Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Swing and Miss

AH, Michael...the sweet smell of the Nasonex. Should have used this, not your pills. I am NOT liking the NuKiki. Gave her some time. And verdict? NOPE. 
By the way, Carlos or Sabrina could totally voice the BEE on GH today LOL 
Can Kiki and Morgan BE anymore Middle School? Giggling at the table watching Michael? Why is poor Avery there again? UGH
Kiki and Morgan make out to make Michael mad. Morgan thinks he and Kiki have "mad chemistry off the charts" Michael starts whoozzing around. The Access Hollywood guy starts filming on his phone. Michael goes to hit Morgan and misses. Lands on the floor. 

Sam dressed like it's July.  Pat and Sam arguing about Jake. 

Nikolas Cassadine and Hayden. LOL... you know they are going to end up shakin' it!  He says he knows Jake isn't Jake, just like she knows it. 

Julian and Jakeson.. SNOOZE Did Julian give Jake a job fixing cars in Johnny's garage? I must have missed it.

Val marches into GH demanding to see Uncle Luke. Liz is like "errrrr, huh?" She wants revenge. 
Tracy and Lulu have to tell him Pat's dead.  He's reliving the Bill Eckert days and stuff. HE says he started changing about a year ago. He started "hanging out" with Faison. LOL

Ric and Sonny...snooooooze. 

**MY TIP: Felix should have gotten fired from GH and then worked as the Bitter, yet fun Access Hollywood Guy. :) 


ishouldreadmore said...

Whoever that baby was looking at when she was supposed to be looking at Sonny is surely one adored adult. It was so cute!!!
That baby is entirely too cute. She did start fussing, but even then . . . Lets just have a segment of her smiling. Hey, it would be less boring than what is going on in the show right now. LOL

sonya said...

Metrocourt restaurant: The jealous bug bit Michael! Kiwi! Stop calling Morgan Captain! It's strange when you say it! The only person who was allowed to say it, was the original Starki! Morgan and Kiwi were kissing a lot! Better be careful! You might feel something again and want to get back together! Oh oh Morgan feels the chemistry! YOU SEE?! I TOLD YOU! When Michael tried to hit Morgan, and then fell down, Morgan and Kiwi had this shocked look on their face! Why are you two idiots shocked? UGH!

Metrocourt hotel: Ric and Sonny scene! Brothers bonding awwww! Sonny and little AJ scene awww! Little baby actress is smiling at Maurice Bernard awwww! Oh oh Michael shows up and sees Sonny with little AJ!!! Looks like Michael is going to turn into the incredible hulk! Run Sonny RUN!

Patrick's home: Yesterday Sam said to Jake Doe, that she didn't know where Patrick lives. HUH?! I got a brain malfunction! Didn't Sam ever visit Patrick at his home? More talk about Jakey Poo! When she stood up and told Patrick look no scars, I thought she only stood up to flash him. Well Sam and her ta ta's are happy to be living there! Oh time to do the mattress dance!

The garage: CAAAAAAAAAAAAARLOS!!!! :) Nom nom nom! :) Caaaaaaaarlos did a naughty! He did a job behind Julian's back!! Come on Caaaaaaaaaaarlos let me spank you. :)

GreenHayden's room: Nik thinks Helena is paying GreenHayden! Hahahaha! Oh come on you two! Stop talking and get it on already! :) Nik you should know, that GreenHayden is horny!

AntJoan said...

Sonya, had a rough day today, thanks for making me laugh--hehehehe . . .

sonya said...

"AntJoan said...Sonya, had a rough day today, thanks for making me laugh--hehehehe . . ."

Haha! You're welcome! :)

Christine Radice said...

I think it was Sam told Jake that he didn't know how to get to Patrick's and he said something about dropping Cam off one time. Little actress playing Avery is absolutely positively the cutest baby I've seen on TV or in person, no offense to my own adorable 14 year old son. Those eyes and eye lashes, so freaking cute.

The Michael/Morgan/KiKi was hard to watch, reminds me of the old Summertime teen stories they'd do back in the day when I was a teen - the one I remember most (revealing my own age) was Another World with Josie and Matt - like late '80's I think. They always were to bring in teen viewers but seemed so corny and I preferred watching the older characters. So yeah I'm trying to remember that these 3 are supposed to be 21-22-ish but I feel like they are supposed to be Molly's age.

Gwen Hayes said...

Doesn't Patrick live right next door to Liz? How could he not know?

sonya said...

"Christine Radice said...I think it was Sam told Jake that he didn't know how to get to Patrick's"

I rewatched again. You are right! She did say that. I thought she said she didn't know where Patrick lived! :)

LSV422 said...

I thought CD's acting yesterday was beyond horrible. This new Kiki has been playing the part entirely out of character. She was never malicious or snarky. Really hard to watch except for that adorable baby. Sam looked like trailer trash with her bra showing.

Doctor Mo said...

I am waiting for the GH flashback episode in which Luke and Faison are slumming it in Europe.

Kg said...

In the past, insufferable storylines at least had some decent dialog. These days the dialog is just as bad as the storylines, which is just as bad as the very unflattering skirt Hayden is wearing.

I can do bad storyline with decent dialog or bad dialog with decent storyline. I can't do bad storyline AND bad dialog.

I'm really scratching my head as to why GH lead in Emmy nods.