Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LukeSon Day!

Sonny and Luke. Older, Grayer... and finally they sit and talk.  They talk about abuse.  Then Sonny asks why Luke turned on him. Which I'd like to know. 
OH! Let's see. Luke tells Sonny he's secretly envied him all these years. He really DID want Frank Smith's territory. He saw Sonny as "the prince of the city" and really wanted that life.
There you go. That's why Fluke went after Sonny.
Okay then. 

As a good friend pointed out on Twitter: LAURA LEFT the show in 2002. Fluke/Luke had all the time in the WORLD to take over Sonny's mob. But waits until now.
This is why rewrites suck folks! 

Olivia and Julian...sigh. Blab blab..this is going to go on FOREVER with the baby stuff. 

Ned wants Michael to step down from ELQ.  Mike says NO way and tears up agreement. Says "come at me".  Drinks. Says he has a driver and leaves.

Ava's curled up on the bed. Silas shows her the photo of Avery.  Silas so took Avery, it's all over his face. 

Nate tells Dr. O the cameras were turned off in the hospital. She thinks Silas took the baby. Good guess. 

OMG...Nate makes it to NYC in 2.2 minutes!! 

Franco and Nina blah blah..blah. Franco tells her that Ned gave him ELQ shares. 


Adriana Lewis said...

Has anyone seen the commercial for Pop's new show Queens of Drama? It has Vanessa Marcil and Nina's mom, Madeline (forgot her real name) on it.

kdmask said...

I don't get POP TV wah
It's Donna Mills

dar said...

The April 20 issue of TV Guide has yet another Tony Geary interview. I doubt most people on Karen's blog will be pleased with it. I definitely wasn't. I have the paper edition - I don't know if it's available on the website.

Adriana Lewis said...

It stars several ex daytime actresses. I believe the concept is something along the lines of them finding a new prime time soap.

sonya said...

The hospital:

Kiwi: She calls her dad.

Kiwi: Boo hoo daddy. Boo hoo! Avery went missing. Boo hoo. And McSilas is all calm! Why are you calm McSilas? Do you have little AJ? :)

Luke's room: I just love the LukeSon scene today! It was great! I always loved their friendship. Glad Sonny forgave him. Awwww! :) Luke won the line of the day.

Luke: Oh great who wouldn't want to be indebted to one ear Baldwin.


Dr O's office: Dr O thinks McSilas has little AJ! And of course she is still a fangirl when it comes to BobTodd! :) Oh the cameras were turned off! Oh McSilas you scamp you! :)

Ava's NYC secret room: Oh Ava looks awful! Great job make up department! :)

McSilas: Oh don't worry Kiki you will find Avery. I don't think Nina did it.

All the while McSilas is calm and has one facial expression! ROFL!


Kiwi and Julian:

Kiwi: Oh boo hoo uncle Julian. I feel so guilty! Boo hoo!

Olivia and Julian: Gee Olivia are you drinking coffee?! Julian wants to talk about little AJ!!!! :)

Nina and BobTodd's room: Oh BobTodd! Don't make Nina angry! You are not going to like it when she is angry!!!! She will turn green! :)

Q home: Oh no!!!! Michael took another pill and another drink! ACK!!! What's going to happen to him now?! :( Stupid Morgan and Kiwi!

Di said...

lol Sonya. McSilas always has one facial expression.

I agree, Ava's makeup was really well done.

Question: If Silas took Avery, why is he going to help Ava die?

sonya said...

"Di Sonya. McSilas always has one facial expression."

I know. I just think it's funny! :)