Monday, April 20, 2015

Sorry, Not Sorry

Hectic Day here!! Haven't watched the show yet...

Wish I was at the Rainforest Cafe! 


ishouldreadmore said...

LOL You and me both. : )

kdmask said...

anything happen today? I know jake found the ring

delcodave said...

It's funny. I play a little game every day when I watch the show. I think of what the perfect headline would be for your blog based on a line of dialogue in that episode. (You used a line quite often as a headline) And I look forward to see if we ever match.

So far, I'm batting zero!

Today's line was "That's Amazing" from when Ellie saw Nathan without his shirt.

I so like Ellie. I think the actress nails the character. She is smart, yet quirky, and also a little vulnerable. I definitely see her with Spinelli, not Nathan, but the little infatuation today was kinda cute.

As for the rest of the show? Yawn. I was laying on the couch and fell asleep for about 30 minutes an woke up with 10 minutes left and asked myself "Did I miss anything?" of course the answer is no.

The storylines are going nowhere. Fast.

LSV422 said...

I really like having Ellie back - the writers do really well with her character. She should be with Spinelli. I do like seeing Spinelli and Carly scheming together again. Nik has a lot of 'splaining to do about the ring.

sonya said...

"kdmask said...anything happen today? I know jake found the ring"

Oh dear! I was waiting for you to watch the show, and then I thought you were going to make another post sharing what you thought of the episode!And then I would comment. Nevermind! ROFL!

Kelly's: When Ellie, bumped into Nathan with her drink, I said out loud, NOT AGAIN! :) Cus Spinny did the exact same thing! Hmm Ellie finds Nathan attractive. :)Love their scenes!!! I will call them Nellie. :)

Maxie and Spinny's home: Spinny talking to HarpGeorgie awwww! :) Oh oh Maxie is overhearing what Spinny is saying, which is going to make her want to stay with Spinny even more! DOH! Maxie is wearing white, while drinking red wine! Is she nuts?! :)

Lante home: Oh don't go Val! Rocco enjoys and loves your fake cat Gunnar!! And you also have to stay, so you could have a fling with Dante! :) I can call you two, Valerte! :) She is crying with no tears again! Oh don't worry, Jason Thompson can teach you how to cry! :)He is really good at it.

Metrocourt: Spinny wins the line of the day.

Spinny: Nurse Webber o fair one, and you not so fair one.


SamTrick's home: Uh Sam has just moved into her BOYFRIEND's home and she is crying over the ring!!! Very strange. And it is taking forever for Sam to take Jake home!!!!

Wyndemere: Oh I just love Nik and Spencer scenes!!!! :)