Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fish Belly

Why is Fluke Back? GET out. Go away. See ya. Bye. :waving: Please GO! 
Fluke: "You Raped Laura...and then sold it as the greatest love story ever told"...
 and Luke then says: 
"No,  I Didn't sell it like that, the rest of the world did" 
Yet another lovely swipe at the audience. Screw that. WHY do they keep letting us know the "rape story" should never have become the LnL story. I GOT IT!! Sorry I enjoyed it and how magical Francis and Geary were. How they made me fall for them and forgive Luke. Sorry. SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 
I'm someone that even likes Tracy and Luke as an evolution of his character. But enough is enough. Shut up. 

THE BABY IS GONE! MISSSING!!! WHERE IS SHE???? Nina you have her? No I don't! Michael, you have her? No I don't (repeat for about 20 minutes)
Someone could have checked the damn security cam in the hallway to see who took her and saved about 3 days worth of crap. 

Carly and Sonny are talking to MoKi. Carly is saying Michael flipped out and they shouldn't judge him because it wasn't "really him". 

Bobbie is on Today but they couldn't show the damn sentencing with Tracy and Diane???? Of course not.  Instead we get everyone standing around looking for the baby. 

Ellie Fish is back. The dialog is weird. Didn't they break up? Oh they did. She wants him back, but he's with Maxie now.
OMG. This is just like the Nate convo but with ELLIE!! 


  1. Someone please tell me that this show will someday get better.

  2. I have to admit I hated the way they got away with the Luke & Laura love story and never understood why it was thought to be the greatest love story in Soap opera history. I thought it was just me being a awkward teenager who didn't understand what love really was. Took me a long time after that to watch the show. Anyway,now that everyone hates me,this whole show is way out of control. For that to be brought up again in that context was like opening an old wound and throwing salt in it! I read that Geary may need to take a vacation to clear his head after playing this complicated and complex character. Are you freaking kidding me! I will be very disappointed if Dante sleeps with Valerie,even though I sometimes thought he was too good for LuLu. On a positive note,the weather is getting warmer and it's time to start planting,cooking and just being outside again. And I don't have a DVR or any other recording device so I'll just trust everyone here to keep me updated on the days I'm cultivating. Have a blessed night!

  3. You're right about the Ellie dialogue. I was thinking the exact same thing. It was almost word for word. Talk about wasting time.

    I'm thinking I need a vacation until the Nurse's Ball too.

  4. I think it's high time Dante and and Lulu get a third party. I guess we shouldn't get answers to why Luke did what he did all these years. I like Michael and Sabrina together. Maxie does not have to be with Spin just because he is the father of Georgie.

  5. Yes, where ARE the security cameras in this hospital? And WHO leaves a baby unattended in an exam room? I'm thinking this hospital might be stuck in 1963. At least we get some Obrecht tomorrow. How I've missed her.

  6. Grace...I get where you are coming from 100%. I found the story of LnL to be exciting and done well. I understand it was a rape-- but the aftermath was done so well that I really loved the two together after that. I'm just tired of Tony Geary basically telling us for YEARS that was the bane of his existence. You are right, old wounds. Laura isn't even ON anymore.
    I love he and Tracy (or did in the older days)

  7. Sonny, Kiwi, Morgan, and Carly: Oh shut up Morgan you idiot!

    Q home: Awwwww poor Michael! I believe you Michael! :( Sabrina and Michael hug! :)Is a kiss next? :)

    Nina and BobTodd's home: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: What do you think she did put her in a car with the windows rolled up? She put a bowl of water and left her in a storage unite?


    Scotty and Bobbie: Scotty forget Luke! Go dig out Tim Spencer's body out of the nightmare on elm street Spencer home!!

    Spinny and Maxie's home: Okay this was a very strange scene. I think Maxie is not deeply in love with Spinny, and I think Spinny is in love with Maxie and Ellie! I love Ellie's haircut, and outfit! :) HarpGeorgie is so funny and cute when she was on the couch with what looks like toilet paper. ROFL!

    Luke's room:

    Tim Spencer: You raped Laura...and then sold it as the greatest love story ever told.

    Luke: That's not true. That's maybe how the rest of the world remembers it.

    Say what now?! SAY WHAT NOW?!!?!

  8. Karen,thank you,my older sister (by 2yrs.) and her 2 closest friends were the ones running home,to my house bcuz my mom was at work,after school to plant themselves in front of the t.v.to escape into Luke & Laura's world. I was the pesky little sister who they allowed to hangout with them because my sister was watching me. They kinda explained the dynamics of their relationship but I was just in 7th grade and didn't really get it. But I absolutely love Tracey with Luke! That's the only reason I ever cared for or about Luke. She makes him a better man and I think he touches something in her no other man could! Ahh,the good ole days! Thanks for getting what I was saying! :-)

  9. I'm trying to decide if I need to watch today. I was afraid they would pull some crap like explaining the rape with Fluke. Good grief--did no one go back and watch the disco scenes of that night?

    Poor Laura, poor Luke--they yearned for each other and grieved apart and together, over what had happened. And it was a terrific love story, easily the best in daytime, filled with tingles, romance, humor, adventure, surprises, regrets, all the emotions. The acting was so good it couldn't miss. Genie kept up with Tony magnificently and the chem was off the charts. When they shot the rape, Luke was supposed to die later, but backstage happenings changed things and when Asher Braun left the show and TPTB realized how popular TG was, they tried to back-peddle. At the time, it more or less worked. I can never forget Luke sitting in his shabby apartment sobbing into a pillow later that night and Bobby trying to phone him. Or Laura being all aloof and cool when Luke brought her contrite flowers and her telling him she would be at work as usual and they won't talk about 'it' again. He walked away stunned...

    From then on the sexual tension was so hot it sizzled. And years later their devotion was a warm thing to behold. They were always so easy together, so in senc, they seemed to be of one mind and heart. That's why this convoluted Fluke story could never work at all for me--Laura was the meaning of his existance for far too long and she is barely mentioned even by Lulu. Tracy will never do it for me--I like Jane, but not the teaming.

  10. There was an escaped prisoner from a hospital here and not only was the hospital locked down, so were the surrounding streets and it was all over the tv. These writers need to wake up from their imaginary world. No one even seems concerned about the baby - only who took her. I think Ellie and Spinelli make a better couple. Maxie is really rough picking up Georgie and putting her down.

  11. Karen & Soaplover, you both have it to a "T" regarding Luke & Laura. Their chemistry was amazing. I remember Tony Geary saying in an interview that Genie was his acting soulmate. I so wish they could bring Genie back in a highly touted return where Laura has to "save" Luke in a grand story arc that could probably still garner fabulous ratings for the show. A really over the top adventure, sprinkled with lots of flashbacks, perhaps to the whole 1-armed boy storyline. Geary should then retire and TPTB could apply his salary to Genie. She's still got the chops if given decent story. I have a feeling there's some sort of bad blood now, though, between the two actors or writer/producer. Francis was wasted on the show the last time she was on. Wouldn't a slow-burn yet high action storyline for Luke & Laura be wonderful?

  12. I was sooo disgusted with Fluke and Luke....what a slap in the face to all of the L&L fans

  13. How many times do alter personalities open and walk through doors? Thought his other side was in his mind.

  14. "screamingeagle said.. How many times do alter personalities open and walk through doors? Thought his other side was in his mind."

    Yeah I thought that was strange! ROFL! I guess he in his mind saw him open the door and leave. :) I did like Fluke/Tim Spencer giving an evil look before he left the room! :)