Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dental Call

Having my teeth cleaned today so no GH. Which, I don't think will be a big deal given the fact its' pretty slow before the big Nurses Show. 


ishouldreadmore said...

Um, Karen, if your dentist resembles Kramer, CHANGE DENTISTS!!! But really, who would have thought that going to the dentist would be more interesting than the show?? Sad, but true.

dar said...

TV Line is reporting that Genie Fancis is returning to the show

sonya said...


Val: Thank you Lulu. I kind of thought you were trying to get rid of me.

Me: Oh she is. You're not wrong.

Val: I know now you wanted me to come here for my own good.

Me: Oh no she she doesn't. She is jealous and wants you out of the way!

Oh! Nik wants Val to stay in the blue room! :)

GreenHayden: Surprise.

Translation: I'm horny! Do me now!

Hospital: Olivia is gushing over Val, until Dante talks to her about all the hugging he and Val are doing! Olivia wins the line of the day!

Olivia: This Valerie woman, Is she hot for you?!

ROFL! And then some! :) But that is a strange thing to say to your son!!! Hahahaha.

Olivia and Ned: Oh oh Sam overhears them talk about how Julian is the da da!!! DOH! Watcha gonna do with the info Sam?!

Sam and Jake Doe: Sam says she isn't Ric's fan hahahaha. Go on Sam. Tell him that you had hate sex with Ric so long ago! :)

NYC's Fake Jake from state farm room: Oh boy! Carly won't give up Fake Jake from State farm! So you might as well just tell her the truth!!!! And show her your pair of khaki's.

Brad and Lucas: Sex sex sex and more sex! :) Lucas says how happy he is! Oh oh! That is the kiss of death! Don't say that!!!! Oh who is at the door Brad?!!?! Is it Britch?!!?!? I hope!

Nurses ball room: Molly is gushing over Ric and Liz!!! She won't stop! ROFL! Meanwhile GreenHayden is harassing Ric, and ooops TJ sees them together. Liz's shirt is about to fall off her body! Molly still gushing! She also has to text Sam about how excited she is about the nurses ball! I'm surprised she didn't gush to Sam about Ric and Liz! :)

Paul773 said...

Man, I have become a Carly fan! Love Olivia too, but how stupid of her and Ned to discuss the paternity of the baby in public. I really wish Lucas had chosen Felix - don't think I will ever warm up to Brad. I hope it was Brit at the door! (Although I'd think Brad would have seemed a bit happier). Nik already has his hands (and other things) full.

gracegirl said...

Omgosh,I love that episode Karen!! You're too freaking much! :-)