Thursday, April 30, 2015

Britt and Brad

I love them. I really do. Such a great friendship. Natural, not forced.  They are eating ice cream! Brad tells her about Spencer's being burned at the birthday party. Dr. O comes to the door. 

Greenlee mentions the PARAPET! How does she know about that? Eh, who cares!!  Spencer walks in! "Hi Lady"!! 

Carly finds Fake Jake, she pays him.  He said Ric did indeed, hire him for the job. He's going back to PC with her. 

Molly says don't propose to Liz yet-- too soon! Ric's like "good advice"! But probably won't take it. 
BTW, look at Molly's nails: HUGE!! 

I'm drinking Banana Rum right now so I'm feeling no pain. GH actually looks ok at the moment heh.

"All my dreams have gone up in smoke along with my face"... Spencer


ishouldreadmore said...

OMG Too bad Robin isn't around to tell Sam that it is not a good idea to tell secrets that are none of your business to others. She isn't, so Sam will spill the beans about the baby, and more chaos will ensue. Yawn.
Dr. O's obnoxious sense of entitlement drives me crazy. (Do folks still find her funny?)
"If you don't open this door at once, I will terminate you."
And then kicking him out of his own house? REALLY???!!

Kg said...

I need Anna to rip the scar off of Spencer's face. Kind of like Robert tore the scar off of Anna's face.

Spencer was cute. Now he's just insufferable.

SaveOurSuds said...

"I'm drinking Banana Rum right now so I'm feeling no pain. GH actually looks ok at the moment heh."

The week of the NB everything gets better. I've actually been enjoy GH this week. Yay!

delcodave said...

I dont think Greenlee knew about the parapet. I think that was thrown in for our benefit, the viewers that were there when it happened. I thought it was an inside joke.

I never liked Spencer, so really dont like him now. I sometimes so wish it was somewhat legal to spank kids on their butt anymore. This kid needs it. (my opinion, dont get all political on me...)

I believe it was Grant Putnum (the doctor, not all the fake ones that were trolling around town) that tore Anna's scar off when she answered the door. Someone check the file footage and tell me if I am wrong. But we all knew what you were talking about, Kg.

Are there spoilers about the nurses ball? I work tomorrow afternoon, so I am missing it and will watch it on youtube when I get home around midnight. I think I am pretty sure about what is going to happen, but I am a spoiler freak. I like to know everything and am not big on surprises anymore.

Does anyone like the Pete guy? (Billy Jr.) I do. I kinda want him to stick around and stay in Port Chuck. I liked the chemistry (probably lack of better word for one scene) with Carly. I cant picture who I would pair him with in town, but I think it would be nice for him to stay on canvas once in awhile. Only problem, the cast is too big and this regime refuses to trim it.

GO EAGLES! Draft Mariota tonight!

CareyN said...

I've liked this week a lot. It's been really soapy with a strong focus on family, romance, and drama. Not violence. I like Lulu feeling insecure (still hate Valerie tho). I like Nik lying about Rosalie and Hayden. I love that Ric's plan is about to blow up. I love Sam overhearing the secret. I even loved the baby Avery return and how it ratcheted things up for the Corinthos clan. I love love Ned and Olivia. I love LOVE Brad and Lucas (so hot and sweet together).

I have NOT missed the mobular junk at all and I've been really engaged. The dialogue has been good and I think even the acting has stepped up because people are getting more emotional stories. Can't wait for the Ball!

delcodave--did you watch "The Slap? I think since Spencer is already 10 it's a little late, but wouldn't that have been a timely sort of story to tell? With Nik reacting to Spencer's out-of-control antics, and then the fall out with the other parents: Carly, Liz, Patrick...then Sam, Alexis, Lulu could all weigh in. That could have been some soapy goodness based off one whack on the behind.

sonya said...
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Paul773 said...

Hey, Sam - I have an idea. Why don't you at least hear Olivia and Ned out before running to mommy and daddy.

Fun to have Brit back, if only for a little while.

The Nurse's Ball should be fun!

sonya said...


Nik: If you tell anyone anything, you'll be the one who is buried alive.

Mmmm foreplay! :)Hey where is Val?!!?! Is she in the kitchen making fri ta ta ta cha cha cha's?! Where is her fake cat Gunnar? Is he playing with Spencer? Oh there is Spencer. He is done playing with the cat! Time to go to the nurses ball!! When Nik was talking to Spencer about his mother, it made me cry!!! Poor Spencer. :(

Brad and Lucas's home: BRITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how Brad was so excited seeing his BFF! :) Britch wins the line of the day !

Britch: He's still a dangerous international criminal, but once you get to know him, isn't that bad.

ROFL! Awww she wuvs her Papa! :)So glad Britch is back!! Wow back when she first started I hated her and wanted her gone!!! But not anymore! So glad she is back!!!! Can she stay? :( She misses Spencer!! Britch and Mama scene awwww! :(

Sam and Patrick: Oh no!!! Poor Sam! So confused on what to do!!! Should she tell her father if he is gonna be a daddy or no? I guess they won't be sitting next to Alexis and Julian ROFL!

NYC Fake Jake from state farm home: Carly is good!!! She got Fake Jake to spill!!!! And now invites him to the nurses ball! This is gonna be delicious! And Fake Jake showed her his khakis!!!! YAY!

Nurses ball room:

Jake Doe and Liz: Can you say AWKWARD!?!!?!

Liz: But I'm sure you told her cus you are a gentleman you don't want it spread all over town that you are fabulous in bed.

Jake Doe: I am not a gentleman and Hayden and I didn't connect in any sort of way. Especially not sexually.

But Jake! You didn't tell her if you are fabulous in bed or not!!! :) Man when Jake was close to Liz, and close to touching her hand, I felt the sizzling chemistry again! YOWZA!

Ric and Molly: No don't ask Liz to marry you? HUH?! One minute she is gushing all over the place about her daddy and Liz back together, and now he shouldn't propose because Liz is on the rebound?!!?!! I'm having more whiplash and I'm dizzy. I think I need to lay down. Molly! Since you think Liz is on the rebound, (which she is) then why in the hell would you want your father and Liz back together!?!! I still need to lay down. Excuse me.

Di said...

kg said...Spencer was cute. Now he's just insufferable.

I agree with you and delcodave. I cringe every time Spencer goes into one of his rants about what a monster he is now. I just pray there's not some poor burn victim listening.

I know it's just a show but the writers have gone overboard with the monster, freak dialogue. It's not funny! He has a small burn on one side of his face. I've known kids who've had such bad facial burns that they've had full tension bandages over their faces and heads for a year. Maybe his father should have him visit a few during his next hospital visit. Then smack him!

This is one kid who could use Grandma Laura around for a while.

AntJoan said...

Brit, so wonderful to see her, really miss her!! I think the FakeJake is a really good actor, and rather easy on the eyes ('tho not my type--I like the dark, broody guys, Sonny is my ideal).

soaplover said...

It has been a pretty good week...and promises more next week! I do think it is time for someone to take off Spencer's mask, and I hope it is Britt. I think she will consider that Nicholas is at the ball and Spencer must be home alone so she will sneak off to Windemere. She will get him to realize he isn't ruined, as she was always a good moma to him and he usually listened to her. It would do him a world of good to see Britt. And it could stop his whining which would be good for us all.

And Nik needs to see his mother and maybe she can get him off his smash-up course. I am SO looking forward to Genie's return.

I would enjoy never seeing anything Mobular again! To never see Sonny again, or talk of mob wars or 'hits'. I want it GONE.

And I really want to see Jake with Liz, not Sam. That is over. New actor, better chem with Liz. And Liz deserves better than this shady lying Ric.

Panda said...

I've been enjoying this week with the more soapy stories that I like rather than the mob stories. I love when secrets are revealed, scandals are going on, for once I'm glad Carly is such a busybody. Not that I hate Ric, but I really like when a good scam is uncovered and she's just the one to do it. Why Pete would come back to PC I don't know, unless she pays him extra, since she already paid him. But I'll go along with it. I wouldn't mind if Pete stuck around, IMO they can get rid of Valerie, Nathan, Franco, Nina, and Kiki. I was glad to see Britt back, I think she humanizes Dr. O. I guess it's just a guest appearance though.

delcodave, I wondered if you were from PA, now I see that you are by your Eagles comment (I'm in chesco). Your wish did not come true :-(.

I agree with soaplover about Jake and Liz. I wonder why they are playing the Jason-Liz angle so heavily and not Jason-Sam. You'd think he'd feel drawn to her more than Liz, but it seems to be the other way, even though he has had memories of Sam as well as of Liz. I was really hoping Jason would remember being a Q though. I guess once he gets his memory back he'll be torn between Liz and Sam, but I enjoy the chemistry between "Jake" and Liz and as long as he doesn't go back to being a hitman I'd prefer them together.

CareyN said...

Here's a thought...what if Jason NEVER gets his memory back? What if he really just becomes Jake...maybe Jake Morgamaine? :) I think that would be a soapy twist. Sam and Sonny would be prying and vying to get him to remember who he was as Jason M. The Q's could try and get him back into the Q fold. And Liz and Carly could just accept that he is who he is now and they love him anyway. I think I'd like that more than if he's walking down the aisle with a pregnant Liz, gets caught in a mob cross fire and shot in the head, then wakes up fully remembering being in love with Sam. Sigh...been there done that on soaps so many times....

sonya said...

"CareyN says What if he really just becomes Jake...maybe Jake Morgamaine? :)"

Jake Morgamaine!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA! Good one!

nance24 said...

Spencer went past the point of no return with me ages ago. I hope Ric proposes to Liz first and then have Carly spring her surprise. so Liz never falls for Ric again

Julie Langley said...

I noticed Molly's loooong, white nails. And I love Britt and Brad! I thought that Nick was creepy with Hayden today. Why would she want to be with someone who would threaten her? #DisappointedwithNickforthatthreat

On the other hand, he is so great to watch with Spencer -- frustrated, amused, firm, exasperated, loving, and tender.

He mentioned Spencer's mom....