Friday, April 24, 2015

Carlos: A Killer Timeline

And...Duke is still alive. 

Three Days: Here we go: ( to be read in Puss In Boots voice with a nice Spanish soap score playing) 

20150424 0732(41)

It is I....Carlos....ready to keel the Duke...

20150424 0736(8)

Bur first, let me rearrange the table into a wonderful display...

20150424 0733(2)

Now....let me show you my gun. My big gun. It needs to be cleaned. 

20150424 0736(19)

I must aim ze gun...perfectly, careful not to disturb ze serving tray

20150424 0736(25)

I see him in my cross hairs!! Perfect shot!! I'm...

20150424 0742(6)

Oh No..ze phone. Sabrrrrrrrrrrrrina? Is it you? Are you all right my flower? 

20150424 0811(42)

( 15 minutes later) There...there....there he is...what the......

20150424 0800(31)

Rats!!! It's ...the mouthy blonde woman and that squirrel...I must hide! 

20150424 0804(38)


20150424 0811(42)

I'm back! Back in the game!! 

20150424 0811(48)

WHAT? who is this interloper????? 

20150424 0812(32)

I suffer so...I do not have to pee...I do not have to pee....

Now I pause to cry.... oh WHY WHY?? The PAIN!! 

20150424 0806(26)

It is my life...I shall stay here until someone...anyone..dies a thousand deaths!! 

To be continued..... 


Frank Strovel said...

That's effing hysterical. Kudos.

screamingeagle said...

they showed the preview and there was a body bag being zipped up. All you could see was a glimpse of dark curly hair. Could it be Carlos?????

N.Oakess said...

very funny

kdmask said...

I was thinking it was Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrlos too. Which figures since I actually like the guy

sonya said...

Oh Karen! That was hysterical! ROFL! Bravo to you! :) Always love seeing close up shots of the men! Including my Caaaaaaaarlos! :)

"Karen says Now I pause to cry.... oh WHY WHY?? The PAIN!!"

Did you cry too when McDreamy died?! I balled my eyes out!!!!! It's very upsetting!!!! I hate this!!! :'(

AntJoan said...

Karen, hehehe . . . McDreamy buying the farm, sob, sob, sob . . .

Panda said...

When Carlos stopped to take a phone call in the middle of a hit, it was hilarious.

I don't think it's Carlos being zipped into the body bag, as I did a freeze-frame on the preview. I think it's Duke's henchman. It wasn't Duke....yet.