Friday, April 17, 2015

Bank Hacker

Seen on Facebook: Stupid Nathan travels to NYC to question Silas..instead of you know, CALLING HIM. That will have to be in the Sunday Surgery. 

Don't want to blog today, I wanna nap.  It's gray and ugly here. 

Olivia and Ned were all cute and lovey. WHY DID WALLY KURTH get away? He and Olivia could have gotten married, lived at the Q's. Olivia could get in cook 2's face about cooking. Tracy and Olivia? YES! And 2 families would be brought together.
BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Let Kurth get away and get a contract over at Days??
Nedly is rubbing Olivia's Belly!! 

Anyone wonder why idiot Jake isn't asking Hayden a zillion questions about his life? DO I have a DOG? Who were my parents? Do I have siblings? Who's taking care of the house? Did they pay taxes on the 15th? 

Hayden googled Nikolas and got his phone number in 2 seconds. She's going to Wyndemere for sex, basically. They start having it on the desk-- and Alexis walks in. She couldn't call Nikolas? NOPE. 

Nina and Franco sitting in their hotel room, looking at the stocks. They've done really well for themselves after Shadybrook or what!? 

Oh, Spin looked up Hayden. She has no social media...and no news items but he did hack into her checking account and find out she recently got a lot of money. Did he google Jake? 
This is SO STUPID I HATE THIS STORY########!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayden goes home. Fake Jake tries to get money out of her. Spinelli gets a photo of the 2 of them on his phone.

Meanwhile, Jake comes to Sam's...and sees a photo of Robin. Do I know her? Pat says No, you can't. Sam says you probably saw her in Liz' apt in a photo.

ENDING: Nik opens his safe and realizes Jason's ring is gone JUST as Jake drops his car keys and sees......the wedding ring. 


  1. Yawn! When are these stories going to start moving along??!

  2. Yawn! When are these stories going to start moving along??!

  3. Lol,it's gray and ugly here too,and the only bright spot in today's show was Ned and Olivia!! Everything else is like fingernails on a blackboard. I do hope the Jake story is coming to a close sooner than later. It seems like it is after today but look what they did with Fluke! Anyway,I was thinking the same thing watching Ned and Olivia,what a shame they let him get away and didn't see the potential in their story. They say the going to be sunny and warm so I hope everyone has a very happy Memorial day wknd.!

  4. gracegirl, are you in Canada? Memorial day in the states is in May. But have a great week end.
    I am still sleepy from watching the show. And I fast forward like crazy!!!

  5. Lol,no even though I am Irish/French Canadian and my Mom was from Canada I live right here in the best country in the whole wide world and will be celebrating PATRIOTS day and my birthday while watching the Boston Marathon!! Thank you for catching that Ishouldreadmore! Have a blessed wknd!

  6. Karen, I also posted a while back about why doesn't Jake ask a million questions of Hayden about his parents, his past life, etc., MAKES NO SENSE!!

  7. Q home: Oh Olivia stop whining!!! Ned did it because he is in wuv with you!!!! :)I love that Ned was rubbing her belly! Awwwwwww! :)In really life, I wonder if the baby was kicking. :)

    GreenHayden and Nik! GreenHayden wins the line of the day!

    GreenHayden: Hi is this Is this Prince Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine? Hey it's Hayden. Look prince I'm bored. Not to mention ravenous. How do you feel about coming over here and buttering my muffin?

    BAHAHAHAHA! She is so horny! I love it! I also love how she got his phone number by googling! I also love how she went to visit him and turned him on! :) Why couldn't Alexis knock?

    GreenHayden: The one thing you should learn about me, is that I prefer the direct approach.

    Just like Greenlee from AMC! :)

    Liz's home: Oh oh! Fake Jake from state farm is sniffing around for money!!!


    Carly and Spinny: They had a nice scene awww! They are friends and have each others back awwww! :) Yes figure out who is paying GreenHayden!! Spinny time to break into her room!

    GreenHayden's room: Oh oh fake Jake from state farm is sniffing around GreenHayden for money! Oh forget money! Just have sex with GreenHayden! She is horny! Oh Spinny is taking a picture of them haha!

    Carly: She sees Ric and Liz, and a lightbulb goes off in her head!!!! :) Yes Carly it's Ric who payed off GreenHaden!!

    BobTodd and Nina: Okay they are so boring today. Same damn conversation. She is still mad at him and she thinks he doesn't trust her. Blah blah blah. Oh! BobTodd is gonna talk to Dr O about Nina's secret dirty laundry that Nina doesn't know about! Now we are getting somewhere! :) I'm intrigued again!

    Patrick and Sam's home: So basically it was,

    Jake Doe: I know this woman.

    Patrick: No you don't know Robin.

    Jake Doe: Yes I do.

    Patrick: No you don't!

    Jake Doe: Yes I do!

    And Patrick looked jealous that Jake Doe was there! Oh look Jake Doe doesn't know how to throw, and Sam doesn't know how to catch! ROFL! It fell under the couch!

    Keys: Hi there. My name is Keys Morgan. What is your name?

    Ring: My name is Ring Quartermaine.

    Keys: Well hello Miss Ring. Would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?

    Ring: Oh yes I would love to Mr. Keys.

    Keys: Our couple name could be Keyring!

    Ring: I love it!!!

  8. However much they're paying for the golden spray tan booth, it's too much and they should stop it!

  9. Most of all, Jake should be curious about how he ended up with Helena and who trained him with his obvious skills. Just too dumb for words. Love Olivia and Ned so of course Wally has to leave. Wonder how they will address this. Poor Olivia loses all her men. And if Silas did get AJ's bone marrow, how did he do it by himself and then leave her alone to be kidnapped?

  10. "LindaV says And if Silas did get AJ's bone marrow, how did he do it by himself and then leave her alone to be kidnapped?"

    Maybe he is the one who took AJ so he could get the bone marrow! :)

  11. it might be just me but it seems that MS is not as interested in Nina since she's not quite as crazy anymore

  12. Silas took Avery with him to NYC to harvest her bone marrow. I think maybe Delia is taking care of her now.

  13. You guys are right about Silas taking AJ.