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Sunday Surgery: The Green Monster

Here we are again, my faithful readers! Another week under our belts and I'm sitting here struggling to remember most of it.  There was about 25 minutes in total over the entire week that interested me. What were they? Well, I'll save them for the "scenes of the week"... because it's all I got. 
20150418 0937(9)
Sam's Muffins 

This blog WILL contain a few spoilers, especially about the Ava's situation. Ergo, if you don't want to know, just skip this and finish your bagel. I am a pumpernickel bagel eater myself--with olive cream cheese. (just in case you want to get me one too!)

20150414 0655(19)

I'm talking about this here situation first. I realize Lante have been for the most part, 'happy' and together for a long time in soap years. But THIS Chick? COME ON........nope. I could see someone like Rosie --maybe. I'm not feelin' this and I don't care for the actress so... whatever. And why is she staying there anyway? Give her some money to get a damn hotel room. Put her with Aunt Bobbie at Carly's. Lante has no room. Plus, Lulu hates her, so--why is she there? Just to piss me off that's why.

20150415 1447(5)

I've already had my epic Fluke rant-- "Tweeting Tony Geary" so you can read my opinion on that in detail. LukeSon was a sight for sore eyes until it all went to hell because of the idiotic conversation they had: 
Luke: I'm sorry
Sonny: Why come at me like you did?

Luke: I was...jelly. Sorry.
Sonny: Of me? 
Luke: know, the babes, the cars...the clothes...all that coffee, all those bombs...

And that was the entire explanation of the whole Fluke crap in a nutshell when it came to why he was Sonny obsessed. Except, see..Laura was really gone from the show from 2002 on so why didn't Luke just do some mob stuff then? And, while we're at it, was he jealous of Alan Q too? If not, why did he go after ELQ?
Oy to the Vey.
GOODNIGHT NURSE! Scotty got Luke's sentence commuted to a mental home so I'm hoping he leaves Monday. Bye! SEEE YA!! 

20150414 0704(1)

20150415 0702(16)

So......Spin and Maxie "decide" to get back together. Nathan walks in and says "Maxie, I miss you"....then, 2 seconds later Ellie walks in and says "Spin, I miss you"...  They all have the same conversation together, then about the others "ex" and whether or not they still like them or like each other. Honest to gosh, the same conversation that Maxie/Nathan/Spin have been having since he got back to PC and now rise/repeat with Ellie.

20150417 0720(18)

Michael freaked out again. High on his "roofies"...LOL.  Kiki called them that--but last I heard those things knock you the hell out, not have you go all speed-o all over.  Michael's all upset that anyone would think that HE took Avery.  So he goes all pissy into his Mom's hotel (who he hates) and starts getting in Kiki's face. I think Kiki lives there now, btw. Used to be Kelly's. Now she's moved to the Metro.  Kiki feels just awful about all this-- she is so upset about Michael and tells Julian they shouldn't have done it. She doesn't feel badly enough however, to try to get those pills away from him. So, not too much I guess. 

20150415 1446(3)

OH! Who else was mad about the baby disappearing and people thinking she did it? Why, it's Nina! Franco makes the mistake of thinking she may have taken her. Nina sulks for awhile, Dr. O comes to the room and gabs about it as well. There's also a convo about Nathan's daddy--which WHO CARES NOW? Who the hell cares? It was forever ago this was even relevant. Dr. O is on so sporadically that she becomes a non-entity after awhile. Nathan is so dull that--his Dad could be "The Most Interesting Man Alive" and I'd be like YAWN.  Move along. 

20150417 0723(3)

By the way, the most hilarious thing that happened this week was that Dr. O talked Nathan into 
GOING to NYC to "question" Silas about the baby-napping.  He doesn't call Silas' cell phone. NOPE. He goes to NYC (which honestly took 4 minutes airtime) to ask Silas about Avery. When Silas says he doesn't know, Nathan's like: Well, Ok then dude, bye!!  If Silas was at GH, I'd get it. But did they really do that JUST so we might think he'd find Ava in the room? :eyeroll: DUHhhhh. 

20150418 0943(36)

Spinelli is also doing some digging for Carly about Hayden Barnes. Notice that he's not also looking at "Jake Barnes" as well, but only Hayden. He found nothing, btw-- but her checking account which had new money in it. So, is her real name Hayden Barnes or is that her made up name with a checking account in that name? 
Oh hell, I don't even care. 

20150418 0957(21)

Horny Hayden (yep, that's what she is) went all the way to Wyndemere to get sex from Nikolas. He's interrupted by Alexis (who can't use a damn phone either) about the Q stock situation. Welp. Later, Nikolas opens the safe and finds Jason's wedding ring missing. 

20150418 0951(41)

Fake Jake turned up again, trying to get more money out of Ric. Poor Ric, all he wants to do is take Liz out on a date and this guy shows up. Then he goes to Hayden's to try to get more money. I don't even know what his name is. That cleft tho. 

20150418 1018

I should mention that Spin did get a photo of Greenlee with Fake Jake. Also,  Cristella apparently had it's season finale Friday. 

20150417 0659(29)

Then there's Sloane. Ol' Shake-In-Bake. You see, Sloane's shower is broken. So, where does he go? Gym? PCPD? Ask the hotel to let him shower because his is not working? NAH, he goes to Anna's. In his ROBE. She says, sure you can shower, but you have to tell me something about your investigation. He tells her there's a hit coming on Sonny's territory. Probably Duke. (Let's hope the terrorists never try to get classified info from this guy, he'd give it up for a hamburger!). She gets upset. Leaves.
MEANWHILE........Duke is with Lucy. In Metro Robes (I guess they ordered a bunch). Duke and Lucy are like "Well, this was fun but we really like other people so..." Duke goes to tell Anna how he feels and...(can you guess?) finds Hawaiian Sloane in her room in a robe!! :eyeroll: I really wanted Mrs. Roper to come out at that point. Because, yes, it was right out of Three's Company. 

Oh, and PS. They kept Sloane and are getting rid of Duke. I'll let that sink in for a minute. 

20150414 0749(31)
Felix made a brief appearance. I can only think it's because the Nurses' Ball is coming up and he'll be in it?  

20150417 0747(24)

Yes, Maura was great again this week. Honestly though? This story has been so boring and just plain dull, I didn't even care Silas was "killing" her. You know he wasn't really, right? You know (spoiler) he has Avery's bone marrow and is going to give it to her and she'll wake up, right? 
Yep. I'm still trying to figure out how those pesky charges of murder will be dropped. But they will--you know that they will! 

20150418 0959(47)

Jake comes a callin' to Patrick and Sam's house.  He sees a photo of Robin and...? Hmmm? Who is this? Where have I seen her before? Patrick says no way. Sam says, Oh! I bet you saw her picture at Liz' house.
Of course, car keys get dropped next week and he's looking under the couch and finds THE RING. (harps) 

20150418 1014(30)

Throwing this in here because Becky looked spectacular. :) 

The Only Scenes That Mattered/Scenes of the Week: 

20150417 0739(33)

Franco and Nedly: Loved it. Nice threats, good blackmail technique, yada yada. Franco comes into the Q mansion and demands his shares of ELQ. :clappinghands: yeah!! Can't wait until Tracy finds out!! 

20150418 1020(17)

Olivia and Nedly: OLD FASHIONED Soapy Goodness!! They were adorable. 
YEP!..Wally Kurth is leaving and going on contract to Days. 

Good GOD.  Who thought THAT was a good idea? And don't tell me he didn't go to GH and have a little 'talk'. So...great. Another Q is going. Just when it was getting good!! Olivia at the house? Olivia trying to take over the kitchen from cook? Fighting with Tracy? It would also bring the Falconeri, Spencer and Q clans closer! yeah, but NOPE-- he's gone. I don't think there's any chance of a recast either. (not that I'd want one). 

20150418 0943(34)

Finally, I did enjoy the Carly Spin scene where she says she'll be "his Jason". I have trouble with most of this crud about finding dirt on Hayden, yes, but this was cute. 

20150417 0737(8)

PROPS of the WEEK:  Come to us from the Wardrobe Department! YES! It's the newly designed Metro Court Robe! See, if everyone ends up living there, they can save money on sets and clothing! 
PEOPLE living at the Metro Court: Duke, Anna...Hayden, Scotty...Nina, Franco and Ric. Did I miss anyone? 

20150418 0957(29)

FACES OF THE WEEK:  No Nooki for you two.  (that tattoo tho!) 

How's that Brownstone thing coming along? Where is Jordan and how am I supposed to give a damn about her or Shaun or TJ? Molly is the new Betty (if you remember Betty, gold star--and PS we never saw her, either).  The total lack of even mentioning Monica anymore is appalling. You think Ellie will visit Brad? ('member him?) Where is Josslyn? (hahaha, I know, I know). 

I guess that's it! If you missed last week, nothing to fret about. It will repeat (mostly) this week. You know, summaries. Because that's how GH rolls lately. 

BUT! Hey, that Nurses Ball and Live Show stuff is coming so you know those will be fun. 

OH! OH! Note: Orphan Black was all kinds of AWESOME last night!! Squee! If you watch it, you know what I mean!! Now there's a show...! 
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