Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nikolas Keeps Vampire Hours!

Happy National Squirrel DAY! 
Sabrina and Michael are a bit weird after she snogged with Carrrrrrrlos, it's gotta be a let down. Ned walks in on them. Ned tells Michael he gave shares to Franco to help Olivia. HE's about to hell Michael about the Julian thing and his phone rings. It's Olivia (see below) 

STUPID SONNY "hides the baby" from Dante. UGHHHHHHH. Where the hell is Silas? Anyway, Dante comes in and wants to search. Sonny says get a warrant. Dante says FINE..I'll just arrest Kiki and Morgan then. HE does, takes them to PCPD.
Sonny wants to call his pilot to get Avery out of the country --but Carly stops him.

Rosie tells Nik that Ned gave his shares to Franco. 
Lulu goes to Nik's. "He keeps Vampire Hours" says Lulu.  She sees Rosie. She's like..hmmm? 

Nina and Silas... just UNBELIEABLE...they have been isolated so long--different set-- same sheeze,

Olivia has pains. Val drives her to GH. Then Dante comes into GH...and Val is there too. Lulu sees Val and Dante hugging lol
It was supposedly Braxton Hicks. 

Ok, I have to write this by itself because it's so stupid: Carly and Sonny go to Michael. They say they have the baby-- and if he drops charges, they'll give her up. 
So, Michael says yep, he'll drop the charges if Sonny drops his suit against the judge, and letting him keep custody.


So, the upshot of Michael getting drugged and the baby being 'kidnapped'? Zero.
Ava was saved but this other crap?
Waster of Time


Di said...

I'd like to know how Michael is going to explain the baby being at his house. He's liable to be charged with the kidnapping.

And doesn't this teach Morgan a valuable lesson. Not even one night in jail. *rolls eyes* Yep, Morgan. Just keep being a stupid entitled idiot. Mommy and Daddy will keep bailing you out.

And I wonder what was wrong with the nurse behind the counter at GH. They're so understaffed that Sabrina had to help out? A nurse who was fired! Unreal.

I must admit I laughed out loud when Nina made the crack... Baby AJ, How did you get out of the purse. Sonya, are you doing some writing for them now? PMSL

sonya said...


Lulu and Val: Boy Lulu is desperate to have Val live at Wyndemere!!! Lulu just NEEDS to go to Wyndemere to talk to Nik ASAP! Oh but here you can meet Dante's mother! Who is three months preggers, and you can gush about Dante!

Olivia and Val: Oh oh something is wrong with the baby! I'm surprised Val didn't gush to Olivia about Dante. :)

Wyndemere: Oh look! It's Rosie!!! They really have got to show her more! I need to see her spying more and more! :) Oh Lulu shows up! No knocking! Just barge right in! Hey Nik! Lulu is desperate for Val to live with you! Oh stop lying Lulu your REAL reason that you want Val to move in Wyndemere, cus you are jealous and you don't want Val and Dante to get closer!

Oh boy now Rosie and Nik have to pretend that they are a couple!!!! He is going to be busy! Pretending that Rosie and him are a couple, and having sex with GreenHayden!! Wow! :) I guess Nik and GreenHayden has to find another place to have sex, cus even though Nik has a lot of rooms in Wyndemere, he won't use them! :)Oh and Rosie wins the line of the day.

Rosie: Did you not hear the part where I said that the shares are in the hands of nuts and nuttier?

ROFL! Which one is which?:)

The hospital:

Felix and Sabrina: They are just so cute in the scene together. Felix is excited for Sabrina that she and Michael did the kissy kissy dance, twice!!! :)

Olivia's room: Ohhhhh Olivia has braxton hicks!!! At three months pregnant. Olivia, didn't you have braxton hicks when you were pregnant with Dante?

Val and Dante: Awwww they do the hug! And wouldn't you know it? Lulu comes out of the elevator and sees this! I wonder what she is thinking right now! ROFL!

McSilas's home: I love Carly in the scenes!!! Altho didn't like that she has to stand by her man, but glad she got through to Sonny. When Morgan was in handcuffs giving attitude, did Carly just hit him in the back of the head? ROFL! Oh Morgan shut up with your damn attitude!!! Carly says to Sonny that is drastic. What is Sonny's plan? I was thinking, oh oh is Sonny and Carly going to make Michael think that little AJ is dead?!!?!?!

ELQ offices: Ohhhhh Mabrina kisses! Hmmm Caaaaaaaaarlos won't like it Sabrina!!! Ohhh THAT is Sonny's plan! Whew. :)

Police station: Oh Morgan, SHUT UP!!!!!! Drop the damn attitude! UGH!

Nina and BobTodd's room: Oh Nina! Don't be mad at him! He wants a maxi pad!!! For the love of fake Jake from state farm, GIVE HIM A MAXI PAD!!! Nina goes into another room and since the wall is the same color as Nina's dress, she disappears!!! Where did she go?!!?! Oh I didn't know Nina was a gecko!!!! Wow! Well wonders never cease.

sonya said...

"Di says Sonya, are you doing some writing for them now? PMSL"

What do you mean? Writing for whom? BobTodd and Nina? I always have. :)Oh you mean with jokes? Hahaha sure. )

SaveOurSuds said...

Well at least this stupid MorKiki story line is over.

Kg said...

Is it diabolical that lately my biggest thought about GH has been "Well, at least under Guza mobsters actually did their jobs and killed people" ?

JackieT said...

Did I maybe have one glass of wine (or something) too many to get all of today's plot lines explained? Big LOL!!

JackieT said...

Di said...
I'd like to know how Michael is going to explain the baby being at his house. He's liable to be charged with the kidnapping.

The baby is actually at the apartment Silas is sharing with Kiki. Why any of these nitwits can't figure out that that the only person with keys to the place would be Silas... UGH!

And did the Rosalie/Nik pairing seem totally left field or what?!?

sonya said...

"JackieT said...Did I maybe have one glass of wine (or something) too many to get all of today's plot lines explained? Big LOL!!"

Hahaha! I think you just need a pet gecko and you will be fine. :)

Di said...

Jackie T said...

The baby is actually at the apartment Silas is sharing with Kiki. Why any of these nitwits can't figure out that that the only person with keys to the place would be Silas... UGH!

But Sonny and Carly made a deal with Michael and brought the baby to him. or did I dream that during one of my GH naps? lol

Di said...

And Rosalie and Nik aren't really a pairing. She just got caught at his house by lulu and he made up that excuse and told Rosalie to go with it too.

How much of that wine did you have? ROFL

LSV422 said...

Really sickening to see Dumb and Dumber get away with it and Sonny and Carly once again lying. I like seeing Felix back and love Olivia and Ned. I think she will be leaving when he does after she has her baby.

SaveOurSuds said...

After watching yesterday's episode, I don't think it was really that bad. I liked it.

My annoyance with the who MorKiki drugging Michael story line was that it didn't fit with what we knew about the characters. Everyone was OOC. Yesterday finally everyone was being themselves again. Carly had a backbone and put her son before Sonny FINALLY! Sonny wasn't pretending to be father of the year while everyone bowed down to worship him. Morgan was a complete hot-head and smart mouth. He's actions felt more like a result of his temperament than a lack of brain cells. Dante was the moral voice of reason and the hot cop nature intended him to be. nuKiki even did a good job playing the emotional stuff and guilt. Yes this story was awful but it was wrapped up in a believable way that I think will get things back on track.

I liked the Nina and Franco scenes but am a little confused by where it's all going. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to find out. And how cute where Ned and Olivia? Also loved the lighter stuff with Sabrina and Felix and LuLu and Nik.

CareyN said...

Was I the only one hoping Sonny and Carly's plan was to have Carly sneak the baby into the MetroCourt to frame Nina? Thereby getting MoKiki off the hook for kidnapping AND getting rid of Nina???

Panda said...

I don't understand how Silas brought the baby back to PC and just left her in her playpen alone and then went out. Huh? Morgan and Kiki never once thought maybe Silas brought her back, instead Morgan looked for a break-in. They are sharing two brain cells and the brain cells are fighting each other.

I FF Franco & Nina but every time I paused to see if they were saying anything significant, they were having the same conversation they've been having for a week.

I like Michael and Sabrina but it seemed a little too soon for anything romantic. Sure she's been helping him but their relationship has been more employer-employee and it seemed a little out of left field for me.

I wish Ned had told Michael the reason he gave the shares to Franco and not been interrupted by the inevitable phone call. I didn't catch if Ned sold them to Franco or just gave them to him? I'd rather see Nikolas get the shares than Franco hold onto them.

I like the more traditional "soapy" plots rather than the mob plots so I'm glad to see more of that type of thing happening this week.