Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Blurry Vision

I'm going to try my very best to write this week's surgery without swearing too much or being such a witch about the show you won't want to read this.  

Here, look upon the face of angel baby, the one great wonder of this whole week: 

20150411 1148(20)
Show Saver 

Make yourself a nice hearty breakfast and don't forget your allergy pills, Michael tells us it's a "bad year" for them! 

20150409 0616(3)
What? I AM Crying..can't YOU TELL? 
WOW. What a bad week. I'm not even going to sugar coat it. I call this "blurry vision" but it could be blindness when it comes to any "vision" for a story. Like the Luke tale, the 'process' turned out to be so long and switched up, the entire thing fell apart just when it was coming together. We did get 2 good days out of it but that was about it. Valerie left me absolutely flat with no emotion during the whole "I think I'll kill you" scene. Tony was kinda just laying there, planning his next Amsterdam escape. The scalpel was hilarious.  

20150407 0520(18)

Spencer's out, running amok with Chandler trying to get Emma to accept his ring. Not a Cool-Cassadine decoder ring--no! Alan Quartermaine's (aka St. Jaysus) wedding ring!! Which at the end, he throws under the couch, just in time for Sam to run in and stand in front of it.
Then, I guess, the story is to be stalled until they decide to pick the thread up again. Maybe next week, maybe next month? Who knows.
PS. You know the cleaning lady is going to find it --cause no way Sam cleans that house. 

GH is so cast-heavy it's like it's a million shows in one. Nothing comes together.  Characters are in isolation. We don't see some people for weeks and weeks. (if at all anymore) -- everyone is like "well, the Nurses' Ball is coming"!  "We'll have 2 live shows soon"! I don't watch a soap for the stunt moments. Sure, payoffs are good but it's the storytelling that keeps us coming back. *sigh*. So much *sigh* 

20150408 0603(29)
Leaving that aside, let's get on to another part of the show, shall we? I'm going with the Stupidity of MoKi.  Michael carries around his allergy pills with him now 24/7. Because you know WE HAVE TO SEE THEM TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!!! He goes to the Metro Court again. I guess so he can drink. Because most Dads would take their Nanny and kid to Kelly's, right? Out come dumb and dumber with a stupid as hell plan to 'switch' out his allergy meds with some unknown secret Goofy-BALLS that make him manic. Thank goodness the "Access Port Chuck" guy was there to film the ensuing hilarity.

20150409 0608(27)

Michael goes down to the lobby and ends up tipping over Avery in her baby carriage. It's a victory for the middle-schoolers!! Yeah! CPS is called and the baby is going to back to Kiki.
BUT WAIT! Silas checks her out at GH (a CPS rule) and takes some blood (so we can get that pesky cancer story cleared up), and THERE'S SOMEONE skulking around to TAKE BABY AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it Nina in her Heather Webber designed trench coat? 

Is it Michael who is suddenly gone from the Q manion? (hope he remembered his ALLERGY MEDS!!) 
Who knows!! But here we go again. If that baby is nabbed and "missing",  I'm going to scream my damn head off.

20150409 0640(21)
What did you say your name was? 

Hayden seems to be a girl with an urge. She tries to sleep with Jake and when that fails she tries to bed Ric. FINALLY Nikolas walks in and gives it to her. I'm trying to decide of seeing a new character in a hotel room (and no where else) talking about being horny and jumping whatever walks through the door is in any WAY interesting.

The sleeping with Nikolas was hot..,but that's about it. This story of Jake's "wife" was not thought out at all. We know the holes in it. It could never fly in this day in age and it's not even remotely exciting. Greenlee should have been Sarah Webber or a recast Britt or ANYTHING other than this mess. 

20150411 1137(1)

Spinelli is supposedly "investigating" Hayden for Carly. Come on. Josslyn could "investigate" her using the internet. The fact that he's not found anything in all this time and is just going on and on begging Maxie?  He grovles... she babbles. He uses big words. She sighs and bats her eyes. Then they she's like: well, ya, maybe we should be a family. Kiss. Nate's at the door. Rinse. Repeat. Maddening. 

20150410 0552(1)
Looney and Tooney 
Maddening? Nina and Franco hold up in their hotel room. Thank GOD she finally left and he got to play a scene with Ned. Franco wants all of Ned's ELQ Stocks or he'll tell Julian about Olivia's baby. (which looks ready to come at any moment). Now that we know Wally Kurth is leaving the show, I wonder what will happen with this.  Will Franco stab him with a shrimp fork? Maybe Nina can steal this baby. All I know is another Q will be gone. 

20150409 0647(12)
Come on, let's confuse Cam some more...
Liz went back to Ric because...well, because Jake is married for heaven's sake! Come on, what's a girl to do but go back to the guy that she didn't want anymore a week ago? Geesh! 

20150410 0559
I'm actually being BORED to death...
What else happened this week? Oh, Ava continued her sad " in the room" cancer story. Talk about making Cancer Boring. They've managed it. Why not have her in GH? Dr. O bitching about her wanting a "death with dignity"? Monica fighting for it? Her family at odds about the decision? The media? Ava actually could have been in jail still--but had to go to GH for her treatment. Why is she still "Dead"?! This story has so little impact.  So little anything. Silas got Avery's blood so she can be cured. Then I suppose we wait to see how her charges are dropped?

20150407 0549(23)
Hmmmmm, my lip gloss look good? 
Sam and Jake were alone in that garage set...and they even took a motorcycle ride!! Tingle Tingle!! She goes to Patricks, all ready to move in!! Then Julian comes in and he and Carrrrrrrrrlos talk about offing Duke. Jake calls Sloane. Snooze 

20150410 0632(11)
Wait...what are we bitching about today?
These two were on because they had to be.  Sonny turned Michael into CPS. Carly felt all guilty because of their pasts. Surprisingly, no barware was harmed in the making of this scene. 

20150411 1128(7)
I'm going to say it: I'm am so happy Kirsten A left. I hate this Kiki-- and I don't think this actress comes close to a decent delivery.  It's driving me nuts.  She also wears that blouse wayyy too much. 

20150410 0552(20)

Note: Who saw that every TV in PC (and Ava's tablet) was tuned to Access Port Charles at the exact same time? LOL. And-- there you go. I can't even remember the last time I SAW a TV on the show--and they were even watching in the Metro Bar! 

Don't get excited, this is an old photo
Oh, and PS...I think Rosie is running ELQ all by herself... OFF camera.  I'd take her over Valerie, Kiki and Sabby any day. And Why not make HER the "nanny" instead of Sabrina? She's working with Nikolas, right? She could be around Michael getting intel daily, right? She could be sabotaging him and calling Access PC. (while secretly falling in wub with him and feeling guilty.) Her "secret" could finally come out before we forget who she even is.  Sabrina basically stands around, goes "Oh Michael"... lets Sonny pet the baby and... um...welp. That's it. 
See, just listen to me. Must I write EVERYTHING??! lol

20150411 1133(1)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: YEP! Yell all you want at me, but Avery eating her biscuit was my fave scene this week. She even found Silas interesting. 

20150408 0605(13)

RUNNER UP: Sonny and Ric, passing the time away, talking all sorts of mobular dealings in the lobby of the Metro. Lah Dee Dah

20150409 0607(34)

FACE OF THE WEEK: There were so many EPIC faces Michael made-- it was hard to choose but here you go. 

20150408 0604(8)

PROP OF THE WEEK: That damn Rx bottle..why? Because it gets more air time than Monica, Jordan and TJ combined. It has it's own dressing room! It got a parking space! 

20150411 1057

MEANINGLESS YET STRANGELY OK SCENE:  Lucas and Nate engage in a convo about Maxie. Like they are old pals.  BTW, You know Nathan is an honorary Ford Brother. 

That was this week. A compilation of whatever was out there hovering after the Fluke Finale, just  thrown out until the Nurses' Ball, "Live Shows" and mob killing. I am still trying to  figure out why in the hell they went with this fake wife for Jake. Just to kill time? To give Becky a storyline? Glad she's here but geesh-- she could have been so much more.  And what a waste of Maura West's talents, no?  *sigh* There it is.  Sorry so crabby. I know some of you are thinking "why does she watch"? I ask myself that a LOT lately. But-- it's my show. What can I say? 


ishouldreadmore said...

The baby and the pill bottle are the stars of the show. The opening should be reshot, and feature the two of them and the two of them only. Oh, yeah, they are also the best actors on the show right now.
Why do we watch? It is a perfect time of day to take a break, and it IS mindless. But we all have to be careful, lest we lose our minds watching it.

Cosmoetica said...

Lucas the once shot Dr. doesn't even comment on Nathan's perfectly healed wound.

neaneah said...

The last 3 episodes were a bore... Ava and Silas story line and Kiki and Morgan are a waste of air time.. also so tired of the Luke story loved the reveal but please speed his recovery up.. The Jason/Jake and all involved with it are the best part of the show and when they go 3 days without being on I end up fast forwarding...

katydid53 said...

I so agree with your comments. I too watch because it is my show. But I'm not at all happy with it all the time. Too many characters on the canvas and we hardly see any of them. I agree, the pill bottle gets more air time than Mac,Felicia. Baby Avery is the best character. Hope it improves soon or it won't have a 53rd anniversary!!

Lori said...

I've noticed the ratings have dropped. It was sitting at 2.4 for awhile, but the last few weeks have dropped to 2.1. It's been a few years since I was this bored with GH.

I wonder who is doing the casting these days. None of the new characters can act their way out of a paper bag, starting with Ryan Peavey. Maybe the reason KA left is because she saw the upcoming story and wanted no part of it. The new Kiki is so horrendous as is Valerie. I'm guessing they are getting these people for cheap which seems to be more important than good acting. It's painful to watch these people, especially when they are opposite a great veteran actor.

nance24 said...

I've actually been embarassed for everyone involved in the Kiki/Morgan stuff. Good idea, Karen Greenlee would have made a great Britt

Anonymous said...

The next actors are hired for one reason only - how they look with their shirts off. As much as I think Cartini is a demented perv for his romance for 10yr olds storyline, I will acknowledge he is not sexist...he applies the no acting skills but better look good philosophy equally to males and females.

The right to die storyline is my biggest disappointment, even bigger than the Fluke storyline. When was then last time GH tackled a socially relevant storyline? Such storylines use to be the cornerstone of this show. Stone and Robin AIDS. Monica's breast cancer. Lucy surrogacy. Liz's rape.

The recent inclusion of the Shriners was nice but was far more a psa than a storyline.

Of course we should have known that even with a tremendous actress like MW, Cartini would screw up what should be a heart renching storyline like right to die. Cartini is not a storyteller. He has no long term bision. He focuses on one or two big campy episodes a year and ignores the rest.

As great an actress as MW is the problem with this storyline is the character is not integrated with anyone but snorefest Silas. She is also not an overly sympathetic character. What if instead of killing Pat Spencer off they had her illness progress on screen, have her become even more de-habilitated, and have her wanting to die. Could have tied in Doctor Lucas and Nurse Bobbie. Open minded Lulu vs traditional Catholic Lucas. Could have pulled in Scotty and Alexis as lawyers. Monica could have become friends with Pat (like she was with Emily's mother). Have Dr. O involved. Perhaps GH refuses to let her die and in a controversial move her great nephew Michael transfers her to the new AJ Quartermaine Clinic and...friscogh

sonya said...

That picture that you put up of baby AJ, she looks like Ava! :)

"Karen says Why not have her in GH? Dr. O bitching about her wanting a "death with dignity"? Monica fighting for it? Her family at odds about the decision? The media? Ava actually could have been in jail still--but had to go to GH for her treatment."

"Why not make HER the "nanny" instead of Sabrina? She's working with Nikolas, right? She could be around Michael getting intel daily, right? She could be sabotaging him and calling Access PC. (while secretly falling in wub with him and feeling guilty.) Her "secret" could finally come out before we forget who she even is. Sabrina basically stands around, goes "Oh Michael"... lets Sonny pet the baby and... um...welp. That's it."

"See, just listen to me. Must I write EVERYTHING??! lol"

YES! You should write everything!!! The two storylines you just said is perfect!!!! They need you as a writer Karen!!! And you can have Wub Lobster in scenes all the time!! :)

gracegirl said...

Nice surgery Dr.Karen!! Baby Avery/A.J. is such a cutie patootie and scene stealer/saver!! I actually agree with all the posts,I guess we're all in the same boat waiting for someone to throw out a life preserver and hopefully it's something besides the Nurses ball and live shows. It's going to take alot more than those to save this sinking ship! It's also good to hear I'm not the only one still watching out of loyalty and to just turn my brain off for that hr. At this point it's the only explanation that makes sense! Have a blessed night everyone!

sonya said...

"friscogh said...The recent inclusion of the Shriners was nice but was far more a psa than a storyline."

Yup! I so agree with you about that.

soaplover said...

It was a bad week. And GH is losing a couple actors they should keep and adding some who don't at all meet minimum qualifications.

I guess Days offered a super storyline with that contract and Wally could hardly turn it down. But if GH had offered first, we might have kept him. And why not shoot Sonny dead and put Ian in charge of the mob and gradually have him reform. I like Ian, but not mob crap.

Put Anna back in charge of a major story that makes sense and has intrigue. She needs to be front and center at all times. Super actress.

I really like Ryan Pauvey--he's one of the few good guys--but his story lately stinks and I'd rather see him being the young cop working with Anna. I like him as G's partner, and would like to see some cop action with the two working together. I like Jordan as a cop, too, but am weary of her undercover by now.

The show does not need Kiki anymore, or Valerie, or even Hadley, or Sabrina, or Rosalie. Frankly, the show does not have room for them and they are boring shallows who do not need to be there.
Tighten up the stories for the important people like Ava, Julian, Silas, Alexis, Olivia, etc, because they are top notch actors and can carry good story.
(I find Nina and all her mannerisms annoying... but suppose we are stuck with her.)

I like Billy but wish he wasn't Jason--that was unnecessary. I wish he was just a fellow with an unknown--to all, including him--background and drawn to Elizabeth who finds the mystery worth investigating. I like Ric Hearst, but not sure we need Ric. We sure don't need Scott, well, maybe, because he is DA. But we don't need him often. We need Silas to specialize in Psychology so GH can have a shrink--lord know it needs one! Then he could be treating Luke, Jake, Todd, and the rest of the crazies. Make for good scenes. And we need Monica back as head of hospital. Obrecht makes no sense at all.

I just don't feel the chem with Patrick and Sam, but I'm sure they'll switch her to Jake soon--but that does not intrigue me at all and leaves Elizabeth out. So many stories at present are repetitious and why? Main stories are going nowhere while they waste time repeating scenes like Ava's death wish pleadings.

I'm tired of baby stories and mob stories and all these young types who make you want to ff. An overall tightening, housecleaning, and story credibility and continuity would really help GH!

sonya said...

"Soaplover says I really like Ryan Pauvey. I like him as G's partner,"

Who is G?

"Main stories are going nowhere while they waste time repeating scenes like Ava's death wish pleadings."

Yeah! Or with Jordan and Anna's same repeated scenes!

Jordan: I want to quit!

Anna: No!

Jordan: I want to quit!

Anna: No!


Carol Gradwell said...

Has anyone else noticed that Morgan/Brian Craig has what appears to be a growing bald spot on the back of his head?

Di said...

I disagree with you about Silas, soaplover. He has two speeds, slow and slower, and the long stares between sentences drives me crazy.

Ryan's okay now. He has improved.

Most of the others you mentioned can definitely go.

LSV422 said...

I went to the Soap Fantasy show in NJ. Was wonderful!! Wally, Michelle, Laura W., Ian B, Ryan P., Kathleen G., Wally K., William DeVry, Tyler C., Rick H. and Nancy L. G. Laura and Tyler hosted. No scoops unfortunately but Kathleen G.'s very nice husband told me she would be back on soon. She is really beautiful and younger looking in person. Nancy's daughter Kate was there, too, and I talked to her. Nice girl but she looked kind of bored. Rick remembered me from the set tour and vey happy to say he shaved the beard. Michelle is very much like Nina, but not so insane. Got pics with all - very big crowd. Tyler said he loves the boy who plays Spencer like he was his own child. They all love baby AJ and Harper, as well as the other kids. They all seemed to have a great time and tweeted photos on their plane back to CA.

sonya said...

"Carol Gradwell said...Has anyone else noticed that Morgan/Brian Craig has what appears to be a growing bald spot on the back of his head?"

No I haven't see that. Now I'll have to look for it. He is too young for that. He is only 23! :)

Nikolas Brady said...

The actress playing Kiki is DREADFUL and seems to only know how to play the smirking mean girl at the cafeteria table. KA's Kiki would have played this as a conflicted character and who derives no joy from hurting Michael in order to obtain custody of her sister.
Instead, this Kiki is acting like the mean girl who dumped a pail of blood on Carrie White at the prom.
Please, kill of this character.