Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Semi Colon

Oh, friends. It's so hard to do this blog week after week. (I think you probably guessed that by now LOL) 
HEY-- Nina wakes up and people going orgasmic over Michelle Stafford coming to the show. Me? Since I don't know her, I'm  in the camp of "Enough Already".. Then again, I am happy with the addition of Maura West so I could save my opinion until I see how this unfolds.
But..come on, what would be the fun in that? 

Sunday is here...and let's dive on into things...especially those Emmy nods that seem to have eluded GH. I'm ready to roll...
:sips coffee: 

I didn't watch the show in real time 2x this week because of work and other commitments. Did I miss it? Naw.  I just watched and FF a lot. 

First lets talk about the Emmy snubs. There are FOUR soaps on air. There are FOUR noms for Best Drama.
Um... no, GH didn't get in that category. OLTL did. The net series that yes, was "inventive" but by no means lit the genre on fire and was cancelled pretty fast. Pair that with the fact that Cartini used to "be" that show when it was on air,  and well, you've got something going on in the inner workings of political daytime. (if there IS such a thing!! LOL). Some say this is due to GH submitting a Nurses Ball eppy as their Emmy reel.  Well,  perhaps. But last year was the "resurgence" of GH--especially with the 50th anniversary going on.  Vets came back, ratings went up.  Recognition of that should have been there. Not to mention they do write some great day to day dialog.  And, no, GH didn't get it for writing OR direction either.  :shaking head:. As much as I bitch about the show, I do recognize that they do put out a damn fine "looking" show. Something's going on. I'm sure Prospect Park is just loving life right now. As a fan of GH though, I'm disappointed in things.
Not that I've ever understood the Emmys. Years that I thought GH should lose, they won for writing. And the actors categories?? Forget about it.  While I'm thrilled Jane got a nod, I'm stunned that Finola did not. Her Anna is remarkable--EVERY SINGLE DAY. She can take a crummy, boring scene and transform it. Last year had some of her finest work.   GH has some of the best actreses in the biz and didn't get ONE  nod in the  leading actress category.  Puzzling.  Great to see Dom Z finally get on the list. 

Ok, let's dive into last week's show.. and what I'm going to do is just write off the top of my head the things that stood out. (Usually I look through all the still photos and go from Mon-Friday). This should be telling.

1. Gatekeepers: Ned and Alexis. Sublime. I love WK and NLG together. SO natural, They were just wonderful together.  LOVED their Kelly's scene. 

2. Egg-A-Licious: Lante got that egg back. Dr.O got an ankle bracelet. I got a headache.  

3.   Maxie and Levi:  Upside? Well, she got out of the apartment. Downside? Levi came with her. The Mac freak-out was Spinelli worthy. You know, as in I've SEEN THIS BEFORE.  I'm sure he's some part of some scam. Yawn. 

4. Patrina-- The baby story is sad-- and I really like Felix with Sabby right now. Patrick talking to Robin? yeah..whatever. We get it, she's not coming home. He wonders if he should tell Sam about St. Jasus. BTW, yes, there are giant rumors that Jason will be recast by summer. I don't know, and actually, don't really care. I thought  Jason being dead for real was a good and actually, UNIQUE idea. As in, no one is ever really dead. I haven't missed the "character" of "enforcer" at all. 
5. Fluke: Oh, just give it up already. Tell us who he is..or who he isn't. This is getting stupid. I was SO excited for this story and now? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

6.  Nina wakes up. My true feelings on this whole story is that it feels like a whole 'nother show. Yes, they tied in Donna Mills to Dr. O...but it's taken so long to unfold..makes so little sense that when it comes on I'm like, don't care. Silas and Sam were on 'vacation' for awhile--now I guess they'll be back front and center. Maura West will be off--and Michelle will be on. Yada yada YADA.  

6. Random Lucy scenes. Yep..that's what they are. Random. Scott was in there, yelling. Kevin had a hugging scene. And.......well, that was that. BTW, you COULD put her in some Luke scenes. They did have a big history together. She could knock some sense into Tracy. 

7. Wanna know why I don't give a crap about TJ, Shaun and this chick? THERE ARE TOO MANY CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW--ergo, when these people are on for a smattering of scenes. I DON'T INVEST IN THEM. At. All. Is Jordan really an undercover narc?  Who cares. Is Shaun TJ's real Dad? Not on enough for me to really want to bother. 
 (yes, I yelled that into cyberspace)

8.  On to Franco and Carly.  Isolation of these two is pretty funny.  Now they are "on the Ava case". Why aren't Anna and Duke figuring things out? After all, he works for Sonny, she's on the PCPD...why not have THEM find AJ's phone? I don't get it.  I guess Carly and Todd need something to do. 

9. Carrrrrrrrrlos. Oh, my CARLOS. He's an old school dashing bad-man that loves his fragile innocent woman SO MUCH that he's going to go to jail forever to protect her!! WITH a Latin accent and LONG HAIR no less. You 70s teens will get that connection. Pure S-E-X. LOL. Now he's 'going away" #FREECARLOS !!! 

10. I don't know all else that happened, and I don't think it matters?  There were Morgan scenes with Sonny on Monday, but he didn't end up spilling to Olivia--so?? And BTW, how stupid did they make  HER in that whole scene?  Um.. she's smarter than that. Morgan all but TOLD her what went down. Oy. 
Will Julian shoot Ava? Come on. She's going on a break. Probably going to get a new dress and play casino on "the island".  We know the drill! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I rarely give it up for Ol' Betty but I really felt for her in this "I need to be with my baby" scene with Felix. Maybe cause I'm a mom and I know I'd be clawing at people's faces to get out of that bed too. I liked the way it was played and I really like Felix and her relationship. Very good--real...and since we saw their friendship grow on the show, it didn't feel randomly inserted. 

PROP of the WEEK: Ava's earring. Kiki finds it in the crypt. Didn't really connect the dots but there it is. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Brit Finds out Nate is her brother. Is she shocked, or going to throw up? 

So, there you have it. When do you think Nina's going to show up again? It IS May sweeps so many sooner rather than later. The Ball begins next week as well.  It's still pretty chilly/rainy here. We are getting NO SPRING! 

YEP..gotta say  it Happy May 4th.   My brother had that poster--too bad he didn't keep it, we may have had some money there!! 

**PS Bonus Points if you can figure out the title of this week's blog (Semi Colon) 


MatchboxGinny said...

Karen, Ron tweeted this week that he submitted Robin's return in the writing category, not the Nurse's ball.

By him submitting that, it's quite clear why GH didn't get that nod. Robin's return was horribly written, produced, directed, edited and at times poorly acted.

Something definitely changed with Ron and his team after last year's Nurse's ball, there's no doubt about it.

sonya said...

"Karen says 1. Gatekeepers: Ned and Alexis. Sublime. I love WK and NLG together. SO natural, They were just wonderful together. LOVED their Kelly's scene."

YES! I love my Nexis!!! Get back together already! :)


Yes please!!! My poor Caaaaaaarlos! :'(

"PROP of the WEEK: Ava's earring. Kiki finds it in the crypt. Didn't really connect the dots but there it is."

ROFL! Why would Starki connect the dots and figure out her mother had sex with Sonny? There is no reason for her to think that happened. :)

kdmask said...

Sonya..then why have her drop an earring and Kiki find it? I don't get it AT. ALL. LOL

Ginny, I did not see Ron tweet that!! That makes it even worse. Yeah, Robin's return was bad but they only submit a show or two? NOt the whole arc. It was definately a snub I think

MatchboxGinny said...

Ohhhh and I also did love Ned/Alexis scenes so much but it's bittersweet because it was a totally random scene, just thrown in for kicks as Wally isn't on contract. Let's hope they can snag him, but then again I'm afraid Ron will just destroy him seeing as he's a Q. Lol! *I laugh, but I'm very serious.

A few people on twitter mentioned that Alexis talked about dealing with her premie, MOLLY, when in fact Kristina was actually her premie. Did that really happen or did those ppl misunderstand?

katydid53 said...

Half assed I think is the title of this show now!! I agree too many characters and the stories don't play out well. Another sick baby story.Another dead wife and a child will pop up to put a rift between Silas and Sam!That's the only good thing here!!Maybe she could be with Danny now! Oh well, that's GH now

Cosmoetica said...

2013 was a BAD year for GH. OLTL's PP version was, for the 2-3 mos on air, the best soap in the last 5 years.

PP is poorly managed, but those creative side folks really get soaps and what works for the 21st C. GH, by comparison, is flaccid, flabby, and dull.

Sabrina needs to die, like yesterday. Paddy needs a fresh start. Screw Robin and Kim Mc- who's now bumped Genie Francis as the most I don't give a damn for the fans actoe in GH history.

Queen427 said...

I attempted to watch the show all week, but I literally fell asleep while it was on. I am not being smart alack here... I literally nodded off, it was so boring.

Pretty much agree with your entire post Karen, except for Carlos...I don't care one little bit about him either. I say lock him up and throw away the key.

They do need to clean house...Unfortunately that will probably mean vets will be the ones to go. All the newbies are the ones driving story lines. Another reason why people are apathetic. No one cares about them at this point. Everyday this show looks less and less like the GH I grew up with.

I could care less about Michelle S also. In fact I am getting nervous listening to people who do know her from Y&R. Apparently she consumes the show with her airtime, and it becomes all about her. I would have rather they bring Wally K back on contract then her.

ishouldreadmore said...

If the title had been semi coma, I could explain it. But I think whoever said half-assed was on the right track.
Thanks for hanging in with the blog, Karen, as I realize it has become a burdensome thing to have to write daily about this crowded bus of a story. (But crowded buses DO go over the edge of cliffs. Are you listening, Ron???)

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I can understand why this blog would be hard to do week after week, but am so glad you stick with it. I look forward to the Sunday Surgery every week!!! You do a tremendous job, Karen. Thank you.

kdmask said...


neaneah said...

GH getting Michelle Stafford for Y&R fans is equal to Y&R taking Jason from GH.. So I'm happy to have one of their long term characters that I watched for many years play Phyllis and was very good at it. And for all the fans that said get over it GH Jason is Dylan now.. Karma is a mf because Phyllis is Nina now

dar said...

Alexis did not say Molly was a preemie. She said she was born under difficult circumstances. Which considering she was born during that stupid train wreck story was true.

Love the idea of a bus going off a cliff but you know they would put the wrong people on the bus.

It does seem as though they are deliberately doing a bad show. Why? Haven't we all suffered enough?

Mya McBriar said...

I thought only old ladies wore clip-on earrings?

sonya said...

kdmask said...Sonya..then why have her drop an earring and Kiki find it? I don't get it AT. ALL. LOL

ROFL! Yeah I have no idea what the point of that was. :)Thank you for doing the sunday sugary ever Sunday! And doing the ball every week! You do a great job! Oh and you are right we are getting NO spring this year!! It feels like fall!!

"MatchboxGinny said..Ohhhh and I also did love Ned/Alexis scenes so much but it's bittersweet because it was a totally random scene, just thrown in for kicks as Wally isn't on contract"

It didn't feel random to me. It felt like a real scene. :)

"Cosmoetica said..Sabrina needs to die, like yesterday."

Yeah I thought she was going to die after the car accident or when she was rushed to the hospital. Nope. :(

kdmask said...

do they even MAKE clip ons anymore?

cjw4579 said...

I really hope that when Jason comes back to life he will be a Quartermaine.

shirleedee said...

Guess what, clip on earrings are back. Macy's costume jewelry area has a very large/nice selection in their Ann Arbor store.

dar said...

I have many clip earrings - sterling silver and gold. Lots of women don't have pierced ears.

Dustin said...

The ONLY reason she wore a clip-on is so she could lose it. #dumb

Avalonn said...

Okayyyy, again I agree with Sunday surgery except two items. Carlos is not sexy. Every time I see him, I feel a crazy need to throw some shampoo and a bar of soap at him. And the emotional scenes with Sabrina was ruined for me by her nails on a chalkboard shreaky crying. It took me back to her and Patricks wedding....ugh! And just break up scrubs and let that couple die a respectable death. Wait! That too is ruined. Robin should have died in the lab years ago. Don't get me started on Jason...

SaveOurSuds said...

Hey Wubs! I agree with almost everything in this post. The Emmy nominations were just bad and it shows a major flaw in the system IMO. As for GH itself - it’s entertaining to watch but it needs some major work. The day to day writing is good & the cast is awesome but the over all story arcs are a little bit sloppy at the moment. The Nina story line is one of the worst I’ve seen in daytime & yes it does feel like it belongs on another show. Hope that they use MS wisely & get her interacting with a lot of the cast like they did with Nathan. The Siam bubble is not a good place for any character to be.

michaelmurmur said...

I'm glad so many readers said "Thank you" to you, Karen, for writing your blog. I'm guessing that if you can see the web analytics, you realize how popular your daily and Sunday Surgery blogs are. When I'm thinking about what I need to get done in my lunch hour, reading The Wub Tub is always the highlight! Thank you!

LSV422 said...

Karen, I look forward to your column every week. I love your perspective and sense of humor. Speaking of humor, just read that Ronn Moss is going to be on GH this week - probably some music related cameo. He is one of the worst actors ever so I hope that's all it is.

Sagheer said...

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