we aren't doing anything...nope. nope. 

20150425 0931(21)


Sonny, Michael Kiki and Morgan. HILARIOUS. Michael's yelling...Morgan freaks out when he's finally caught: I DID IT FOR YOU!!! I DID IT FOR YOU!!! He screams at Sonny. Kiki cries. Michael's all pissy. Sabrina stands there and hands him water. *sigh* 

20150425 1013(8)
Michael is sure these two have Avery. Which, hey! They do! She's back in Silas' apartment where they find here in her playpen! 
  By the way-- Silas told Nate his patient 'died' ..which she kinda did. Ava is "STILL DEAD" --no one knows she's alive and right now, he can't tell anyone because she'll be thrown in jail again! I'm going to say this one more time: Most boring, tedious 'cancer story' ever. Ava's basically a shadow on the outside of everyone on canvas. Ergo.... don't care. 

20150423 0801(32)

Look, BEHOLD my large gun! 

20150424 0811(42)

I think I see him..

20150424 0748(30) call... and it went on and ON AND  ON AONANANNANA..ughhhhhh Also, while this is going on "Bruce" Duke's BFF Bodyguard is trying to kill Jordan. All she gets is a twisted ankle in her giant heels.  Friday, Carlos is found by Hayden and he tells her he knows Jake. He leaves the room. 
Without killing Duke, btw. 

20150422 0748(9)

Carly tried to talk to Jake about Hayden...he always looked like this. Here and at the garage.  Why doesn't he want to hear it? It's not like he and Hayden "bonded"...they are never together! So, why would he care if Carly's digging up dirt?? Yeah, she's annoying but geesh, buddy if you're not going to do a thing about your own life/identity someone has to! 

20150424 0811(31)

Sloane calls. And calls. Jake can't find out if the 'hit' is on Duke, Shawn or Bruce. Here's a TIP: PUT a detail on EACH of them. There are only three. And Jake, just pick one. You have pretty good odds at getting something right. But naw, we get tedious, never ending talking scenes at the garage. They aren't even trying anymore. 

20150423 0650(19)

Shawn's boob is distracting. Anyway, all of a sudden, we see these two again after 9 weeks. TJ was on too! Must be someone is going to "die" (as if). Shawn also tells Jordan he loves her, she says she loves him. Violins play. She gets breakfast in bed. Meanwhile, Duke sits at the Metro Court plotting her demise. See above: All she does is get a twisted ankle. Duke's BFF Bodyguard is a bad shot too. 
20150423 0753(22)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Took me awhile because no scene really grabbed me. So, I chose Spin and Sam and the "mystery ring" because I like the 2 of them together. 

20150422 0702(1)

PERFECTION FACE OF THE WEEK: Elizabeth can't help but be all giddy when Carly is trying to get the dish outta Hayden!! It was awesome!! 

20150423 0718(25)

PROP OF THE WEEK: The "other" ring...Fake Jake's college ring.  

This week in a nutshell: No one was killed, Avery is home, Carly found out info but never got to use it, The ring was found but didn't matter, Shawn and Jordan are in love, The tuition at PCU went WAY up last year, Duke has a new BFF and Morgan gets caught with allergy pills on him.

People will be all happy again for 3 days when the Nurses Ball comes at the end of next week. Until then, stay strong my friends. 

Story Ideas: Monica develops Alzheimer's or dementia. Think about the power of that story! Lante tries to live on Dante's police salary. Lulu's a shopaholic. Debt. Or, Rocco has some developmental delays to face. (how interesting instead of having a 44th kidnapping or something?). I got a million of 'em.  You know my fave: Donna Mills buys Crimson--Nina takes over, Franco is the art director (and weird photog)...Maxie can work there. Molly can model. And not a lame "modeling" story. Having her have to be so thin, she gets into diet pills/anorexia.  Olivia's baby is born with something that may be  related to having a baby at a later age like Down's.  ELQ's mainframe is hacked and all of Tracy's private emails are leaked. LOL Lucy opens the Spa. That spa could be a glamour gold-mine. 
Ok, I'll stop. 


JPink said...

Could you please please please write for this show?! I would love to watch any of those story lines instead of this repeat crap.

sonya said...

Oh Karen! You crack me up! I love Sunday Sugary!!! :)

"Karen says but we all spent a hell of a lot of time waiting. Waiting."

So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It's hard to beat the system
When we're standing at a distance
So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change

"This chick is moving into Wyndemere where I'm hoping she either gets lost in the tunnels or Helena stabs her with a giant ice pick."

Actually I like Val. I don't have a problem with her. Altho she could learn how to cry. Jason Thompson can help her with that.

"Look, BEHOLD my large gun!"

Don't you mean his large "gun" Wink wink. :) I'm surprised GreenHayden didn't jump his bones!

bellafleur said...

Love your ideas for stories. The current team on GH seems to need some magic energy drinks- they are somnambulent, and cannot make anything happen. Driving us all crazy.

Di said...

Thanks for the great read. It was more interesting than the week. Spin and Maxie would have called it a nonweek. lol

kd said...Donna Mills buys Crimson--Nina takes over, Franco is the art director (and weird photog)...Maxie can work there.

And... Lucy opens the Spa. That spa could be a glamour gold-mine.

I like this idea. It would be great to have other places for people to meet besides the docks and the Metrocourt.( which most of the characters shouldn't be able to afford.)It won't happen though because it hasn't been done before on another soap.

And they'd at least have a legitimate reason for the men to be walking around shirtless and dripping. Everyone answering a door or greeting quests that way is just plain ridiculous!

I was wondering why Duke is still receiving his "tea" money. Didn't they already establish that he had a standing appointment there for tea. Why hasn't that been checked out. Oh yeah, cops are too busy with their personal lives.

At least we'll get to see some of our GH characters soon when the Ball starts. That's keeping me tuned in right now.

Julie Langley said...

Can we get a hashtag going for WubsGHPlotIdeas or something?!

CapeMcMoose said...

Love. Love "Sunday Surgery". LOL.. I'm in the Valerie camp and have no desire to see a "Lisa Niles" reincarnation. (Which it really wouldn't be, because Patrick and Lisa had real history)

I think the better story would be to watch NuLante's marriage implode (perhaps for the reasons suggested) and Dante move on with someone new. There is nothing between ER and DZ other than both wearing the "We play the Happy Token Couple on TV" pin. And IMO ER has reached the expiration date on playing Lulu. Just nothing "new" from her and Lulu now is "Labby". IMO

But back to Valerie - I can't think of an actress that has come on to such controversy Her character is not only "new" but "old" in the sense she has been around forever as Pat's daughter. So now she has to play that history. Then she is inserted into the Fluke story which the audience is more than burnt out on. She is a newbie in a sea of "newbies. And NOW she is potential 3rd party angst for Barbie and Ken. It's a lot. LOL IMO. But I'm giving her the proverbial "chance" and really hope she is more a Spencer than anything else. Gosh knows this "age range" needs some spicing up.

And I'd love to see her working at Crimson :)

Cosmoetica said...

Karen, here's an hour and a half long show I did on GH and the Fluke stuff.

In November I'd like you to be a guest on my show when I do a GH history show.

delcodave said...

I liked your interview Cos. Very well done.

I always love Karen's ideas. And while I have some of my own for storylines, and I have mentioned them on wubs ad nauseum, I am going to just throw out on ideal for a stand alone episode.


Have all 4 kids sitting at Kelly's eating their sandwiches and sipping their shakes and Spencer profess his love to Emma and say "I'm going to marry you someday and be with you forever" The kids talk about their futures and all their dreams and who they will be with and what their careers will be


We come back and now there are 4 other actors portraying the kids. This time, they are college age. They are walking in and out of Kellys and we learn about their dating, breakups, career potentials, inside jokes, family, etc. They show what they 4 will be like at college age.


Now, 4 other actors, older, mid-30s. There have been marriages, divorces, kids, careers, scandals, perhaps Jocelyn late-in life lesbian after a failed marriage, etc. perhaps the 2 women are no longer speaking to one another. illnesses. cheating. you know, all the gooey soap stuff.


at kelly's. one of them sitting at table, the others walk in sporadically. this time, 4 new actors in their late 40s. we can show what their lives have become and what their future will be.


come back to the original 4 kids at the table. the end of the show, with spencer saying something like "yup. like will be a breeze for all of us. smooth sailing..." when we will know different.

I dont know. you've seen this on sitcoms before, so all of you know what I am talking about. but it could be a cute episode. espeically with lots of in-jokes. and references to other characters.

sonya said...

delcodave I love it! :) But one change.. Spencer and Emma DO get married and have kids. :)