Thursday, April 2, 2015


Quick note to say Hellooo from The Happiest Place On Earth! I haven't had a TV on in 4 days and it's been great. I can't wait to see the 52nd Ann show- but it won't be for a bit longer. I see a lot of comments down there but I don't want to read yet because of spoilers.
I am on my ipad and can't seem to add photos - I will when I get back! I have some fun ones.
Thank you to Florida for giving us some much needed warmth and Vitamin D. Feels great.

Hope GH isn't driving everyone crazy! I saw Ian B is leaving and Wally Kurth signed with Days. I was really enjoying he and Olivia!

Have a good Friday--I'm off to Epcot tomorrow!


Cosmoetica said...

Karen: take your time- the show is SUPERBAD- Casey the alien level bad.

They have raped the Spencer family timeline, screwed w the past, screwed w family connections, stunt casted w Dee Wallace who was nothing, the Luke kid you could see trying to recall his lines- he was really bad.

The story was like a bad Hitchcock tv episode w Freudian crap. The show basically makes Ruby out to be a user of her niece, and cheaply makes Tim out to be evil cuz he's a bigot, whereas his mass murdering son is just misunderstood.

It was horrible- worst show and storyline this century.

As Col Kurtz said: THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

Cartini and Geary shat on the fans and don' care of history.

sonya said...
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sonya said...

Hi Karen! I'm so glad you are having fun. You have a tan yet? :) You have been missed. I didn't think the anniversary show was bad. I thought it was fantastic. But, you should see for yourself Karen. When are you coming back?! :)

gracegirl said...

I can't help but feel the same as you Cosmoetica. I was dumbfounded while watching on 4-1,maybe it was a April fools bad joke? That would be the only acceptable explanation. I was also shocked and couldn't understand why they would hire someone like Dee for a role an amateur could have played. I'm thinking maybe they don't care anymore about the fans who have been watching for decades and just trying to bring in new fans to create a new generation of fans? Anyway,I'm happy I'm not the only one not happy with this train wreck. Have fun at Epcot Karen! I'm jealous! And I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

LSV422 said...

Miss you Karen!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I've read everyones comments and there is not much I disagree with. If you were looking for the April 1 story to answer all the questions than yes, I agree the episode totally disappointed. If you can see beyond the many holes in the Fluke storyline than yes, I can also see how the production and acting in the anniversary episode wowed you.

What I did like was that the anniversary episode did not feature Silas, Kiki, Franco, Nina, Nathan, Sabrina, Madeline, Sloane, etc.

I agree with those who say Laura was missing from the storyline. So were Lucky and Ethan. I also find it hard to believe Robert would not have been involved with the search for his best friend. They could have also easily intergrated Anna, Felicia, and Kevin into the storyline.

While I agree Laura should have been involved I also beleive the April 1 scenes would have been very different if it were Laura there instead of Tracy. I beleive Luke sees Laura as weak, as someone he needs to protect, whereas he sees Tracy as strong, as someone he can lean on. I'm not sure he would have opened up with Laura the way he did with Tracy - he knew Tracy could handle it.

I liked that they incorporated Carly and Lucas into the final scene. I womder why they did not include the other Spencers - Michael and Morgan? I understand leaving Joss out given her young age. It would have been nice to see Michael and Morgan comfort their grandmother Bobbie, for Micheal to learn why Luke did not want the house converted to a clinic, etc. It also would have been very nice for Michael and Morgan to meet their great aunt Val. Perhaps the clinic Michael wants to open can specialize in helping people suffering from whatever disease it was had Aunt Val confined to a wheelchair.

Speaking of Aunt Val, why did they kill her off? Of all the new characters over the last three years she was the one I took the most immediate liking to. There were so many story potentials for her. Even if she returned to the nursing home and only visited occassionally. Id rather see here pop up now and again than Heather, Madeline, etc.

There were a lot of gaps that I still can not ignore. I await the explanation as to why Luke had it out for Sonny (and why Luke let Shawn run Kellys if he hates Sonny so much).

More than anything else I find it hard to get pass the point that the hpuse exploded when Dante and Nathan were in it but now appears as if nothing happened. I understand the explosion occurred in the basement but you think it would habe blown out the windows? Heck, even the basement door was in perfect shape...the door frame was not even warped in the explosion.

I suspect we will now have filler and fluff until the Nurse Ball. As another poster said one or two good episodes a year is not good enough.

sonya said...

GreenHayden's room:

Ric and GreenHayden: Boy she is very cranky cus she is horny! Ric says he can't help her with that! Hahaha.

Ric and Cameron: He is not at school! He wants a lawyer! He needs Ric! Cameron tells him why! Ric tries to tell him he won't go to jail. He is all upset and won't listen. Ric says all I need is a retainer. Cameron wins the line of the day. He beat out Nik's line of nobody is living in the basement.

Cameron: I have one at home.
I only need to wear it at night.

ROFL! Oh Cam! :) Wait Cam wants Emma back?!!?! Geez what happened with Joss?!!?

Wyndemere: Oh look! Spencer is a mini Phantom of the Opera! :) Poor Spencer is still jumpy and is still thinking of the fire. Will he need to go to therapy? Oh the living room that was on fire, has been restored!!! Chandler who looks like Bruce Willis, found a ring and gives it to Nik! I forgot at first what ring that is. I remember! It's Sam's ring that Jason gave her when they got married!!! Oh oh Spencer wants it! I get it! He will give it to Emma, and Sam will see the ring when she moves in!!! My ah ha moment! :)The Sonny and Spencer scene was sweet!!! Great talk! And love the gift Sonny gave him. A new robe!

The hospital:

Liz and Jake Doe: Liz tells him that her and Ric might get back together!

GreenHayden and Liz: Oh WOW!!!! GreenHayden tells Liz about all the sex she and Jake Doe had!!! ROFL! Then she says to just let go of Jake Doe and go be with Ric!!! She says Jake Doe told her all about her and Ric! Wow GreenHayden reminds me SO much of Greenlee!!!!!!

Liz and Ric: Wow as soon as GreenHayden leaves, Ric shows up to talk to Liz about Cam and him needing a lawyer. Liz is worried. Ric is so sweet to Liz, and even kisses her on the lips!!!

Liz and Nik: Nik is there to talk to mini Phantom of the Opera's plastic surgery. Liz tells Nik all about Jakey Poo and his wife! He probably thinks she is talking about Sam.

Patrick's home: He is talking to Sam on the phone about how it will be okay with Emma if Sam lives with them. Oh oh that means Emma won't be happy about it! So he talks to Emma, and woah she IS happy about it. She asks where is Sam gonna sleep! Hahahaha. Great scene with them.

Sam's home: Sam tells Alexis that Patrick said to have that mole checked out. HUH!? Sam, Patrick was only joking!!!!! And now they are on the Jakey Poo talk. Sam moves out, and now Alexis lives there! In comes Julian! They can have hot couch sex now! :) When will they? Hopefully soon!

The garage: Someone ran sacked the garage. Oh it was Shaun. Julian stolen Duke's merchandise. Shaun threatens that he will kill Julian! Shaun shut up! You suck at that! Jake Doe shows up and brings down the two men that Shaun brought with them! Man that was sexy hot! Wow! Shaun those men suck. Julian was impressed with Jake Doe, and Jake Doe wants to put his skills to good use! Oh oh Jake Doe is remembering Sam! Fake flashbacks with Billy Miller's face! UGH! Stop that writers! Oh there is Sam. Her car is acting funny!

Shaun and Sonny: Oh and what are they talking about Jakey Poo of course!

Michelle Latta said...

I guess myself and Sonya were the only two to enjoy the anniversary show. Loved the old opening with the ambulance. As for Ruby, I was very young therefore I don't recall alot about the early days of the Spencers so I don't know about all this rewriting history but Ruby DID run a whorehouse so I don't know why people are update? I loved Ruby just like I love Luke. I'm glad it's all out, I have really enjoyed the past 2 days, I still have to watch today so that could change....

sonya said...

"Michelle Latta said..I guess myself and Sonya were the only two to enjoy the anniversary show."

We should make our own club! ROFL! Just kidding. :)

"Ruby DID run a whorehouse"

Yup! She sure did! And she got Bobbie to become a prostitute. But then by the time we got introduced to Ruby, the whorehouse was over and she didn't run it anymore. That was her past. I loved Ruby. She was awesome.

CareyN said...

I'll be in your club Michelle and Sonya. I enjoyed the epi also!

sonya said...

"CareyN said...I'll be in your club Michelle and Sonya. I enjoyed the epi also!"

ROFL! Oh thanks, but I was only kidding.:) Let's talk about today's show and GreenHayden's horny cranky self! Hahahaha!

SaveOurSuds said...

Glad you're enjoying your vacation Wubs!

AntJoan said...

I know there were problems with the anniversary show, but I did enjoy it, as they are honoring the legacy characters by featuring their history, even if it is somewhat altered.

To all my Tribeswomen and men, Have a Happy and Healthy Passover!!

Julie Langley said...

I adored the April 1 show and thought it was like a play. The acting for TG was more restrained and LW was fabulous! The story is acceptable ish, and it gives us an end to this silliness with Fluke.
Also I am happy to see feisty Lulu, brave Tracy, and Bobby!

Paul773 said...

friscogh: I agree that Luke views Laura as fragile. I HATE that the writers have written her that way for so long. She certainly was anything but fragile back in the day.

Cosmoetica said...

as they are honoring the legacy characters by featuring their history, even if it is somewhat altered.


You do not honor w altering and retconning. Sorry.

delcodave said...

Ok, I guess I need to chime in.

I applaud Cosmetica for her/his diligence in pointing out all the flaws. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. This storyline for 15 months had more holes than a block of swiss cheese. The writing was extremely sloppy, inconsistent and at times a slap in the face to us long-timers. I do agree this has been frustrating and insulting all at the same time.

However, I am going to state that I liked the 4/1 episode. Not for its facts and content or solution or backstory or anything like that. I knew weeks ago that whatever drivel we would be handed by Ron and Tony it would be unsatisfactory and would not tie up all the loose ends; like Fluke wanting to destroy Sonny or Faison in a mask. Or the omission of Laura, Lucky and Ethan. I knew I would be disappointed and that 15 months of bad writing would end up with a bad conclusion. There was nothing I could do about it.

What I did, after looking at the previews, is go into 4/1 with blinders on the past 15 months. I looked at it like a stand-alone 1-hr episode. I enjoyed the way that the 1963 premiere episode was worked in with this episode. I found that clever. I am glad I got to see Pat, and I really liked Dee as that character. I really enjoyed the episode for what it was. To me, a stand alone one hour story. Yes, the past was rewritten and it wasnt always accurate. And there were problems with it. But I looked at it as mindless entertainment for an hour and because I did I wasnt disappointed. Ok, a little disappointed, but I did enjoy the 60 minutes, more than I have any epsiode in the past year.

While I agree that Laura's presence would NOT have the same affect on this episode, the writing keeps skewering to the fact that Lulu is Lukes only child. I wish they would at least MENTION everyone else. Can Lulu say to Dante "I called Lucky to let him know what is happening". Yes, she could. And she didnt. Or have her on the phone with Laura and saying something like "Yes mom, things have settled down. Thanks for calling". Anything. Something.

How many long time fans, pre-80s still exist? I think Ron is banking on the fact that a lot of viewers are late 90s-present and don't remember all that Cosmetica does. Hell, I have been watching since 1977 and I dont remember about 85% of what Cosmetica does! That's another salute to you. Bravo and thank you.

It's over, and done. And time to rifle through some more bad, awful episodes (I cant even stomach GreenHayleyFakeWIfeLady. Seriously. This is bad. Really bad. I will look forward to the 2 Live episodes to see if they can pull it off. And of course the Nurses Ball. And I will keep watching almost every day because, I take the good with the bad and there is some good. And I will keep up on because Karen rocks to no end and all of you just really kicked it into high gear this week to talk about GH. That's what really keeps me around. All of you. If it wasnt for someone to discuss this crap with, I would have abandoned long ago.

So, thanks and kudos to everyone reading this.

ps. everyone cites Casey the Alien as the worst storyline ever. Really? Does anyone think there was another storyline on this show equally bad or as worse? Has everyone forgotten Bobbies daughter walking naked down the center of a ghost town?

sonya said...

"Delcodave says I cant even stomach GreenHayleyFakeWIfeLady."

Hahahaha. Love the nickname. Good one. :)

dar said...

I have forgotten Bobbie's daughter walking naked through a ghost town. Do you mean Carly or was there another daughter back in the day? I started watching regularly around '83 I think
I am just afraid that this is not the end of the awful Luke story and we'll be subjected to ridiculous explanations of how he came to hate Sonny, why he decided to work with Helena, what fueled the desire to take over ELQ etc , etc. I hope I'm wrong and it is over but I doubt it.

Shelly Valladolid said...

Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth. WDW is The Vacation Kingdom. Also, God is in the details and it's a Fluffernutter. I love you, but you neeed an editor.