Monday, April 27, 2015

"Call Me Lesil"

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Avery's home. Kiki and Morgan get all giddy over her.  Will they TELL anyone? And they can't for the life of them figure out WHO would have put the baby in the apartment. Um, SILAS' apartment. ?? SILAS MAYBE?

Carly finds out about Morgan...she's not happy!!  She goes over to Morgan and Kiki's  with Sonny. They see Avery. Mom Carly is mad! She thinks they took her too. "I've done some many terrible things to get what I want, but you--you Morgan you crossed the line"!! 
Carly's bitching her head off at Morgan! you go Carly!!
Morgan doesn't want to call the police.
Dante knocks on the door. commercial. 

Nina and Nate--he shows her footage that shes' outside the baby's room right before she went missing. Nina says she was just checking on her.

Franco goes and talks to Dr. O about Nina. Dr. O flirts herself silly around him lol. Franco is mad that she visited Nina. Dr. O shows him the security footage too. 

Lulu and Valerie go to lunch. Talk about Sonny and Dante. Zzzzzz.  Valerie is going to dance with Lulu and the Haunted Starlets at the Nurses Ball. 

End of the show: Michael and Sabby iss 


Di said...

I had to laugh at Carly and her " He's family. You crossed the line." She seems to have forgotten that when she was Morgan's age she slept with her mother's husband!

And since when has Michael never had trouble controlling his temper? He was losing it all the time after he woke up from his coma.

Also Morgan was always the calm quiet brother with the defined moral code till they sent him away and rewrote him. Michael was the one who kept asking his father to take people out. etc. (Just another reason why I keep zoning out during these conversations.)

sonya said...


Carly and Sonny: Oh Carly is not happy about Morgan and Kiwi!!!

Lulu and Val: Lulu wants Sonny to meet Val?! HUH?! Lulu was all go away! Go back to where you came from, and now she wants to chit chat and gossip with Val and introduce people to Val??! HUH?! No you can't join the haunted Starlets! Oh yes you can join. I have whiplash! Lulu do you have bipolar or something? Damn! I love Val's white outfit! CUTE! I want it!!! It looks like Val is about ready to go play tennis, but I still want it! Oh my Val is gushing over Dante!!!!! I don't blame you Val! :)

ELQ office: Dante wins the line of the day!

Dante: Son of a bitch. Our dumb ass brother.

ROFL! Dante thinks Morgan is dumb,and so does Michael! Hahahahaha! Oh Mabrina kissing! YESSSSSSS! :) Come on you two! Let's see some eating your face off kisses! :)NOM NOM NOM! :)

McSilas's home:

Morgan: Duhhhhhh how did she get in the apartment?

Uh well this IS McSilas's house dummy! Maybe uh McSilas had her?! Oh no wait! Baby AJ has her own house key! Yeah! And she walked by herself and opened the door and went into the crib all by herself! *roll eyes* Oh Carly telling Morgan off! YEAHHHHHHHHHH! LOVE IT!! GO CARLY!

Dr O and BobTodd: So basically it's,

Dr O: Oh Franco! I love you so much! What can I do for you? Wash your feet? Lick your feet? Have your babies? Be your muse? I will do anything for you!!!!

Hahahaha! Oh oh Dr O is planting seeds in BobTodd's genius brain! :)

Nina and BobTodd's home: Quark!!!! They have got Spinny's laptop!!! I mean two people have the same laptop!?!?! No couldn't be!!! Well most of them do have the same television! Oh oh Dr O's seeds that she planted in BobTodd's head has sprouted! He is looking in Nina's purse!!!

Nina: Looking for something?

I was talking to BobTodd telling him to say to her he is looking for a pen! :)But thinking about it now, he should ask for a maxi pad. :) Or a tampon. I mean it's only fair! Fake Jake got a maxi pad!!! Why can't BobTodd have a maxie pad?!!?!?!