Friday, April 10, 2015

OH MY GOD...zzzzzzzzz

The Better Call Saul shoutout made my episode. That was about it. 


Nina is out looking for Silas, runs into him at GH. She says she's sorry. He's sorry too. He got some DNA samples or something from the lab.

The Q house..CPS is going to take the baby. First to the hospital to get her checked out, then giving her to Kiki.  

Lucas and Nate talk about Maxie (since when do they know each other?) In case you missed it, you can hear all about it today. 

And for GOD SAKES instead of Spinelli just SAYING THE SAME shit over and over to Maxie, just have him GOOGLE HAYDEN Barnes. Please for the love of GOD. Even IF Ric planted some web stuff, Spinelli should be able to find out the truth about this stupid caper in like 10 minutes. BUT NO, instead he's groveling after Maxie. 

Ned and Todd were good. Funny at least. I'll FF to their scenes later tonight.

Julian and Olivia. Whatever. 

I even stopped tweeting it was such a bore.

Takin' a nap. I'll catch the rest later before I tear into Sunday Surgery. 


delcodave said...

it's kinda sad to think that the BEST performance by an actor/actress on today's episode was the baby playing Avery.

CareyN said...

Silas went to GH to get the Right to Die meds for Ava, but we all know he'll see Avery, sneak her blood sample, match the marrow to Ava, and then Ava will live. Or somehow (thru Nina?) learn Olivia's baby is a Jerome and get her to test it as a match and then Ava will live. One of those two scenarios has to play out.

Also I think Nate and Lucas know each other from the gym? :) LOL, JK. They were both at last years Nurses Ball in the Magic Milo strip tease.

TGIF this week!

SaveOurSuds said...

GH has been watchable the last few days for me. Watchable but not great. The show needs a looooong Sonny break. I'm just exhausted when it comes to that character. Can't even stand to watch him at this point. The MorKiki stuff falls along the lines of "who thought this was a good idea?" The Jakson story is a disappointment since there seems to be a real lack of focus. I won't even mention the Fluke stuff...

I do however enjoy the more playful, fun-to-watch stories right now. Love Nina and Franco, Hayden bedding Nik (wait until she finds out he's a prince!), Ned and Olivia (so bummed he's leaving!), Michael being a Quartermaine and his interaction with Sabrina. I wish these were more of the A stories. I think this stuff appeals to the demos more. JMO

I get the feeling the show is trying to appeal to certain actors though rather than to the audience with it's frontburner stories and it's the B stories that are actually being written for with the audience in mind.

sonya said...

Nina and BobTodd's room:

BobTodd wins the lines of the day!

BobTodd: I feel like Olivia and I are kindred spirits of sorts. We are united by, well we are just united by Heather's LSD. Stocks are a gift that keeps giving and giving and giving it's like herpes.


Q home: BAH! Kiwi gets little AJ! Oh oh later on Michael is gone! Where did he go?!

The hospital:

Meds room:

Oh oh McSilas steals some drugs for Ava!!!

Drugs: What's going on? Where are you taking me?!

Nina and Kiwi: Oh oh! Kiwi turns into Cujo and attacks Nina!!!!


Little AJ's room: Awww she is eating.

Little AJ: Nom nom nom nom.

McSlias is with her awwww! He is fondling the drugs he stole. Oh oh who wants to take little AJ?!!?!

Maxie's home:

Spinny and Maxie are back together! YAY! Oh when the camera went to the picture of Maxie and Nathan, I was thinking oh oh is either Spinny or Maxie just dreaming they are back together? Oh whew it's really true! :) Oh Nathan shows up. Poor Nathan.

AntJoan said...

At least they explained today that Silas is on leave to treat a patient, as I didn't understand how he could be in NYC while working at GH. CareyN, did you see my post thanking you yesterday?

kdmask said...

Ah, thank you--no idea what he was doing lol.
I know who saves's on the spoiler page. If that's true tho. Who knows. I wonder if they'll have Olivia give birth 6 months early on the show. LOL

Andrea said...

I FF thru almost the entire show. Except the Maxie/Spin stuff and Little AJ Georgie and AJ were the stars of the show.

I could't care less about anything Franco and Nina do. They are completely unnecessary to any story at all. They can go away forever. This cast needs to to be trimmed.

CareyN said...

Hi AntJoan, I saw it. :) Glad I could help.