Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On this Date 19 Years Ago...

The first parody GH was written by me--in the old AOL community folders! Gedstern then asked me to write for her site and the rest, is Wubstory! I took over the site completely in 2003 and in the past 5 years, moved it exclusively to Blogger. This blog hit over 7 million page views this week. 

Why did I start writing Wubs ..?? I was the wubbly wub that Jax and Brender had on the show that made me go that way. They drove me a little nuts. LOL I used to say Jax had Brenda's heart and Sonny had her soul. The old fights in the folders were epic! Between the SnBers and the JnBer's (no smoosh names then) and the Spencer-Cassadine wars it was crazy!!

So thank you faithful readers! It's been a blast! I've met some of you personally, I've sent my lobster, Alberta to many more. General Hospital has driven me mad, sad and thrilled since 77. So happy that I can share my opinions with you here, on FB and Twitter. 


Val brings a tiny scalpel to kill Luke. LOL  He says "Kill Me' ....she tries to cry (Sorry I hate when non-criers try to cry and FAIL). Lante bust in and say STOP!!! This scene was SO BAD. I'm so sorry But it was. 

BABY AVERY IS DOWN! She's down! Michael tried to take her from Sonny and her stroller fell over.  Now she's up and seems ok. They are taking her to GH to get checked out.
Michael carries his "allergy pills' with him 24 7 now I guess. They are right out on the Q coffee table. LOL.  

Morgan and Kiki are idiots. 

Speaking of..I guess Liz is just ok with going back to Ric? Welp.

Greens and Nik are cute together. GEESH! Fastest hook up ever. She grabs his pants and ZOOM! I'm calling them "Grik" They just went nuts in bed --jeesh 

Carly and Jake are boring. Carly got Spin on the case. He'd FIND OUT in 2.2 seconds ! This story is SO stupid anyway. Like anyone in 2015 can GOOGLE ANYTHING!
Why does Carly have to even HIRE anyone? Get on the damn computer!!!! 

VERY weird, disconnected writing today.  And no one is putting much thought into these stories right now.


Di said...

GH got pre empted today right after the baby fell. And after reading your summary I think that's all I need.

Michael said he wasn't drunk but he should know he doesn't feel right.

We all know Kiki and Morgan are Unemployed idiots. maybe they're unemployable. LMAO

SaveOurSuds said...

Happy Anniversary Wubs!

The MorKiki stuff is awful. It feels like a lot of the writing right now is more because the writers have to write for certain characters rather than want to. IDK there is just a lack of heart in a lot of the current story lines. Looking forward to Nik and Hayden though. You had blogged not too long ago that you thought that things sort of went into a lull right before the Nurses' Ball and maybe that's what's happening now. Everything is treading water to avoid something moving out of place before the curtain raising on the NB. Hoping next month is better.

mysticcmegg said...

Thank heavens for this blog... I don't have to watch and ffd through the mess that is GH right now :)

AntJoan said...

How do Kiki and Morgan survive with no income? This show is driving me nuts now with the stupidity. Sam drives over to Patrick's on a motorcycle to move in and is carrying no purse, nothing (except her chestaloons, of course) . . . HOW can Ric think that Jake can go back to Beecher's Corner's and live with Hayden? He has no house there, no possessions, no anything . . . So he would figure out that this is a ruse, and tell Liz, who then will be FURIOUS with Ric. And, if you were Jake, wouldn't you ask to run to Beecher's Corners to see your house, wouldn't you ask a million questions, like where did I grow up, who were my parents, do I have other family? . . . Luke's not mentioning Laura, Lucky or Ethan also is horrible. The whole mob stuff is beyond stupid, threatening each other all the time and never carrying it out. And, why would Alexis agree to live with Julian if he is still in the mob? And where is Robin? And why are 9-year-old children have romances? And why doesn't Nik tell the driver not to drive Spencer around without his (Nik's) permission? ((I know someone already mentioned that here, but I just had to add it to my list of peeves.)

ishouldreadmore said...

Since her name on this show starts with an H (can't even be bothered to remember what it is) how about calling them "Hick"?
Is it possible to wear out the fast forward function on the remote control?
Thank you for all you do, Karen. It is only because of your blog that I came back to GH, and I love reading every day. And because of the blog, I have the enjoyment of reading the thoughts of all the other wubbers. Thanks to you for providing the blog, and the exchange. : )

Laura Hinds said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! Someone told me about your post and I was amazed that it was 19 years ago we met on the old AOL boards when you wrote the first WUBS!

Love you lots! Laura (aka Gedstern)

AntJoan said...

Karen, sorry I didn't mention your anniversary, I was a little overwhelmed with my frustrations :(, congrats, and thanks for all that you do!!

This is weird, I had a dream last night that someone (OK, it was me) was undoing Nik's pants, then I saw the scene today with Hayden! Does anyone remember (or have it still on DVR), if they showed this scene in the coming attractions yesterday?

And, while I'm at it, something else I want to know: I have been trying to figure out WHAT Olivia is wearing in the opening montage. It looks like she has a naked pregnant belly, unless it is a reflection of her top half, but no one else near her seems to be reflected that way.

kdmask said...


Yes, you sparked all this! Don't know if you should be happy or horrified LOL

sonya said...

Oh Karen! Back in the day, I loved Sonny and Brenda! Then I loved Brenda and Jax! I always went back and forth with the two couples! I could never choose who she should be with!

The hospital:

Luke's room: I forgot to mention yesterday, that as soon as Dante told Lulu, that Valerie is in the visitor's room, I knew she wasn't!!! Awww Karen you didn't like these scenes? I did! Val makes me cry! That poor girl! She is all messed up now that her mother is gone. :( In comes Dante and Lulu with her flaring nostrils! Her and her flaring nostrils are begging Val not to hurt her father!! Well that didn't work but Dante being there worked!! :) Hmmm Dante and Val hugging. Can they have a fling? :)

Ric and Liz: Liz and Ric got back together!!!!! But there is a ticking time bomb in that relationship! :( Damn it!!!

Metrocourt hotel: Wow Olivia can run! :) Oh no!!! Little AJ and the stroller fell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped! Are you happy new Morgan and Kiwi?! Idiots!!! But then the breaking news thing happened! But when breaking news was over, oh little AJ is okay! Whew! :) I have to see the rest later.

GreenHayden's room: GreenHayden won the line of the day!

GreenHayden: That was incredible! You really were pent up weren't you?

BAHAHAHAHA! Yeah they both were! Damn they were HOT! In the promo that I watched, they were on the bed when she said that was incredible, but here they were on the floor. I guess the director thought they were better on the floor? :) Anyway she wants to hook up again!!! :) I hope they do!!!! :) Jake Doe comes in and she is all in afterglow on the bed and sleepy! Hahahaha! Carly sees the lipstick on Nik's collar! Hahaha! Business or pleasure she asks. He says business! ROFL!

Metrocourt restaurant: Morgan sees the video and even when he sees the stroller and AJ fall, he is like eh she is okay. IDIOT! Kiwi doesn't like what she is seeing, but yet she doesn't say, that's it! I'm done! I'm out of this plan! No she becomes a little church mouse. She is basically all yes Morgan. You are right Morgan. I will do what you say Morgan. UGH!

Q home: Michael can hardly get up to stand! I was waiting for him to get a heart attack and have to go to the hospital. Come on Sabrina take him to the hospital!!!

Garage: Oh Carly! Sonny will not like you visiting Jake Doe!!!

sonya said...

"AntJoan said...This is weird, I had a dream last night that someone (OK, it was me) was undoing Nik's pants, then I saw the scene today with Hayden!"

Oh my!!!! :) Anymore of the dream you remember? :) You lucky duck! ROFL!

"Laura Hinds said... Laura (aka Gedstern)"

Oh! The famous Gedstern!!! Nice to meet you!!! :)

AntJoan said...

Sonya, I think that basically was it for the dream, I remember being across from Nik and reaching down and undoing his pants, I think that's all is was. C'mon, does SOMEONE have the coming attractions from yesterday's show on their DVR so that I can find out if this was on the promos, or if I was having a psychic vision like Olivia? (Truth be told, I've dreamt stuff in the past that came true, so this DOES happen to me.)

sonya said...

"AntJoan said...Sonya, I think that basically was it for the dream, I remember being across from Nik and reaching down and undoing his pants, I think that's all is was."

Oh damn too bad. :)

JPink said...

Even I am skipping and I'll watch anything. Making me fall asleep.

soaplover said...

ANTJOAN, I definitely agree about the very obvious non-mention of Laura, Lucky or Ethan. Horrible. (Well, not Ethan because I never believed in him anyway.) I am disturbed about this Luke split personality storyline because it seems to negate all of the Luke&Laura years which so many of us followed religiously...
It's like the big elephant in the room to me, this never mentioning Laura. After all, she is Lulu's mother! Why doesn't Lulu ever mention her?? And why didn't Lulu tell Valerie that she has another cousin in Lucky??

I'm also disgusted TPTB do not see a reason to bring Laura back. Genie's a marvelously talented actress so even if she doesn't have big story with Luke, she could be on the show. After all, she has family here--in fact her whole family!

I really miss her.

Panda said...

Congrats, Karen. I just love your blog. The first thing I do after I log in at work in the morning is check in and see the latest ;-). All I have to do is type a "w" for Wubs and Google chrome knows just where to take me!

"Sorry I hate when non-criers try to cry and FAIL" - I was thinking the same thing. I'm sure it's hard to do on cue, but the actress who plays Valerie did a lot of crying faces and a crying voice but there wasn't a single tear. For me at least it seemed a little overdone. But she's new so I'm waiting to see if I like the character or not.

I was hoping Sabrina would realize there was a pill switch with Michael's meds. Moron and Kaka don't seem to care that there could be some kind of lethal consequences mixing random meds with alcohol. Avery's stroller falls over and Moron just shrugs it off, "She's all right."

sonya said...
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sonya said...

"Panda says Moron and Kaka"


"Avery's stroller falls over and Moron just shrugs it off, "She's all right."

She falls down the stairs, meh she is alright. She gets shot, meh she is alright. She is dead, she is alright.

LSV422 said...

Happy Anniversary Karen! Loved Gedstern and you have been a wonderful heiress to the throne.

CareyN said...

AntJoan--I can answer your question about "Hick", "NikLee" whatever...there was no zexy in the preview the day before. There was some macho "I know you're lying" posturing. But no pants pulling, so that was some prophetic dream you had. :) Wish mine were that nice.

And happy Wubsversary Karen. And hello Laura "Gedstern"!!! I'm a long-time reader and I remember those old boards. I often take breaks from GH, but I always knew to go to Gedstern, then the WubTub, for all the info I needed love. Thank you lovely ladies for this amazing forum.

nance24 said...

congrats Karen and thanks for doing this. I used to love Brenda and Sonny, then I loved Brenda and I can't stand Sonny and I'm not too fond of Brenda either :)