Monday, April 13, 2015

Today's SHOW. Tattoo You

I can not stand the actress that plays Valerie. Don't like her facial expressions or her delivery. And I can have that opinion. 
You see where this is going?
Valerie and Dante.
YEP. OMG UGHHHHHHH, why her??? 

Why is she on this show and NOT ROSIE? 

Lulu's going crazy in the hospital room. I'm sick of Luke in the bed already. He's seeing a tattoo on his arm. 

Why did I think Spinelli was also living in the loft? Did he move right back into Maxie's in one day?

Oh, Nate wants Maxie back, btw. OMG, Spin overhears him telling Maxie he wants her back. Then Spin says the same speech Nate gave Maxie when SPIN came back. I'm serious.!! "Are you sure you want to be with me? Now that you know he wants you back"?? OMG


Baby Avery is gone. Who has her? Is it Nina? Michael? Silas? Heather? Scared you with the Heather thing, no?
Silas I think is taking her to NYC to cure Ava.  That's my guess. She's on her way to give Ava the marrow! 

Felix is back! For like a day. Helping Sabby put together the pill mystery.  And...he's gone. 

Scotty and Franco. Talking about Nina. Where is she? Where could she be? Oh, there she is! 

Luke's trial happened OFF CAMERA. He's supposedly going to Pentonville. Supposedly, Diane was there too. You know DIANE. 

END Of show: Spinelli says: Hi Ellie when he opens the door. She's on tomorrow. Because you know GH has to have MORE characters on for a day. 


  1. Wait, if it was Silas who took Avery the question is why wouldn't he have waited, uh, 10 minutes for Kiki to officially take custody, then explain the situation to her? They could have gone to NYC as a family, and brought in Delia, and had some good family drama with Ava being sick/getting better and Kiki having to keep it secret that Ava was alive. And Kiki telling Ava about drugging Michael and Ava being proud, etc.

  2. If Silas has her maybe he'll have to go on the run with Ava and we'll never see him again. (I live in hope.) They can send for Kiki.

  3. What a hot mess!! Can someone pls. explain to me how someone's "dark" side can have a tattoo but not your "good" side?? Am I missing something ? I can't believe they're going to add more unbelievable crap to the Fluke/Luke fiasco! Avery is gone AGAIN!!?? Omgosh,just poke my eyes out with a stick!! It wouldn't be as painful as watching this show lately!!

  4. Does anybody know whether the casting director has been replaced? Each batch of new hires is worse than the last. Kiki and Valerie are simply horrible. I can't imagine who would have hired them. Finding new people with talent used to be one of the show's strengths. What the hell has happened?

  5. BTW, I'm going to go on a rant about Luke's Dad's tattoo. NO WAY is that at 1950's or 60's tattoo. IT's tribal and totally 2000s. You know me, when I'm bored, I look at the other stuff!

  6. Spinny and Maxie's home:

    Spinny: Maxie and I have decided to get back together.

    Awww Poor Nathan has the constipated look. When he goes home he will have diarrhea. Don't worry Nathan! You can meet Valerie and date her! :) Oh oh is Spinny feeling a bit insecure?

    Spinny: Ellie!

    No Spinny I am not Ellie!!!

    Anyway, ELLIE YAY! :)Okay maybe Ellie could be with Nathan. We could call them Nellie. :)

    The hospital:

    Morgan and Kiwi:

    Kiwi: Shall we go get our sister back to my dad's apartment?

    Morgan: No not yet. She still has to get kidnapped. We have to wait.

    Kiwi: Oh okay. La la la la la. Now?

    Morgan: No not yet.

    Kiwi: La la la la. I hate Nina. La la la. Now?

    Morgan: Oh okay now.

    *They go see little AJ but she is missing. Kiwi has a meltdown*

    It felt like that today! They were just sitting there waiting for something! :)

    Luke's room: Awwww just love the Lulu and Luke scene!!! Oh oh Luke's going to Pentonville!!! Another vacation for Tony Geary? :)It's not even summer yet. I want Lulu's sweater!!!

    Lante home: Valerie sees Dante in just a towel!!! How can she resist? :) Dante says oh Lulu will understand. She will be fine. I am thinking, no she won't!!!! Wait Dante has Valerie, babysit Rocco, a woman he just met!?!?! DANTE ARE YOU NUTS?!

    Valerie: I have a fake cat named Gunnar.

    Rocco: Meow meow!

    Lulu comes in, and I WAS RIGHT! Lulu isn't happy seeing Valerie!!And I was right!!!! Hmmmm so let's see what is going to happen! Lulu is against Valerie, and Dante likes Valerie and sticks up for her, and Lulu doesn't like that, and is always angry, so then Dante and Valerie end up sleeping together? :) I could be a writer for this show! :)

    Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: She has no idea what personal boundaries are She brought me clean underwear to work one time.


    The Q home: FELIX!!!!! Where the hell have you been!? :) Oh yes test the pill! Good job! Sabrina is smart all of a sudden!

    Nina and BobTodd's home: Scotty still has the bandy on his ear!!! ROFL! Well at least it's not a maxie pad. How long is he going to have bandy? Many more months?

  7. Not only is that tattoo not current for the 50's or 60's I'm still confused about his dark side having one and not his good side. Wasn't it established that he didn't have DID but just went to his dark side now and again,which supposedly happened during the time he was AWOL from his friends and family? Did I totally misunderstand the whole idiotic story?

  8. Sonya: I couldn't believe they had Dante walk out in a towel when he had a female guest sleeping on his couch. Is that how these writers think all men should greet women- naked and wet? Unbelievable. It's bad enough they all answer their doors like that since these new writers took over.

    And ditto to leaving Rocco with her. She's basically a stranger who hates the baby's grandfather and just proved she can be violent. Related or not, she's still a random stranger.

    And gracegirl, I think the writers have misunderstood the whole idiotic story. It's like they can't make up their minds.

  9. When Valerie was first on I thought she was decent in the scenes at her apartment, but once she got to PC, I felt her acting deteriorated and I'm not really enjoying her at all. It's so obvious where they are going with this. Not only did Dante parade around in a towel in front of a stranger, she was wearing a skimpy top and shorts and I guess she slept on the couch inches away from Lulu and Dante's bed. Very odd.

    No way will Maxie end up with Spinelli. RC would never let Spinelli win over his pet Nathan.

    I don't understand why Luke is in the hospital like he had some sort of physical illness, laying in bed weak and tired. I was hoping we'd seen the end of Fluke.

    Poor Felix, he was once on the front burner, now we almost forgot he exists. A shame the writers can't focus on a smaller group of characters but keep adding more and more, some with weak acting skills. I'd rather see Sabrina than some of these newer "actors."

  10. Where did Dante sleep if the only bed is that sofa bed? I cannot stand this new Kiki - she is horrible and so is the Valerie actress. You would think that with a baby missing the whole police force would be there for a lockdown. I like Maxie and Spinelli better as friends. There never has been any real chemistry like there is with her and Nathan. I thought we had seen the last of Fluke, too. At least I was hoping. Good to see Felix.

  11. "Di said...Sonya: I couldn't believe they had Dante walk out in a towel when he had a female guest sleeping on his couch. Is that how these writers think all men should greet women- naked and wet?

    ROFL! I have no idea!!! But the actor does have a great body. :)"

    "Panda says When Valerie was first on I thought she was decent in the scenes at her apartment, but once she got to PC, I felt her acting deteriorated"

    Yeah she has the same facial expression and doesn't change it! Come on Valerie smile! Laugh! Go play with your fake cat! Oh she did smile when she saw Rocco. :)

  12. Silly me... I thought Fluke was going to be just a memory

  13. Well thanks to this great site i did not watch any episodes last week, and as it stands i may not this week. I too cannot stand the actress playing Kiki and Valerie, geesh if we were invested in them as an actress then maybe we MIGHT like their characters. However i just see the show going bye bye and probable sooner than later. :( Yes i too thought oh good Fluke story is gone, but like someone said it seems like they have screwed it up so bad they don't know how to fix it. I say just kill Luke off then move on.