Friday, April 24, 2015

Danger On the Docks: High Heels

Jordan trips on her high heels. Bruce gets away. YAWN

Duke's still alive, Hayden walked in. Carlos says he works with Jake. Blah, BlahBlah... Meanwhile, TJ asks Duke to join them for dinner as thanks for giving him tuition money and--Jordan walks in on the balcony! Duke is all @@ what!??????

Carly's talking to Jake about Hayden.  AND....Anna walks In! Welp, that's going to be another week. 

Silas says his friend in NYC "died"..which we know isn't true. But there it is. 

Mike confronts Morgan and Kiki...Morgan plays dumb. Michael pushes Morgan down and PILLS fall out of his jacket!  First he says HE has allergies. Ha hahaaa. Kiki fesses up. Now Michael thinks they took Avery too. 
They leave. He and Sabrina talk about why Morgan is all jealous of Michael. 

Avery is at Silas' apartment and Kiki and Morgan find her. 


delcodave said...

"Mike confronts Morgan and Kiki...Morgan plays dumb. "

Seriously? He "plays" dumb? Is there any other way for this guy to act?

Di said...

How stupid are they writing these characters? Someone tries to kill Jordan and Anna says, "Just say you were alone on the docks." Does she think the hit man will suddenly forget she was there?

Jordan would have been pulled out right away after an attempted hit. Obviously her cover's been blown. This writing is unbelievable!

And any hit man discovered in the act, like Carlos, would have "taken out" the witness. *bangs head against the desk*

I assume Silas finished harvesting the bone marrow. (Something a hospital will notice when that baby is checked out.)

sonya said...

ELQ office: OH! The pills fall out of Morgan's pocket.

Pills: OW! Mommy! I hurt! Where is my mommy?

Morgan wins the line of the day!

Morgan: Michael can't do nothing wrong Corinthos, I'm sorry! Quartermaine. And Morgan the eternal screw up.

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn straight Morgan!!!!

Sonny: SHUT UP!

You heard him Morgan! SHUT UP!

Nathan and McSilas: Awww McSilas's patient friend "died" I'm sure the patient friend will come back and be a zombie.

Pier: Oh so Bruce Willis decides to shoot! :)Jordan twists her ankle, and struggles to run was funny! ROFL!

Garage: Jake Doe, Why are you lying to Robot Sloan? Tell him what you overheard with Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos and Julian!!

Metrocourt: Yes Jordan! Isn't it exciting that Duke is going to pay for your son's education?! :)Jordan doesn't know it's Duke who wants her dead! That it's Julian! HA! Oh oh Duke is angry at Bruce Willis over almost shooting Anna!!! Fire him Duke! Fire him!

GreenHayden's room:

GreenHayden: I just have one more question.

Oh I know what her question is gonna be! Do you want to have sex with me?

GreenHayden: Why did you bring a gun?

Awww nuts.

McSilas's home: Oh baby AJ!!!!!!!!! McSilas you sneak! :)

Paul773 said...

LOL Sonya! I was surprised that Hayden didn't jump on Carlos. Oh, that's my pic.

Did you all hear that Tony AND GENIE will be presenting an award at the Daytime Emmys? And that there will be an announcement?

PLEASE let it be that Genie is returning. And that she will have input/approval for Laura's storyline.

AntJoan said...

Oh, sooo excited about L & L speculation!!

I haven't finished watching yet, just finished working and will watch the rest of today. But, I thought, haha GreenHayden probably will ask Carrrrrlossss for sex!! And I see that others here said that already, great minds think alike. But, you can't blame the girl, 4 of the best looking men in the world have been in her hotel room, how lucky can a girl get? Just THINKING about Ric, Carrrlosss, Jake and Nik is enough to raise the temperature in the room!! Of course, none of them can hold a candle to my Sonny, but, c'mon ladies, if they just showed up in your hotel room, what would you do?

sonya said...

"Paul773 said...LOL Sonya! I was surprised that Hayden didn't jump on Carlos."

Hahahaha me too!

"Oh, that's my pic."

Oh you are handsome.

"Did you all hear that Tony AND GENIE will be presenting an award at the Daytime Emmys? And that there will be an announcement?"

Yeah but I bet the announcement isn't about Luke and Laura getting back together.

"PLEASE let it be that Genie is returning. And that she will have input/approval for Laura's storyline."

That was be great!!! :)

shirleedee said...

I couldn't figure out why Jake was fixing carburetors in an auto shop... Then I found out all motorcycles have carburetors. Another learning experience from G H!

soaplover said...

I liked today's show. Very soapy. Danger--interruption. New danger--spotted, averted.
Truth about to be told--interruption...drat. New truth misunderstood...

But this is the way good soaps play. Does everybody else thing Silas stole Avery and then, because Kiki has custody, decided to take baby back to her. Now he has the marrow and maybe injected that or whatever. (I know too little about how medically that works.)

I though Michael threw Morgan and Kiki out of the brownstone. Oh, well.
Anyway, today was well done.

JackieT said...

So let me get this straight... a hit man was obviously lurking on the docks waiting to take out Jordan. Both Anna & Jordan realize this. They are assuming it was someone from sent by Julian. Even so, don't they realize that whoever the shooter was MOST LIKELY overheard them talking? You know, about Jordan being an undercover cop??? And since she once was on Julian's side, this would give him a reason to have her gone (not to mention that all of the true mafia hates snitches). So why didn't Anna pull her immediately???

Julie Langley said...

I wonder if the L & L announcement is about TG retiring. :(

sonya said...

"Julie Langley said...I wonder if the L & L announcement is about TG retiring. :("

Yeah probably. :(