Thursday, April 23, 2015

"My Son was ROOFIED"???

Rosie's name was mentioned today. But she was AWAY from HER desk! Away LMAO
Sonny wants reassurance that Mikey didn't take Avery. 

Carlos is in Hayden/Jake's room. He's got a clear shot of Duke. Yeah, how much he won't take it . 
Duke still talks about Bruce his body guard. Yada Yada... Like we are supposed to know this guy and give a crap. Anyway, Carlos has a clean shot but stops to basically take and clean the gun. Then he moves stuff around the room. LOL OMG!! Then Sabrina CALLS! I am not kidding you!! What hit man leaves his PHONE ON???????
Good God, this is like a 3rd grade show. 
Then, Carly and Spin come in! He hides!
Then, they leave...
But TJ's in the way!! ahahhaa. OMG... 

Carly finds out who fake Jake is. She's so excited. 

Michael and Sonny..blabbering about the baby. "Man to you know where my daughter is"?
Felix finds out that Michael was drugged. Sabrina takes the report to Michael's office. Sonny is all like "Someone roofied my son"? Bahahha. Sonny says he didn't do it. Michael knows it's Kiki and Morgan, who step off the elevator. 
PS. Roofies, last I looked, knocked you the hell out. They didn't manic you all up 

Jordan and Anna talking on the docks about her getting out of the undercover deal. Bruce the bodyguard has a gun on he doesn't...yes he does...he goes back and forth behind the corner. ahahha. Another "gun up/gun down" scene. 

END: I think a trigger was pulled but who the hell knows. 


ishouldreadmore said...

I was waiting for Duke, Shawn, and TJ to join hands and dance around in a circle just as Carlos pulled the trigger, and hit A WAITER.
Once again, the lack of research for this show boggles the mind. Or if Michael wasn't roofied, they should have called it something else. Like a drug alcohol interaction.
And what kind of hitman puts the gun on the bedspread, answers his phone, etc??? Beyond stupid. Into a new realm of no attention to details, and total disdain for the intelligence of the viewers

Kat Tu said...

I bet TJ is the one that takes the bullet.

Wanda Woman said...

I hope it's a magic bullet and takes out TJ, Shawn, NuKiki, Sabrina, Luke, Sloane, Hayden, Nathan, Silas, and Valerie.

That's a good start.

sonya said...

Kiwi and Morgan:

Kiwi: I can't eat! I can't sleep!

Oh boo hoo! Shut up Kiwi! And do something about it! GAH! And Morgan, SHUT UP YOU ARE ANNOYING! And stop saying Kiki! Kiki Kiki Kiki! UGH!

Sabrina and Felix: Boy everyone is busy at the rehearsals, they can't help Sabrina and Felix. Oh good. Felix gives a guilt trip on Brad. Oh goodie. That's mature. Sabrina is right! Someone drugged Michael! Sabrina on the phone with Caaaaaaaaaarlos and he said I thought you didn't want to talk to me anymore or something like that. Oh so I guess they are over. :(

ELQ office: Oh there is the pills and water!! They are dating now! Their squish name is Pater! So basically Sonny said

Sonny: Michael you are still the golden child. I love you, I will always love you. Where is my daughter?!

Thank you Sabrina!!!! Now you got proof Michael has been drugged! Oh who could it be?! Morgan and Kiwi show up! Gee Rosalie is not at her desk. Where is she? Is she out getting laid? :)

Metrocourt/Metrocourt hotel: Carly and Spinny scene. Spinny's hair was so flat! They go up to GreenHayden's room, and his hair isn't flat anymore, they go down at the restaurant, and it's flat again! ROFL! Caaaaarlos is going to shoot Duke, who is outside at the restaurant! Damn how big is Metrocourt?!!?! It looks like it goes in a circle or something! ROFL! Caaaaaaaarlos you are taking a long time to shoot Duke!

Duke wants to help TJ with the money for college! Awwww! Oh oh is TJ going to get shot?! Caaaaaaaaaaarlos your phone is ringing!!! I was thinking, why didn't he shut his phone off?

Pier: Oh oh! Alert alert! Same conversation!!! Alert alert!!!

Jordan: I want out of this! NOW!

Anna: Guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip.

Jordan: Oh so the man that I am in love with, goes away in jail, while the man you love walks free?

Anna: You can't be with Shaun!

Bruce's thoughts: Let me get the right angle here. No no not yet. Not yet. Maybe now?

Gee can't Jordan and/or Anna see Bruce in the corner of their eye?!!?!?! No I guess they are blind.

"Karen says END: I think a trigger was pulled but who the hell knows."

ROFL! Yes it was! It was Caaaaaaaaarlos's gun!

Paul773 said...

1. I know a LOT of hitmen that leave their phones on while working. (Ha!)

2. I drink on Alprazolam a lot and I don't act like that. At least I don't think so!

3. Great job Karen and Sonya. Happy Friday, everyone!

patrix said...

If anyone gets shot, I hope it's Anna. Not fatal, just enough to drive Duke back to reality and out of the mob. He needs this guilt trip. His willingness to kill TJ's mom while hugging TJ and smiling at Shaun... too much. Not Duke. It WOULD make for a great character swing IF he was staying, but don't turn him heartless as he leaves.
(Side Note... Wanda Woman, your magic bullet can kill all those people except TJ. He's just a nice regular kid with horrible storylines. He can act. He could become a real character some day. Just needs writers. The rest have worn out their welcome. Sorry, I'm an "Everybody Hates Chris" Fan!)

As for this mob lunacy... Have any one of these so called hitmen ever hit anything? They talk a lot. Carlos has missed every target since we met him. Useless character. I know everyone likes him but I don't get it.
I would LOVE one final mob war where EVERYONE involved ends up dead or in prison.
Then GH could focus on the hospital, relationships and build some more ELQ business related drama. New companies fighting for business territory instead of "mob territory". They could do a lot with this. Business people have all the sneaky, vindictive, manipulative fierceness... AND the writers would not have to find ways to forgive them (aka "pardon") for murder every week.

Thank you all for this opportunity to vent. I love this blog and I greatly appreciate KD for he hosting and humor, and all of you for your insight. Thanks!

sonya said...

"Paul773 said...3. Great job Karen and Sonya."

You're welcome! :) Who is that picture you have up in your icon? :)

dar said...

Alprazolam is the generic version of Xanax. Tranquilizers do not make people hyper; they make them sleepy. These writers are morons and apparently they think the fans are as well. This has just gotten disgusting.

JackieT said...

Patrix... I'm signing off on everything you said, including the reason for keeping TJ.

Sonya... Re: Morgan. "And stop saying Kiki! Kiki Kiki Kiki! UGH! ". I thought I was the only one who noticed this!!

As someone who was put in the ER by a bad experience with GHB (aka "roofies"), I know for a fact this is NOT what happens. There was no "manic" stage; one moment I was talking to my boyfriend, the next I was waking up in the ER. You black out, period.

What's sad is that the show keeps setting up such wonderful ideas, but they completely fail in the execution. The writers seem to just be throwing out stories and seeing which ones will be popular with the audience, and then scrambling to fill in plot lines later.

kdmask said...

BTW I need to meet the pill that LOOKS just like an allergy pill..AND a Xanax.

And I love how TJ shows up for a day just as Jordan might get shot. I still don't know how I'm supposed to care about ppl when they are NEVER ON THE SHOW

sonya said...

JackieT says I thought I was the only one who noticed this!!

Hahahaha. No I noticed it. Kiwi didn't say Morgan a million times, so what was the point of Morgan doing it?

"As someone who was put in the ER by a bad experience with GHB (aka "roofies"), I know for a fact this is NOT what happens. There was no "manic" stage; one moment I was talking to my boyfriend, the next I was waking up in the ER. You black out, period."

Oh my! I hope your boyfriend wasn't the one who did that to you!

Di said...

sonya said... Kiwi didn't say Morgan a million times, so what was the point of Morgan doing it?

Because Morgan is so stupid that he has to keep reminding himself who he's talking to?

sonya said...

"Di said...Because Morgan is so stupid that he has to keep reminding himself who he's talking to?"

ROFL! Good answer! :)

mysticcmegg said...

just get rid of Morgan make him go away and he can take nuKiki with him. But it is kinda sick how Sonny sees the sun and moon set on Saint Michael who IS NOT his flesh and blood. and Morgan is. Not that i care about Sonny or Morgan just doesn't make much sense to me.

SaveOurSuds said...

I can't wait for this stupid drug story to be over. WTF were they thinking with this?

The Sonny & Michael scenes were pretty bad. Chad is doing a good job with the material he's given but a Quatermaine romance would be much better that stinking up his story with Corinthi. Mo looked tired, bored and checked out.

nuKiki is pretty bad. I don't blame the young actress. She's not Emmy worthy but I think if she had better writing, some mentoring and wasn't dressed in Robin's old clothes, she would be fine. BC is (obviously) not feeling his current story line or pairing at all.

And then there was Carlos with his gun. I love Carrlos. The actor is very entertaining but did we really need a whole episode of Carrlos and a dayplayer fumbling through their perspective mob hits? I mean really?