Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Happy Mutter's Day

It has been a tragic week for me. I want to thank everyone for their wishes and comments and just plain kindness. I didn't get the chance to watch GH all week and it was very strange to not watch the Nurses Ball for the first time since it's inception. I heard it was a good one-- judging by the pictures it looked to be very fun.  I will watch it on the DVR when I am in the mood. 

My good friend Terri did the summary this week... I can't thank her enough for it! I'm reading it all and tweeking with some snark (she's too nice to put that in I still have to actually watch it all. But Terry you need a giant margarita and roses from me!

THANK YOU... to all for your words and kindness. It has met a lot to me this week!

OK...YOU'D better get out your YOPLAIT yogurt...I see they sponsored the step-repeat and the ball. We OWE THEM!! What's your fave? I'm a vanilla girl. (Boring or what?!!)  HERE WE GO!

So...Carly and Franco don't give Anna AJ's phone--until Felix busts them out to Anna. Heh. What are they keystone cops? Geesh give them something else to do already!!  They got outta Dodge-- guess we won't see  Todd singing something weird at the show this year. 

Next up.. Sibling Rivalry part DEUX....Julian doesn't shoot Ava because Morgan walks in and bashes him on the head.  Shaun comes in to stop Ava from killing Julian and  then Julian tells Shaun Ava  shot Olivia while aiming for Franco.  Ava does a double roll and reminds him to shut it since SHE knows Sonny killed AJ. Geesh, double blackmail at it's finest!! 

Olivia sees Morgan walking out of Sonny's and... the light goes on! She confronts him "Did you have sex with Ava"?? By all accounts this is the scene I really need to watch...I hear Olivia is just perfect. Lisa Lo deserves kudos.  Later on the red carpet, Dante gives Sonny the stink eye and Olivia ends up walking in with Ned. They looked rather cute together. Don't get any ideas tho, My NEDLY is for Alexis.!! 

NotLuke gets a visit from Michael, wanting a donation from ELQ. Smarmy Luke tells him to give "Kiki a hug".. and then poor Julian must tell master boss man he failed. NOT AMUSED!

AHHHHH I see Kiki and Morgan are keeping secrets!! Is he moving in?? WOW..that can't go well. Kiki doesn't want Morgan to spill about Ava and Sonny's sex. Hmmm. Secrets have a way of turning into sex, that's all l know lol 

So, Mac brings Maxie some of those ribs I want to And Terri says Nathan is way more tolerable now because he's trying to get her away from long-hair Levi.  I'll drink to that one! Maxie at first didn't want to go to the ball but finally they make it there. I think there's some interest in Fe's necklace? Can Levi be some jewel thief? Is this Aztec related? Do you care?! 

AH... Gray's Anatomy? Dr. O saved GH from ruin by using her millions? Welp. There ya go. Guess ol' Mutter is here to stay. Luke convinces Tracy that ELQ shouldn't make a donation in AJ's name (WTH? SHE HAS TO BE BRAIN DEAD!)...Scotty asks Bobbie to the Ball. Awww. OLD TIMES!!

Emma and Cam are doing a tango and Spence is home in his Batman PJ's? (Disney must not own Spiderman because with the new movie out Spence would be all up in those things). You know Spence has an evil plan coming...tick tick

Fremde, etranger, stranger. Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante, Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay. Willkommenbienvenuewelcome Im Cabaret!

While Piff is on stage, Lesil takes over and does her A GRAND AND GLORIOUS way. This I shall savor!! 

Kiki sings "Raise Your Glass"...the boys strip down and the most surprising thing is NotLuke singing "I Am What I Am" and the whole Let's get married thing with Tracy. They get married by Lucy on stage. Ned tells Michael he took the right steps and not to worry. 

EDDIE MAINE! What!? meatloaf!! yippee!  I also heard that Lucy says Blackie Parrish will be on next week? Maybe that whole Stamos thing was a ruse last year? Plus if he's on, shouldn't it be Oikos yogurt? 

Here are some of my fave pics from the ball I found on Lisa W's Fotki site.  I think Kelly Monaco's face is so glowing!! I am also thinking I like Brad and Britt friendship. The one misstep? LIZ'S hair on the red carpet. WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!?? OY! 

Again, thank you to Terri for everything... I hope I did your summary justice. It was a bad week to miss the show as the Ball is my fave. Hopefully, things will settle down and I can start up again next week.  What was your fave number? Did you like the show? Have a wonderful Sunday. xxoo 

OH PS ..MR Mables wins PROP of the week again this year. He's priceless. My son actually has the same on in our basement. Creeps me out lol 


  1. I think Ronn Moss and Blackie Parish are one and the same! Ronn is only supposed to be a cameo... recast as a show them who's boss kind of thing? Just my guess.

  2. That's the rumor- ugh.

    Apparently RC is giving the middle finger to Stamos!

  3. Enjoying the Nurses Ball, of course, but the week's highlights have been the Ava/Julian and Olivia/Sonny confrontations. Kudos to all four actors.

    The Carly/Franco-playing-detective stuff is pretty silly especially when you consider NO ONE (not even Anna) has even considered "AJ" written in blood could stand for AVA JEROME. Do they really need to have that recording cleaned up? Isn't it enough to figure it out?

    I like the Nikolas/Spencer father-son portrayal. I think Tyler C and his young counterpart have a terrific chemistry.

    Best part of the Nurses Ball for me? Brad and Britt watching it on TV and snarking on it. Laughing at Sam's tumble on the red carpet was GOLD!

  4. Nathan is better now that he's trying to "save" Maxie. Levi is totally going to take the jewels so hopefully more Felicia!

    It's SO great to have Ned back I hope he sticks around.

    Tracy is beyond braindead I hope Fluke has been poisoning her. I'm not 100% but I'm quite sure he called her something other than Spanky and you KNOW he would have done an upbeat number. My favorite is him and Felicia doing Rock and Roll.


    COME ON...if that happens I will FLIP THE HELL OUT

  6. The minute I saw Liz's hair the old Joan Rivers gag - who did her hair? Stevie Wonder? jumped into my mind.
    at least so far no Richard Simmons.
    Howarth sings?

  7. Haven't watched GH in a while well at least Olivia. What did Lisa Lo do? cheek implants/injections?? Ewww

  8. Spiderman is owned by Disney, but the films are produced by Sony.

  9. Oh thanks Matthew..I just figured they wouldn't miss a chance to plug it lol

  10. I Ronn Moss is actually playing Blackie it's a sin!!!!!!!

  11. Yoplait is the only type of yogurt that i like; my favorites are Boston Cream Pie, Banana Cream Pie, and Harvest Peach. I've been eating a lot of yogurt since finding out i need to have my wisdom teeth out--my insurance company is taking forever to authorize the surgery to have them removed.

    I loved Ned's performance and I was so happy that he got to be there for the Nurses' Ball. Someone tweeted him asking how we can keep him on the show and he told her to keep tweeting about wanting him on.

    I start a new job tomorrow morning, so I won't get to see the rest of the ball until the weekend, unless i can convince my dad to let me watch it on demand Tuesday and Wednesday nights--Wednesday probably isn't going to work because he loves his Survivor and I like to watch Criminal Minds after.

    I really hope that it will be Stamos as Blackie. That would be an awful fake out if it was someone else.

  12. "Karen says Can Levi be some jewel thief? Is this Aztec related? Do you care?!"

    Hey I would care if he is really a jewel thief than a Zen guy!!! If he was REALLY a jewel thief, I would start liking him. :) Cus this Zen crap is annoying.

  13. RC is the head writer, FV is the executive producer. I'd say the latter has more power over who is hired for what and whether it's to give someone else the middle finger. I don't see him kowtowing to RC's childish antics on Twitter.

  14. You haven't been watching the Cartini regime, cuz RC is way indulged.

  15. Actually, I have been watching...since 1979. And, I was proven right. Ronn Moss was certainly not Blackie Parrish.