Sunday, April 26, 2015

Congrats to Emmy Winners..and More GH Photos!

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Chad Duell Best Supporting Actor 

Tony wins again...Best Actor 

Here's another great pic from Maura West: 

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That's Dom with Dapper Na'Vell of Buzzworthy radio! 

Bold and Beautiful got best directing/writing... 
Best Drama Series: TIE Days and YR... yes, a TIE lol 


  1. Don't have Pop, so thanks for the pics and the twitter links. :)

  2. Maura West was terrific this last year. So sorry that she may be leaving.
    I have commented so much on how I feel about TG and Chad that I won't do it again here. I will just say BURP.
    Thank you so much for the pictures, Karen. You keep us up to the minute on all things GH and I love it. Not only do you write better than the show writers, you keep us laughing at a show that has been so pitiful of late.
    Where the heck would a person even find POP network??

  3. That's probably why I missed it--no POP network!

    Please tell us about Genie--why was she on and what did she do and say? I have missed her so and would love it if she came back. Did Lisa LoCicero win? I'm SO curious now.

  4. I had to get the Genie stuff second hand. They said she and TG walked out--didn't banter. Some said they looked like they were friendly, others said not so much. They said NOTHING but announcing the best drama.
    That was it!

  5. One reason there might not have been any banter between Tony and Genie is because the show was running really late and they were the last presenters. People were getting only seconds for an acceptance speech before the "rap it up" music would start playing. I think they went about 20 minutes over.

    I cannot fathom how Finola lost but Chad won. It does make you wonder how these things are voted on. Finola is the best in the business.

    Regarding POP - if you previously had the TV Guide channel, you should have POP. They were heavily promoting a new show with former soap people. Vanessa Marcil was one of the people on the new show. She didn't seem to get along with Donna Mills. LOL

  6. I have Pop. Along with every other channel known to man if my cable bill is any indication!

    Everyone looked great. They looked like they were having a blast. Congrats to all!

  7. I also can't believe Chad won and Finola was beaten by the mediocre Y&R actress. Very happy for MW who looked a bit trashed. And hopefully this is TG's last one. Jason T. should have won. He was there with the new wife. I thought Tyra Banks was horrendous but at least the show was fairly tasteful and there were some classy presenters. Donna Mills looked stunnung. Very happy the writers didn't win.

  8. Tony and Genie look happy together:

  9. My guess: the insiders know that Geary is going to retire soon and this is more a of "career achievement" type award than anything else. Still, I can't hate on the guy's performance this last year - he is the best in the biz, no doubt. The storyline however was absolute trash!

    West is good and I liked the re-additions of the Jeromes to the GH canvas. I just wish they the powers that be had STOPPED adding even more characters after they brought back the Jeromes. It was like they hit gold with the Jeromes and thought they could keep vomiting up more characters for us to care about.

    Chad is good although this past year his storyline suffered. Perhaps this is an acknowledgement of past work, where is was extremely capable.


  10. I really wish Genie could be back on the show she helped take to the top for so many years. She is a superb actress, and if Laura had a good job, that could keep her there. Laura has a degree in social work. Hmm. I just don't want her tied to Scott--that would make me very unhappy.
    TG doesn't have to be there for them to keep Laura--but having both would be marvelous for a lot of us who believed that love story and those years of fidelitry. I swear they could read each other's thoughts and finish each other's sentences.

    Thanks, Karen, for answering my question about Genie.