Friday, May 30, 2014

"Who Are You"?

Alexis is going to freak out lol!! She believes Trevor even though Liz begs her not to. 

YEPPER, she saved herself too! 

Ava shows a plus pee stick that was in the trash to Sonny.  Sonny agrees not to kill her now, but will in 9 months.

Ric IS losing it.  His robe almost came off. His prints were on the gun. Fluke explains to Luke it's because he knocked him out with a drug and snuck up to his room to plant the piece and get his prints all over it. 

Morgan tries to make out with Olivia, trying to get revenge.  She's like: 

Let's get to Old Man Luke.  One..Two... Ok, so that really didn't tell us too much. He Reunited with Tracy.. and.. well, not much else. He's taking a 'break' and he'll 'be back' LOL.
"who am I"? Who's doing the dance?
HE says "wouldn't you like to know"..and leaves.

So, TG will be on break, and we'll wait months to find out who he is.


  1. Do the writers really thing we are all gonna wait around for the big Fluke reveal?????? What a crappy scene. Boo hiss, I feel used.

  2. After Fluke's talk with Luke I'm inclined to think it's definitely Jerry Jax. He did survive the fall and was quietly shuttled away into hiding by Julian and Ava Jerome. He would have had to have plastic surgery yet again in order to come out of hiding and he was sick enough to take Luke's face and wait his chance for revenge on Luke.

    BTW...I thought TG was great as drugged Luke today. He's certainly had a chance to step into a few new roles lately.

    And good for you, Olivia. Nice to see someone still has a moral compass.

    I'm sick that they are going the pregnancy route yet again. Considering all the unprotected sex that Sonny has indulged in over the years, I would, just once, love to see a writer brave enough to write a story where he comes down with a nasty STD, like Herpes or Aids instead of a constant stream of new offspring.

  3. I think instead of Ric being framed it should of been Ned. Wouldn't that be better for Fluke? This way his "stepson" would be preoccupied with proving his innocence and therefore not in Fluke's way?!

    Seriously Ava pg?! Ugh not again!

    Fluke --- Paul Hornsby? Maybe something happened with Jenny from her being hit by a driving Tracy?! Was Jerry ever involved with Tracy?

  4. Fluke said to Luke that one of the reasons he is keeping him alive is in case he needs a kidney.... So he could be Luke's cousin Bill Eckert.

  5. Fluke said to Luke that one of the reasons he is keeping him alive is in case he needs a kidney.... So he could be Luke's cousin Bill Eckert.

  6. I skipped the first 3 days of the week and tuned in for the promised big reveal today which of course, did not come.I am beginning to wonder if the writers are making this up as they go along and haven't decided who Puke is.

    It seems as though these writers hate Sonny as much as I do. He is being written as absolutely despicable. Please bring on the coma.

    I hate that everyone is being written as hopelessly stupid. Anna shouldn't believe Julian. At least 10 people should know Puke isn't Luke.

    Here is my problem right now:
    Who is Puke? I don't care
    Is Ava pregnant? I don't care
    If she is ,is it Sonny's? I don't care
    Will Sabrina's baby die? I don't care
    When will Nina appear? I don't care
    Will Lulu try to carry the embryo? I don't care
    Will Jordan be discovered and killed/ I don't care

    This show is just awful right now

  7. Wow. Tons of haters here. So many saying the show's awful, you don't care, etc... yet here you are: watching it and talking about it. And May saw GH score its highest May sweeps numbers in seven years. "Awful" shows don't do that.


    That is all.

  8. hey, THE BIG RATINGS for sweeps? Really. Huh.
    The shows were good this week in acting and dialog-- but I'm still not diggin' the story flow.

    That's 70's talk, man !!

  9. Olivia and Morgan: Poor Morgan. :( So hurt and so drunk. He is not even 21 yet! What the hell?! Why was he served alcohol?! I have been waiting for him to kiss Olivia! And he did! :) I'm glad Olivia talked about two wrongs don't make a right! Wow! Never thought I would ever hear someone say that! :)It was a great scene.

    Ric's hotel room: Great scene! Love Liz's face and love Ric's face when he looks at Liz! Ric made me cry when he was talking to Liz! Come on Liz you gotta believe him! He is innocent!!! That was really funny when Ric in his robe, fell down and the cop fell too ROFL! Carly and/or Olivia have got to get better robes. These robes are so ugly!

    Alexis's home: Damn you Julian!!! Damn you!!!! Oh he is going to tell the truth! :) Crap he doesn't because Liz shows up. But that is okay! Liz needs Alexis's help! Liz believes Ric!!! YAY! Damn Alexis believes Julian! DAMN YOU JULIAN! *shakes fist in the air*

    Sonny's Island: Where did lying liar Mcliarson get the pregnancy test?!!?! Is it another woman's pregnancy test? Oh Sonny won't kill her for 9 months! ROFL!

    Miscavage: Did anybody check out the closed captioning today? They called Fake Luke, Fluke!!!! ROFL! The person who is doing the closed captioning must be reading messages boards hahahaha! My poor Luke looks awful!!! So drugged up!!! But he did spit at Fluke!!! That is way too much spit that went on Fluke writers hahahahha! Where did you get it? :) Fluke won the line of the day!

    Fluke You shouldn't of done that. That's disgusting.

    ROFL! This is a great scene! Tony Geary is doing a great job.

    Fluke: Wouldn't you like to know?

    WHAT?!!?!?! $%$%^$%^$%^#$!!!! And he winks?!! I just want to punch him in the face for winking! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  10. i just dont get what people want. i thought today was great. i thought TG was great. why cant this story just unfold? yeah it got off to a rocky start, but i think its starting to come together in an interesting way. i personally like trying to figure out a puzzle or a mystery....why does everyone need to be spoonfed?? so much hate for a show that was almost taken away just a short time ago. if its that bad. dont watch. or petition for guza to come back. daytime always has hit and miss storylines. but the shoot so far ahead they cant change course as quickly as we would like when something isnt working. at least they are trying. at least its not sonny-jason-carly. sonny-jason-carly. lather - rinse-repeat. lightne up. have some fun.
    by the way.....I think Fluke is Taggert....LOL

  11. "deckermoss the way.....I think Fluke is Taggert....LOL"

    ROFL! Good one!!!! :)

  12. I love this show! Always have, always will. I want Laura to come visit LuLu and her grand baby and notice immediately that Fluke is not Luke.

  13. Well, well, well, well, well. I agree with Karen that there is a big difference between great acting and great writing. The writing now sucks. It is choppy, it doesn't make sense (puhleeeze, only Ned realizes Fluke is a fake?? Give me a break.) The fact that Tony Geary was great today and yesterday doesn't make the storyline any easier to swallow. The fact that Finola, Nancy, and many others are delivering great work only highlights the fact that they are fabulous actors, working with scripts that are far from fabulous.
    I quit watching during the Guza years, and only sort of knew what was going on because of Karen's blog. I would not want Guza back for anything. But that doesn't mean that the current crop of writers should become complacent about the audience. Right now, I am watching because of the stellar performances. It's the stories that are driving me nuts.
    I do like that Julian has turned into a villain you can love to hate. Obrecht was getting too over the top. Fluke is too over the top.
    So, those who commented on the negativity, "hate the haters," 'cause all sides have the right to their own opinion. As long as there is a Wub Tub to sound off in, I'll be happy.

  14. Soap watchers have never been patient people, but don't hate every show because all is not revealed quickly. Ron has usually come thru sooner rather than too late. I've complained, too, but only because my fave actor, Luke, is hard to watch like this.

    Julian is going to be in charge of the drug trade while FLuke is maybe he can reverse it or do it badly. Or put them out of business, or create a new paper trail...

    I always thought Sonny being religious was what made him have so much unprotected sex and so many kids. But then, one has to count all the accidents and the anger-sex and so on. I don't see how Ava could have planted the test in the waste basket, so maybe she isn't lying, but I sure wish she was!

    Poor Ric. Not sure even Julian could get him out of this now. Poor Liz!

    I really felt for Julian today as he struggles with the need to tell Alexis the whole truth. But this isn't truth she could sit on--not Alexis. He realized this after Liz was there. I'd cheer for Olivia if I could just forget she was thinking she was in love with that garbage Sonny a month ago. Smart today, not so smart then.

    Yes TG is always magnificent. I wonder if he shaved his head as he returned from Holland or as he is ready to return to Holland. It is impressive. But I think the story will go on, even if he leaves. And we have new Luke to check in with now...
    Fluke said he's been following Luke's life for years--hmmm. Who was it Brian Patrick Clark played way back? But he would have no reason to hate Sonny so much and that seems to be part of this...

  15. Soaplover, you are talking about Grant Putnam.

  16. "Soaplover says . I don't see how Ava could have planted the test in the waste basket, so maybe she isn't lying,"

    Or maybe it was someone else's pregnancy test, and she knew it was there. She didn't want to die, so she remembered the test was in the waste basket.

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